University of Maine at Machias announces spring 2023 Dean's List

Thu, 07/20/2023 - 8:00am

University of Maine at Machias has announced its spring 2023 Dean's List.

The University of Maine at Machias recognized 138 students for achieving Dean’s List honors in the spring 2023 semester. Of the students who made the Dean’s List, 104 are from Maine, 32 are from 16 other states and two are from one country other than the U.S.

To be eligible for the Full-time Dean’s List, a student must have completed 12 or more calculable credits in the semester and have earned a 3.30 or higher semester GPA. Students who have part-time status during both the fall and spring semesters of a given academic year are eligible for Part-time Dean’s List. They must have completed 12 or more calculable credits over both terms and have earned a combined GPA in those terms of 3.30 or higher.

Please note that some students have requested that their information not be released; therefore, their names are not included.


MAINE STUDENTS (by county/town)



Caribou: Jewels Corbin



Portland: Charlotte Ellis, Kelvin Nkizayezu, Shereece Young



Strong: Mila Long-Frost



Bernard: Harmony Legassie

Birch Harbor: Brailee Joy

Hancock: Kay Worster

Stonington: Jessalyn Gove

Sullivan: Becca Muise

Verona Island: Kam Landry

Waltham: Lauren Murphy



Clinton: Jorja Furchak, Darcy Jolicoeur



Vinalhaven: Patti Burgess, Sarah Lazaro

Warren: Dylann Swindler



Walpole: Julia Clark

Whitefield: Everett Blair



Bangor: Miranda Cook

Bradford: Rachael Smith

Brewer: Jeni Nganzobo, Noah Umel

East Millinocket: Ayanna York

Hampden: Kim Fox

Holden: Hayden Sekula

Lincoln: Briana Capps-Martinez

Milford: Mia Smith

Millinocket: Roger DeMello

Newport: Shawnee Mcnally, Archie Medina



Milo: Debra Gauvin

Willimantic: Alivia Hunt



Richmond: Kristina Barnett

Topsham: Ada Haskell



Saint Albans: Jenn Simon



Brooks: Ellen Curtis

Montville: Desmond Gonzalez

Waldo: Matt Kelley



Addison: Amanda Turchi

Alexander: Anna Johnson, Lydia Neddeau

Baileyville: Amy Hold, Eileen Newman, Tamara Penney, Tasha Saucier-Smith

Calais: Leah Bermudez-Calder, Jana McDonald, Amy Moe, Kendra Parks, Mia Rollins, Harley Sanford, Angelica Underhill

Charlotte: Paige Gillespie

Cherryfield: Bishmita Dahal

Columbia: Christine Bunker, Michael Haire

Cutler: Emma Fitzhenry, David Glidden

East Machias: Emma Griffin, Teeya Harmon

Eastport: Kiesha Scott

Harrington: Jameson Leslie, Anna Taylor

Jonesport: Bayleigh Alley, Starr Beal, Erin Gove, Diane Seavey, Rana Turchi, Lillian Warwick

Lubec: Rhonda Welcome

Machias: Mandy Armstrong, Firaol Bushera, Amber Heath, Hunter Jackson, Alicia Jonah, Aubin Mugisha, Mary Norman, Caleb Radell, Savahna Schmauderer, Kalli Sternberg, Jo Dee White

Machiasport: Katelin Doughty, Hannah Maker, Rachel Maker, Kaylee Weston

Milbridge: Morgan Leighton, Dayana Ortiz-Garcia

Pembroke: Alayna Brown, Jaydn Smith, Jessica Williams

Perry: Pauline Lola, Patricia Tilton

Princeton: Emma Soctomah

Roque Bluffs: Hailey Jordan

Steuben: Mindy Sargent, Veronica Tingley

Trescott: Keaton Sawtelle

Wesley: Sarah Regan

Whiting: Bob Goodrich



Dayton: Marcus Cobleigh

Kennebunk: Elsa Molarsky

Biddeford: Shea O'Connor

Limerick: Abby Smith


About the University of Maine at Machias:

The University of Maine at Machias, a regional campus of the University of Maine, awards baccalaureate and associate degrees, and certificates. It is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education as part of the University of Maine. Established in 1909, UMaine Machias is the easternmost university campus in the United States. The area’s bountiful natural resources, and rich environmental, recreational, cultural and education traditions inform the campus.