Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 07/17/2018 - 6:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds July 2-13.


    Laurie A. Desmidt and Laurie A. Gray to Joshua E. Oxley.

    Anthony Gray Anselmo and Anthony Gray to Joshua E. Oxley.

    Mary C. Provo and John A. Cuozzo Jr. to Christopher Burrough and Amy Addington.

    Joshua and Renee Wood to Hanna C. Zetterstrand-Robinson.

    Gerald C. and Dorothea M. Buckley to Nancy C. and Norma C. Hauswald.

    Elizabeth L. and Amy E. Bowen to Patrick Thomas.

    Sidney B. McKeen Living Trust to Khanh T. Ha.

    Lucy Carver Est. to Valerie Tate and Gregory C. Arms.

    Leslie R. Hills to Joseph D. Moser.

    Joseph D. Moser to Leslie R. Hills.

    Leal I. Wood to Kenneth Dyer.

    Matthew J. and Stacie A. Lambert to Charles G. and Diana G. Evans.

    Carol E. Endicott and William L. Endicott Jr. to Kingdom Trust Co.

    Miller Street LLC to Belfast Maskers Inc.

    Nancy Hauswald to Mary K. Hanson Revocable Trust and Kevin R. Finnigan Revocable Trust.


    Mechanics Savings Bank to Ray L. Morrison and Kathy E. Lyons.


    Jonah Saucier to Nicole Hughes.


    Craig R. and Sharon M. Littlefield to David Adams.

    Christina Blanchard to Jimmie Emerson.

    Dominic Galgano to Monika Fekete.

    Naomi M. and Charles D. Porter to Jane P. Newcomb and Frederick M. Newcomb III.

    Moore Family Living Trust to Katie L. and Chad H. Bailey.

    Craig R. and Sharon M. Littlefield to Alan M. Shute Sr.

    Nehlsen Lachmund, Jesse R. and Bruce W. Furman to Nehlsen Lachmund Declaration of Revocable Trust Agreement.


    Joseph Cail to Nancy M. and James L. Guion.

    Margaret H. Knowes to Margaret H. and Frank S. Knowles.


    Hilary N. Fleming to Daniel M. Fleming.

    Hilary N. Fleming to Daniel M. Fleming.

    Hilary N. Fleming to Daniel M. Fleming.

    James P. Becky and Normand G. Paquette to Timothy L. and Gayle S. Davis.


    J. Nicholas Kearns and Jessica G. Goldblatt to One Hundred Eight Gilkey Lane Trust 2018 and 108 Gilkey Lane Trust 2018.


    Gregory E. Morrison to Anthony J. Codega and Marina York Van der Eb.

    Darol Ricker to Kendal and Diane Davis.


    Angelo, Nadia, and Angelor D. Passaretta to Diana Passaretta-Izzi.

    Darin W. and Evelyn E. Merrifield to Graham H. Lowther.


    Marilyn C. Underwood to Underwood Living Trust.

    Marilyn C. Underwood to Underwood Living Trust.


    Walter M. Lamont Jr. to Grateful Loon LLC.

    Kerry J. and Michael J. Albano to Sarah E. Katuzny.

    William T. McCarriston Jr. to William T. McCarriston Jr. and Laureen A. McCarriston.

    William T. McCarriston Jr. to William T. McCarriston Jr. and Laureen A. McCarriston.

    William T. McCarriston Jr. to William T. McCarriston Jr. and Laureen A. McCarriston.

    Drew and Julia Milliken to Karen and Alan Kayser.

    Owen E. and Jeanne P. Weyers to Weyers Family Trust.


    Bruce D. Ginn to Shawn R. Williams.

    William G. Nunn Jr. to William G. Nunn Jr. and Holly H. Nunn.


    William R. Anderson to Erin and David Scalli.


    Kristin H. Hanson, Kristin Hutt Hansen, and Kristin M. Hutt to Samuel R. Lanning.

    Cadillac Mountain Realty Trust to Martha L. and Daniel Reeve.

    Bonnie J. Adelman Revocable Trust to Susan Chang and David H. Fulford.

    Deanna L. and Laurence V. Wade to Carolyn A. and Curt A. Treadwell, and Jonathan L. and Susan J. Aughey.

