Thomaston Grammar School bustles with activity during Family Math Night

Fri, 04/14/2023 - 12:45pm

The Thomaston Grammar School was bustling with activity at the Family Math Night, organized by Mrs. Payne, this past Tuesday.  Families one and all in K-5 were invited to come to school to do math activities as part of the Title-1 and Title-5 grants, working both on improving math skills and including parents in their children’s education. 

In the K/1 wing, there were many different activities. Some families kicked off the baseball season in Mrs. Brewster’s room with an interactive game of math baseball, using math skills to make it around the bases. Mrs. Sanfilippo, Pi-Lock Holmes was here, leading groups in some circle sleuthing, solving the mysteries of circles including pi! Miss Robbins had families solving math equations with a Kapow in which they had to switch seats to solve more problems. Some families tested their math fact knowledge with Ms. Richter by dropping ping-pong balls in numbered cups creating and solving equations thanks to the planning of Mrs. Howard.
Up in the 2/3 wing and library were even more activities. Mrs. Walsh had families folding papers into different shapes making animals with origami. Mrs. Ford and Mr. Dino introduced many families to Zeus on the Loose® as they tried to catch the Greek God by reaching a multiple of ten. Mrs. Cosgrove had families solving math facts with each block pulled from a tower – Jenga®. Over in Miss Anthony’s room, Miss Nancy helped families play Place Value Yahtzee®! Miss Heal and Mrs. Brackett had families laughing as they played the many variations of TENZI® including rolling the dice off their heads! 

Down in the gym, families were treated to pizza pie, veggies, fruit, and a small whoopie pie served by Mrs. Smith and Miss Boden. Families solved math problems there, too, figuring out fractions and percentages. Parents, students and staff filled their name on a huge graph of “When were you born?” to work on graphing skills. Mrs. Riley was the photographer for the night.
Ten families were able to win math prizes plus one child won the estimation jar! All families went home with a gift bag and ideas of fun ways to practice math skills.

It was so wonderful seeing all these families enjoying time together.