Witness: ‘small explosions, like ... fireworks, shooting into the sky’

Car burns behind Jed’s in Belfast

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 6:00pm

    BELFAST - The Belfast Fire Department extinguished a burning car on Mitchell Street, Monday evening, that according to a witness included some unusual pyrotechnics.

    Fire Chief Jim Richards wasn’t working at the time of the blaze, but he confirmed that firefighters responded to the scene. Richards passed along information from a report on the incident.

    The car fire was reported at 4:44 p.m., he said, at which time the vehicle, described as a white limousine, was fully ablaze.

    Kim Dunn, owner of Bennett’s Gems and Jewelry, saw the car burning from the store, located nearby on Searsport Avenue. She reported “what looked like small explosions, like small fireworks, shooting into the sky” from out of the flaming car.

    Some time after the photo above was taken, she said there was “a much larger explosion.”

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