Waldo County, divorces

Sat, 11/02/2019 - 7:30pm

    BELFAST — The following divorces were recently granted in Belfast District Court. 

    Julie M. Downer, of Belfast, and Rodney E. Downer, of Knox, were married Sept. 12, 1998, in Cannan and divorced Oct. 11. 

    Sheldon R. Duncan, of Belfast, and Lisa L. Vaughan, of Belmont, were married Oct. 31, 2015, in Belmont and divorced Oct. 18. 

    Carie A. Harnish Hardy, of Winterport, and Brent D. Hardy, of Winterport, were married June 20, 1992, in Winterport and divorced Oct. 16. 

    Jennifer A. Wenz, of Northport, and Corey T. Wenz, of Searsport, were married March 14, 2014, in Searsport and divorced Oct. 16. 

    Christopher M. Thompson, of Freedom, and Brandy L. Grover, of Sebec, were married Dec. 13, 2002, in Somerville and divorced Oct. 14. 

    Parys Z. Ciuksza, of Troy, and Lauren R. Ciuksza, of Durham, North Carolina, were married Dec. 22, 2005, in New Britain, Connecticut and divorced Oct. 21. 

    Lauren C. Bond, of Thorndike, and Christopher J. Bond, of Thorndike, were married Feb. 28, 2005, in Niagara Falls, Canada, and divorced Oct. 16. 

    Kyffin H. Dolliver, of Morrill, and Gregory A. King, of Saco, were married Sept. 24, 2016, in Morrill and divorced Oct. 18. 

    Eric A. Corpataux, of Northport, and Holly J. Flowers Corpataux, of Palermo, were married Jan. 30, 2009, in Las Vegas, Nevada and divorced Oct. 3.

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