For May the Pig, an unplanned stroll in Camden has happy ending

Fri, 07/28/2017 - 12:15pm

    CAMDEN —  It was another laid-back summer day in Camden on July 26. Many folks on lower Mountain Street (Route 52) were outside doing chores, walking their dogs, or heading downtown.

    It was also just another typical workday at the Long Funeral Home at 9 Mountain Street. Owners John Long, Julie Clement and their colleagues Kathy Christie and Lynne Henry, were in the upstairs office. Around 10 a.m., Long took his daily morning break to water the flower beds in front of the funeral home.

    Outside Long said he saw a makeshift huddle of neighbors and onlookers, approximately 12 of them, across the street scurrying around.

    He soon realized that they were all trying to corral a small pig, later identified as May (short for Maybeline), who was loose and heading toward downtown Camden.

    Long went inside and hollered upstairs to his coworkers that there was a pig running loose outside.

    Meanwhile, one of the neighbors had stopped traffic since May was getting ready to cross Mountain Street. Her next stop was a hiding spot underneath a pickup truck she found near the funeral home. The small crowd that had gathered were wondering what to do next.

    Then Christie took control of the situation. She got down on all fours, spoke in a soothing tone to May and convinced her to go inside the funeral home.

    It worked.

    Camden Police Officer Allen Weaver then arrived at the funeral home with Detective Curt Andrick in tow with a dog crate to take May to the P.A.W.S. animal shelter until her owner could be identified.

    “There must have been at least 10 people who helped to capture May,” said Weaver.

    The crate was placed in the Chapel area and Christie was back at it again on all fours, coaxing May with some dog treats to get her inside the crate.

    Her professional title has now been changed from “administrative assistant” to the “pig whisperer,” Clement said with a chuckle.

    Missy McGaw, May’s owner, who lives in Camden, said she received a lot of calls from people who saw the post by Camden Police on Facebook about a pig that was taken “into custody.”

    McGaw and May were quickly reunited at P.A.W.S.

    This reporter had the opportunity to meet May, a micro pig, thanks to the McGaw’s hospitality. May is a cute and sweet pig and part of McGaw’s pet family which includes a dog, Bash and a cat, Cat Dog.

    McGaw said that May is easy to love.

    “She is a special reminder of humbleness every day,” said McGaw.

    So how did May’s adventure begin? Leave it to a dog (Bash) to dig a hole underneath the fence, which gave her enough room to wiggle out.

    There was no doubt when meeting May that for her there was no place like home. She was munching on her familiar grass, was near her favorite rose bush with a tub of water underneath for her bath and hanging out in the backyard with her companions Bash and Cat Dog.

    McGaw said that May understands the meaning of “night night.” I spotted her heading into the barn where her bed is located as I was leaving. Hopefully, she slept well after her adventurous morning and meeting numerous people, who were all glad it ended well.

    For those who followed May’s adventures on Facebook, Clement posted later in the morning that the owner had been found.

    “What a day this little piggy has had,” added Clement.

    “You can take the pig out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the pig,” said McGaw. “I am so grateful to all of the caring people who helped May come home safe and sound. Thank you so much.”

    And for those people who came to May’s rescue, it was just another simple act of kindness.

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