Sens. King, Collins appointed to economy task force by President Trump

Thu, 04/16/2020 - 11:00am

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Both of Maine’s U.S. Senators have been appointed by President Donald Trump to serve on a task force focused on charting a safe path to re-opening the American economy, according to a news release.

    Republican Senator Susan Collins and Independent Senator Angus King will join a coalition of 20 other senators representing Delaware, Wyoming, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Iowa, New Mexico, Missouri, Indiana, Vermont, West Virginia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Virginia and Rhode Island. 

    The bipartisan, bicameral committee will work to determine the best possible plan to re-open the American economy in a way that supports long-term public health and spurs much-needed economic activity, according to a press release from the office of Sen. King.

    “I appreciate the opportunity to serve on this task force, and I’m ready to get to work with the President, his administration, and my colleagues from both parties to chart a path forward that supports America’s economy and public health,” Sen. King said in a statement. 

    In a statement, Sen. King promised to focus on the importance of reopening the nation’s economy at the most appropriate time to minimize the risk of another wave of COVID-19, thus keeping the health of Americans as the top priority. 

    “The insights I offer on this task force will be based on expert advice and the data that we see coming in, not an arbitrary date on the calendar,” said Sen. King. “We need to be able to answer two questions: do we know everything we need to know about this virus, and do we have the infrastructure, equipment, and leadership needed to keep it controlled? Until we can unequivocally answer ‘Yes’ to both of these questions, I believe we act at our own peril, and risk the unkind judgment of history. If we rush the process and we see a second spike in cases, it will be a catastrophic mistake, and we will all pay the price.” 

    “Protecting the health and safety of the American people during the pandemic is my top priority,” said Sen. Collins. “Once is it determined safe to do so by medical experts, it is imperative that we have a plan in place to re-open our economy in order to reverse the staggering job losses and the harm being caused to small businesses and their employees.”