Letter to the editor: Dylan Mitchell

Bruce Poliquin’s battle for Maine

Tue, 10/23/2018 - 3:00pm

     As a young man growing up in the great State of Maine, I can say one thing about the people who live here. We know exactly what is best for the people of Maine, because we are individual in our actions and thoughts. Here in Maine we are kind, and we are caring.  Bruce Poliquin represents Maine in Washington, D.C ,as our Second District Congressman, and I think he is doing a wicked good job not only representing the people of Maine, but representing the very qualities I just mentioned.

    As a young man growing up in Maine, I can also tell you a few qualities we don’t embrace: Dishonesty, radicalism, and polarization. 

    I was awestruck when I first saw Jared Golden attack Bruce's healthcare efforts, as I know for myself how Bruce feels about healthcare. Bruce's mother is a nurse who is 90 years of age, and his son has a pre-existing condition. Bruce would never do a single thing that would harm their ability to receive health care. As a matter of fact, Bruce has had a 14-point healthcare plan that has been out for more than two years now, that includes coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. This shows Bruce's kindness and compassion, the very qualities that we as Mainers embrace.

    Bruce also understands that here in Maine, we embrace individual policy that best fits the people of Maine. He is constantly and tirelessly fighting for our right to embrace policy that is individual for Maine, whether it be regarding education, healthcare, or constitutional rights.

    Bruce understands that the one size fits all policy that Washington, D.C., develops just isn't always right for Maine, and he puts the people of Maine first.

    Jared Golden has a voting record that shows extreme polarization with a liberal voting record of over 90 percent. Bruce reads all issues carefully, and always decides for Maine. This is what makes him Maine's congressman.

    At the end of the day, it is Bruce Poliquin who has fought for Maine jobs, who has fought for Maine families, and who has fought for Maine as a whole, while representing the qualities that Mainers hold near and dear to their hearts. When people ask me why I am voting for Bruce Poliquin, my answer is simple: how could I not vote for Bruce and still consider myself a Mainer?


    Dylan Mitchell lives in Belfast