Letter to the editor: Joan Welsh

Dave Miramant for State Senate

Mon, 10/29/2018 - 10:30pm

Dave Miramant is the best candidate to represent Knox County in the Maine state Senate for many reasons.  Dave is hard working and a strong advocate for the people and communities of our Midcoast area.  Whether you are a fisherman, teacher, small business owner, entrepreneur, young or old, Dave cares about your ability to live and work productively in our state.

Dave will work hard to bring more jobs to Maine through legislative initiatives such as work force development partnering universities and businesses.  He will support our education systems so we produce the best trained workers possible.  He supports alternative energy initiatives that create work and also lower our utility costs.

He has advocated for the state to pay its share of education costs at 55% and for the state to pay 5% in revenue sharing to municipalities, thus helping reduce our property taxes.  He believes in finding ways to keep people in their homes, especially as they age, not only through property tax relief, but by improving our health care system to allow people to receive care at home.  

Dave has always been an advocate for Maine’s natural resources, having previously served on the Environment and Natural Resources committee.  Protecting our beautiful places as well as looking for ways to prevent and mitigate the results of climate change will be high on his agenda.

Dave works across the aisle to get things done in Augusta.  He works for his constituents.  He cares.

Please join me in voting for Dave Miramant for state Senate.


Joan Welsh lives in Rockport