Maine CDC announces funding opportunity for public health post-pandemic

Wed, 09/20/2023 - 8:00am

Maine CDC has available a limited amount of funding to award to a nonprofit, a not-for-profit, or a local/county government within each public health district to help communities improve their ability to respond to public health emergencies such as the recent COVID pandemic.

During the pandemic many organizations found that the lack of equipment or supplies restricted their efforts to help people, especially people in rural communities or people that already faced economic or social challenges. This federal money is specifically intended to help such people and communities. Examples of allowable projects include building to increase the storage space for PPE and other items necessary to address emergency situations, increasing refrigerator capacity of a local food bank to meet increased demand during emergency conditions, or enhancing the communications capacity of emergency responders enabling them to better meet the needs of local populations. Projects are not limited to these examples but must result in specific and measurable improvements to the capacity of the district to respond to public health emergencies. Projects that look to provide or increase programing, services, and similar efforts are not eligible for this funding.

Maine CDC, working through the public health District Coordinating Council will make available up to $71,500 to one (1) approved project within the district that addresses the intent of this funding. This money may be used to supplement additional funding if such funds are available at the time of project approval. Due to the timing of these federal funds, available funds must be completely spent by 6/30/2024.


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