Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 09/04/2018 - 9:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Aug. 13-24.


    Susan M. Flamino and Susan M. Driskell to Robyn Duffy and Chad Mills.

    Broughman Builders Inc. to Dixie Carston and Gary D. Fitton.

    John P. Gay and Patricia M. Hopaluk-Gay to Charlotte A. Holmes and James E. Brasfield.

    Kelly M. Gage to John D. Gage.

    Peter B. and Michael R. Wood to Jeremy Hart and Eleanor Parker.

    Eileen N. Hills to Leslie R. Hills.

    George Lansing Blackshaw, Olive Dedrick Blackshaw, and G. Lansing Blackshaw to Aleta McKeage.

    City of Belfast to Belfast Water District.

    Daniel W. and Sandra A. Peaslee to Belfast Water District.

    Belfast Water District to Daniel W. and Sandra A. Peaslee.

    Cardozo LLC to Dency R. and James P. Dokoozian.

    James Spencer to Travis Spencer.

    Ruth V. and Norman E. Waight to Eleanor K. and William K. Hathaway.

    Rosie M. Boynton to Cheri C. Castellano.

    Deborah B. and Jack L. Busby to Jack & Deborah Busby Trust.

    Joseph E. Robson to Daniel and Michele Gagnon.

    Ray F. and Vickie P. Dollar to Jack & Deborah Busby Trust.


    Todd Elwell to Sumner M. and Diane C. Field.


    Lakeview Golf Course LLC to Christie and Joshua Whitcomb.

    Lynette M. Browne and Robert W. Cashman Jr. to Seth O. Hale.

    Lewis Irish to Zachary D. Irish.

    Lewis B. Irish I to Lewis B. Irish II.

    Ronnie E. and Susan M. Chase to Lisa and Shawn Poulin.


    James L. and Linda M. Ginn to Andrew Ginn.


    John A. Coffin Est. to Raymond C. Fort Jr., Barbara J. Cole, Lynn E. Katz, Scott C. Hinz, and Timothy M. Cole.

    Stanley R. Pendleton to Marina Utgoff Braswell Special Trust and Philip P. Braswell Special Trust.


    Carmel C. Pucillo Est. to Jennifer and Timothy M. Totton.


    William A. and Steven D. Bailey to Gregory Ryan.


    James D. and Andrea H. Caldwell to Andrea H. and James D. Caldwell.

    Sandra and David W. St. Clair to Ryan W. St. Clair.

    Ralph Woodbury to Ralph W. and Brandon W. Woodbury.

    Curt C. Ames, Pierina Avon, and Pierina Ames to Pierina and Curt C. Ames.

    Frances R. and Marino J. Niccolai to Elizabeth J. Reid and William J. Suworoff.


    Judith L. Papian and Edward E. Steele to Judith L. Papian Revocable Trust an Edward E. Steele Revocable Trust.

    Christine M. and Sahag K. Bukruian to Eunice C. Hurd.

    Ashley W. and Robert D. Kehrig to Shakeel Mozaffar and Joan Holmes.

    Sherry S. McGrath to Christine M. and Daniel J. Leary.

    Consilium2911 Inc. to Linmar LLC.

    Jacob D. and Mary T. Dowling to Ravin Nakjaroen and Prangahthita Palakawongnaayudhaya.

    Laura French and Laura C. Philbrook to Broughman Builders Inc.

    Rachel S. Greeley to Christopher P. Spear.

    Joyce Y. and John H. Feeney to Maine Terrain LLC.


    Sally and Sarah Edwards to Raymond Reid.

    John F. Annis Jr. Est. to Beverly P. Millard.

    Janet L. Whitney to Brody L. Gibbs.

    Peter R. Rainville and Suesan M. Packer to Tabitha and Edward Lepore.

    Waldo County Farms LLC to Robin A. Davis.

    Hugh Littlefield to Valerie Brady, Annette Poole, Darryl Littlefield, and Lisa Marcouilier.

    Glenn, Wayne, and Dean Jackson to Graham C. Jackson.

    Gail B. Allen and Joseph L. Allen Jr. to Sandra Place.

    Peter Anjos to Daniel C. Perez.


    Robert and Linda Connor to Daniel H. Reeve.

    Wilbur L. and Patricia R. Gardner to Ocean View Associates.

    Carol G. and Scott D. Pelletier to Brandon Soards.

    Harry E. Bates to James B. Bahoosh.

    Ann J. McCracken to Debra Burns.

