FOUND! Lost Black Lab puppy discovered near the Camden Hills high school in Rockport

Sat, 01/01/2022 - 3:30pm

    ROCKPORT – While family, neighbors, friends and strangers were all out today along the Main Street area of Rockport searching in the gloomy drizzle and fog for Siesha, it was a woman going to the Camden Hills Regional High School to walk her own dog late this afternoon who came upon the Black Lab puppy, with her leash wrapped around tree.

    “We’ve got her,” said her much relieved owner, Mary Lou French, who spent the last 18 hours with her family searching for the four-month old puppy who had been spooked Dec. 31 by the fireworks over Rockport Harbor. 

    "We can't believe how many wonderful incredible and loving people were searching for her," she said. 

    The Frenchs drove over to the high school to reunite with Siesha, as the late afternoon started to turn to dusk. The puppy is exhausted, but OK, she reported.

    “Please let everyone know how incredibly grateful we are for their help,” said Mary Lou.

    It was a strong community at work today from early morning till dusk that collectively searched for the dog — families driving around in their cars, neighbors walking slowly through the subdivisions and along the roads, Rockport police helping in the search, and people walking their own dogs down into the woods, listening and whistling for the puppy.

    She is going to sleep well tonight, as is everyone else.


    Siesha, pronounced See-shah, is lost, having suddenly bolted from her Seaport Drive, Rockport, home during the Dec. 31 fireworks at Rockport Harbor.

    She is four months old, is wearing a collar and has her leash on. She is skittish, and has a high-pitched yip.

    She likely ran through the woods, in a westerly direction, to escape the noise of the fireworks.

    Please help find her. With any sightings, contact Mary Lou French, 207-701-1507.