Would you have done what this man did?

Fri, 04/27/2018 - 6:45pm

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  • Beverly Scott takes great delight in helping people get over the discomfort of performing or presenting in public. She holds a Masters Degree in Communications with an emphasis in theatre and drama; co-ran a community theatre in Kansas; traveled around the country teaching for the American Management Association; and has worked with countless students of all ages to aid them in relaxing, focusing, breathing fully, giving freely. Above all, she loves teaching. Beverly is thrilled to help people break free of fear and limitation to gain a sense of poise, clarity and assurance. You may send questions or comments to her at 123beverlyscott@gmail.com.

Other people’s behavior can surprise, annoy, delight, distract, or inspire us. My vlog today tells a true story about a golfer who did something you or I might not have chosen to do under the same circumstances. What mattered most to him? Would you have approached the situation the same way? Why or why not?