Winners aplenty at Gayle Kittredge Cup

Fri, 09/09/2022 - 9:30am

ROCKLAND — The Rockland Golf Club hosted a Ladies Association golf outing, the Gayle Kittredge Cup, on Thursday, Sept. 8.

Below are the results from the outing as submitted to the sports department.

Molly Mugler, Kate Hewlett, Monica Clark, Heidi Lyman 62
Nancy Carlson, Kathy Macpherson, Janice Ogier, Ann Zaltman 62
Sue Wootton, Wendy Pires, Karen Hardy, Janice Ogier 62
Kathy Sprowl, Mary Clewett, Joyce Cooley, Diane Bryant 62

#5 Sue Wootton 16’11”
#10 Joanna Schleif 30’5”
#18 Wendy Pires 13’6”