Fri, 03/12/2021 - 7:15am

That should be “Chicken Jerky Sale.”

Normally, I try to make the specials as widely appealing as possible. I'm leading off with this one because we bought WAAAAYYYY too much of this stuff this month because of an accounting (wife) error. Now I'm trying to get rid of all these Sea Jerky 15oz bags. Notice that I am being VERY specific here. Please don't email me and tell me the code won't work for the Beef Sea Jerky 45oz. I will lose whatever faith I have in humanity and become a hobo. And if it DOES work, I'm not going to honor it. Don't act shocked.

Sure, you could buy a 45oz bag of Chicken Sea Jerky for $57.75. OR you could put on that cute little thinking cap and buy THREE 15oz bags with the coupon code for only $53.55. That's a savings of $4.20 you can use to hire an exterminator for the stink beetles hiving in the utility closet.

Great for arthritis, achy bones and joints, made in Maine, etc. etc. etc. It's for DOGS. Don't eat them yourself, knucklehead.

NOW 35.67567568% OFF
Use Coupon Code: STINKBEETLE

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