Glenn ‘Chip’ Curry: We are Waldo County strong

Tue, 10/27/2020 - 1:45pm

As a candidate for State Senate I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with hundreds of people from all over Waldo County. I have found that we are not nearly as divided as outsiders say we are. We share many values and have a history of working together with respect. 

We value fairness, justice, safety, and compassion. We believe that the vulnerable should be cared for and that hard work is expected and should be fairly compensated. We value raising healthy strong children as well as caring for our elders. In talking with business owners, teachers, and caregivers, I am inspired by the ingenuity and hard work of Waldo County people. Throughout the pandemic, and with a great deal of effort, you've kept our businesses and schools running while keeping your families and neighbors safe.

Leadership is about bringing people together to work toward real changes that reflect our values, and our shared vision for the future. Over the past 25 years I have lived in Unity, Knox, and Belfast - I know our cities and towns have different visions for themselves. As your next State Senator I will champion the priorities of all of our rural, coastal, and island communities.

I’m fighting for a future where our communities are strong, healthy and sustainable. Where we lead lives of our own design that are productive, prosperous, happy, and dignified. We step up to take care of our neighbors. We work through our differences to respond to the challenges we face. 

In many ways strong foundations are in place, yet there is still much work to be done:

  • strengthening our economic foundations so there are more good paying jobs available; 
  • delivering universal affordable broadband access; 
  • developing clean renewable energy to meet our growing need, while creating new jobs and saving money
  • strengthening our schools without taxing us out of our communities; 
  • ensuring we all have access to affordable healthcare; and 
  • providing robust services so our elders can stay in their homes and in our communities. 


Our communities were built by previous generations, and maintained through service, sacrifice, and investment. Now it is our turn to lead through this time and these challenges. We can do this because they have shown us how, because we are Waldo County strong.

Glenn “Chip” Curry lives in Belfast and is a candidate for State Senate District 11