    Elizabeth T. and Daniel J. Hebert to Douglas A. Fournier.


    Jay A. Hall, Kathleen A. Hanley, and Kathleen A. Hall to Lawrence and Carrie Porcelli.

    Tracy W. and James L. Turner to Crystal D. Mangin.

    Anthony R. Est. to Robin R. and Christina M. Leveillee.

    Thomas C. Hatfield to Christine L.F. Diesch.

    Julie M. Leeman and Jule A. Roberts to Justin D. Leeman.

    Natasha A. Littlefield to Zachary Blake and Ellen Marlow.

    Frances Gingrow Newman and Jeffrey C. Newman to Hayley M. and Daniel C. Newman.

    Donald and Donald L. Woodbury, and Eunice J. Alfano to Alison and Corey T. Lessard.

    Peter G., Constance, and George P. Bissias to Linda L. and Ronald M. Farnham.

    Linda L. and Ronald M. Farnham to Ronald M. Farnham, Cindy Lou Casey, and Linda L. Farnham.

    Calvin C. and Lisa A. Lewis, and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC.


    Town of Prospect to Edward Bridges.

    Benjamin J. Vawser and Harry M. Billington to Catherine D. Parker and Stewart L. Parker Jr.


    Deborah E. Trattel to Deborah Trattel Revocable Living Trust.

    Marion E. Hanscom to Danielle A. Valleau.

    Alfred M. Randall Jr. to John M. Tofani.

    Linda and Richard Calligan to Jessica Plourde.


    Jacob Hartigan and Hayley Rae to Jacob Hartigan.

    Searsport DMEP LLC to MC Investments LLC.

    Tracy and Jedidiah Colby to Baxter R. Cook Sr. to June E. Cook.

    Stockton Springs

    Bruce W. and Dorothy L. Mitchell to Nancy L. and Gerald A. Hammond.

    Marylena Perkins Est. to Craig R. Perkins.

    Louise M. Bragg Est. to Wayne R. Bragg Jr., Kristel J. Brown, and Teka Dimajo.

    Burlyn D. Turner Est. to Louise M. Bragg Est.

    Lesley D. Nickerson and Raymond E. Nickerson Jr. to James L. Harvey and Marion G. Nickerson.

    Robert and Andrea Ekstedt to Candice Kettell.


    Darlene R. Morse and James D. Morse Sr. to Leslie Morse.

    Duncan A. Brown to Scott A. and Andrea R. St. Amand.

    Earleen M. Seeley and George H. Seeley Jr. to David S. and Barry A. Noyes.


    U.S. Bank NA Tr. to Angel and Jeffrey Cyr.

    Carol R. Richard to Robert M. Carter.

    Kristopher A. and Brandie J. Miville to Marie E. and David L. Collins.


    Margaret Elizabeth Dalzell Welch Living Trust to Ryan A. Herz.

    Calvin F. and Michelle A. Neal to Alice and Leonard Lazure.


    John G. and Rosie K. Boynton to Amand Racine Currier and James Racine Currier.

    Old County Plantation LLC to Rosamond C. Peters to Ronald M. Mitchell Jr.


    Diane M. Murray, Irene R. Payne, and Diane M. Murray-Payne to Diane M. Murray-Payne and Irene R. Payne.

    Julia P. Giardi, LSF9 Master Participation Trust, U.S. Bank Trust NA Tr., and Anthony J.. Giardi Jr. to U.S. Bank Trust NA Tr. and LSF9 Master Participation Trust.

    Nancy M. and James L. Guion to Joellen Fitzgerald.

    U.S. Bank National Association Tr. and RMAC Trust Series 2016-CTT to Michel S. Gerry Sr. and Dawn M. Gerry.

    Karol and Kimberly A. Nalewajek to Emily E. Murray.

    Rebecca A. Toothaker, Ryan C. and Rebecca A. Richards to Jennifer R. and Eric J. Baron.

    W&R Real Estate LLC to Barabara M. and Brian G. Benwell.

    United States of America - DA and Kirsty A. Myers to Pine Tree Real Estate LLC.

    Barbara Beal to Jennifer and Justin Speirs.

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