    Eunice M. Shuman to Brian and Lisa Fraser.

    Ola S. Ryan Est. to Robert E. and William R. Ryan.

    Robert F. and William R. Ryan to Angela D. Dumas.

    Douglas A. Fournier to Karen L. Briggs.


    Leo T. Boivin to Leo & Tricia Boivin Revocable Trust.

    Michael D. Macaskill to Sally A. Gower and Leroy F. Gower Jr.

    Harry D. Potter to Campbell Watts and John Bunker Jr.

    Harry D. Potter to Campbell Watts and John Bunker Jr.

    Richard J. Hutchinson to Valmond R. Belanger.

    Betty Lou Everatt and Betty Everatt to Cortney E. Pierce.

    Anna and Raymond Bergmann to Michelle Lemieux-Smith.


    Matt C. Guidmore to Vaughn J. Munson and Amy E. Carey.

    Callie Grant and Frederick Grant Jr. to Clint D. Grant.


    Christine M. and Sahag K. Bukruian to Eunice C. Hurd.

    Glenna R. Drinkwater to Laura S. Lorenz and Russell E. Dingley.

    Carol Robbins, J.L. Robbins Trust, and MOrton D. Alling III Living Trust to Town of Searsmont.

    J.L. Trust to Carol B. Robbins.

    J.L. Robbins Trust to Morton D. Alling III Living Trust.

    Alva Pollard to Thomas and Geralyn Winslow.


    Rhoda C. Sutfin, Rhonda Colcord, and Rhonda Altman to Jeridt B. Engstrom and Jeridt B. Sambrook.

    Joshua A. Menard to Emma L. Menard.

    Fuller Family Trust to Loren W. and Deborah W. Cole.

    Stockton Springs

    Neil Cross to Asset Recovery Team LLC.

    Laverne M. Davis and Jefferson L. Davis Sr. to Naomi E. Luna.

    Amy Ritzhaupt-Marcus and Robert Marcus to Shannon M. Marchegiani and Michael R. Melia.

    Joseph S. Ganguzza to Diane Noah.

    Merrill R. Bradford Sr. Living Trust to Sandy Point Cottage LLC.

    Miriam Perry Living Trust to Miriam Perry.

    Miriam A. Perry and Edward Perry Living Trust to Penni and Darren Shute.


    Valerie H. and Stephen A. Young to Sarah I. and Christopher Gilbert.

    Aaron B. Seekins and Alexis A. Hills to Brenda and Fred Thomas.

    United States of America - HUD to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association.

    Michael E. and Nathan S. Wood to Janet M. and Mark M. Freedman.

    Susan F. and Charles E. Meals to Susan F. Meals Living Trust.

    Robert F. Smith Jr. to Robert F. Smith Jr. and Jung Sook Smith.


    Kimberly M. Roberts, Kimberly M. Wood, and Kimberly M. Makarowski to Shawna A. Aitken.

    James Jeranka Sr. Est. to Normand Duhaime.

    James Jeranka Sr. Est. to James Jeranka Jr.

    Wendy L. and John P. Higgins to Unity Amish Community Land Trust.


    Richard P. Montana and Cheryl Dierna Montana to Cheryl Dierna Montana and Richard P. Montana.


    Gretel L. Clarke Ryan N. Parsons.

    George P. Miley Est. to Sidney H. Geller Trust.

    Michael L. McCormick to Michael L. McCormick.

    Robert N. Constable to Robert N. Constable and Elizabeth A. Bell.

    Denise L. Whitney to Denise L. and Brian K. Whitney.

    Harlen Parsons to Troy D. and Sharie L. Reynolds.

    Nicolas Pearson to Deborah M. Jones and Stephen Ciembroniewicz.


    Alice Wagner and Alphonzo T. Wagner III to Amanda L. and Walter S. Wagner.


    Andrew M. Newell, Sarah E. McCarthy, and Sarah E. Newell to Milessa and Aaron Gatheright.

    Tabitha Tyson to Bangor Federal Credit Union.

    Donna L. Nason to Frederick and Stacy Brown.

    Petralla Revocable Trust to Diana Cammarata, Martin Petralia, and Thomas Petralia Jr.

    United States of America - VA to Levasque Properties LLC.

    Jess L. and Jennifer Winchester to Laura L. Hosmer.

    Shirley M. and Wade Carleton to Mackenzie S. and Jacob Gran.

    Carol L. Madzik to Kezzie E. Woodbury and Jordan P.C. Woodbury.

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