Letter to the editor: Stephen Burleson

Article 3 language on Camden town ballot not consistent

Sun, 11/04/2018 - 8:45pm

Article 3 on the Camden town ballot addresses changes in off-street parking requirements.  It appears that the wording on the town ballot does not match the text in the proposed ordinance change referred to on the town website.  For example, the ballot says that parking requirements for congregate living facilities and housing for the elderly will be reduced from two to one space per unit.  However, the proposed ordinance change says that the parking requirements will be reduced to one space for every two units - instead of four parking spaces for two units, there will be one parking space.

Also, the ballot does not indicate that off-street parking requirements for restaurants are being changed, and that the change will apply to bars and lounges as well. Nor does the ballot mention that off-street parking requirements would be eliminated for commercial passenger vessels which require a victualer’s license.

The proposed amendment is probably well thought out, but it’s not helpful (and legally questionable) when the wording on the ballot is not consistent with the text of the proposed amendment.

Stephen Burleson lives in Camden