Rep. Pluecker’s legislative update: mitigating chemical pollutants, helping medical marijuana caregivers

Sat, 04/10/2021 - 2:00pm

Dear friends,

The work of a Representative is always predicated on representing the people and the towns that they live in. That’s why I wanted to write to you to share an update about some of the last couple of weeks of work in the Legislature and give a brief preview of what’s coming up on my schedule for this coming week.

These past couple of weeks have been quite busy. In the Agriculture Committee, I have been focusing on helping farmers succeed and future farmers access to the resources that need to get going. To help future farmers access to the resources that they need, I introduced legislation to establish a working farmland access and protection program. This will not only reserve more farmland for active farming, but will also preclude it from being developed and lost forever. This would be very similar to a working waterfront program that already exists with the Land for Maine’s Future Program.

I’ve also been very focused on mitigating the forever chemical pollutants - perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl - also known as PFAS. I’ve included an article below about my work on this subject, but this week two of my bills to help address what has already been done passed out of committee. One of my bills would have the Department of Agriculture and the University of Maine examine alternative crops and other land solutions for land contaminated with PFAS. Another one of my bills would extend the statute of limitations for injuries or health problems resulting from the PFAS substances.

This month, I have also been working with our local medical marijuana caregivers with some common sense solutions to promote our thriving mom & pop industry here in Maine, like allowing growers to trade plants just like you might trade tomato plant, allowing digital transactions to keep up with technology, streamline advertising for growers in the medical and recreational markets, and reasonable record maintenance. We need to get out of the way, so these small businesspeople can do their job.

I hope everyone is taking a moment to enjoy the wonderful Spring weather that we have been given. The reprieve from the cold and staying inside more than normal is definitely something that I have appreciated personally. Please get in touch if you are having a problem that I might be able to help with. Take care,




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