Knox County deed transfers

Mon, 02/06/2023 - 4:00pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds Jan. 27-Feb. 3.   


    Stacey Marcouillier to Ryan O’Neill.


    Peter L. Rubenstein and Jennifer D. Rubenstein to Nancy J. Hughes.

    Augustus D. Lookner and Jenna L. Lookner to Thomas Carlo Light Lookner and Grayson B. Light Lookner.

    Augustus D. Lookner, Jenna L. Lookner, Grayson B. Light Lookner, and Thomas Carlo Light Lookner to Timothy F. Mahoney, Nancy Y. Mahoney, and Joel Mahoney.

    Mary L. Quinn and Mary L. Armentrout to Adam Frank and Nova Monika Chesebro Frank.

    Valera L. Rohrer, Patrick C. Lowe, Amanda M. Lowe, and Andrew M. Lowe to Mary L. Quinn.

    Almar Inc. to Edmund J. Waters III and Kathryn A. Holub.


    Michelle R. Wier to Robert Carl Myers and Lourdes Paola Mora Ortega.

    Renee M. Secotte to Lydia Rich and Joshua Rich.

    John R. Lichtman, Jacquelyn L. Lichtman, and Jacquelyn L. George to Stephen Williams and Katherine Kessler.

    Clara A. Reed Est. to Neal K. Reed, Kerry Reed, Brian Reed, Erin Reed, Daphne Blackler, Carrie Emerson, and Barry Reed Jr.

    Fonda A. Hereford to James K. Freeland and Deborah J. Freeland.

    Page Hereford and Fonda A. Hereford Revocable Qualified Spousal Trust, G. Page Hereford Tr., and Fonda A. Hereford Tr. to James K. Freeland and Deborah J. Freeland.

    Thomas E. Reed Est. to Thomas Doucette and Deborah Doucette.

    David Allan Souers, Linda Dass Souers, Aimee Noelle Follette, Bethany Starr Souers, and Joanna Mae Souers to David A. Souers Tr., Linda D. Souers Tr., and David A. Souers and Linda D. Souers Living Trust.


    David B. Oakes and Susan W. Oakes to Samuel Thomson Iserbyt and Elizabeth A. Iserbyt.


    John A. Melquist Sr. to Alyssum Proctor Russell.

    John A. Melquist Sr. and Carol Melquist to Alyssum Proctor Russell and Aaron J. Russell.

    North Haven

    Gordon Bubar and Marnelle Bubar to Laura Doran and David McDougal.

    Beth A. Harris Tr. and Beth A. Harris 2018 Trust to Leslie Hyman.

    Gordon Bubar and Marnelle Bubar to North Haven Holdings LLC.

    Benjamin Sparhawk and Patricia Sparkawk to Mary White.


    Midcoast Habitat for Humanity to Bethany Vanorse.

    N A C Properties LLC and NAC Properties LLC to Gary Alan Johnson and Lilly Marie Gardner.

    Midcoast Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Judith H. Soleil.

    Annette H. Porter to Misty L. Barrios and Fernando Barrios Pereyra.

    Martin L. Feldman, Ellen M. Feldman, and Ellen Berkowitz to Aaron J. Crossman.

    Arthur Thomas Hayes Jr. Est., Dorothy R. Hayes, and A. Thomas Hayes Jr. Est. to Dorothy R. Hayes.

    Kenneth J. Shaw to Kenneth J. Shaw Tr. and Revocable Trust of Kenneth J. Shaw.


    Jean M. Young and Lucy Young Banks to Abagael Baldwin and Shawn Baldwin.

    William H. Carr Jr. and Linda R. Carr to Jane Schmidlapp and Jane Lancaster.

    Elizabeth C. Richards and Margaret Carswell to John D. Colarusso and Alexis Rose Colarusso.

    Charles F. Ash III to Charles F. Ash III and Suzanne M. Ash.

    Roxanne L. Snow to Sylvia Ames Smith.

    Roxanne L. Snow Tr. and Sylvia Smith Irrevocable Trust to Roxanne L. Snow.

    Stanley F. Snyder Jr. and Helen A. Snyder to Scott Breton and Kathi Breton.

    Jeffrey A. Giroux and Cynthia Giroux to Daniel F. Geaghan and Judith P. Geaghan.

    Janet R. Corcoran to Michael Leger, Donna Leger, Kelly Leger, and Hannah Leskowsky.

    St. George

    Carroll D. Knapp and Janet E. Knapp to Abba Realty Trust, David H. Weitemeyer and Donnice Weitemeyer.

    Scott R. Sutschek and Michelle J. Sutschek to Doe Deer LLC.

    John K. Mcilwain and Wende Mcilwain to Katarina Mesarovich Tr. and Katarina Mesarovich Revocable Trust.


    Lance J. Roberts and Jennifer A. Roberts to Marven Muriro and Hellen Tairodza.


    Richard A. Wiemer to David Edmunds and Malia Edmunds.

    Mark Johnson to Corinne Lear Johnson to Thomas Charles Jardine and Margaret Anne Jardine.


    Harlan G. Warren to Laura M. Lazaro and Gene R. Lazaro.

    Elna L. Hughes to Richard Chafe.


    Deborah L. McFarland to Aaron Jacob Ecker and Savannah S. Tinker Wadsworth.

    Maine State Housing Authority, Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation, and Mortgage Servicing Solutions Atty. to Deck Docks and Flip Flops LLC.

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