Windjammer Association highlight Maine photographers

Wed, 12/26/2018 - 1:30pm

ROCKLAND — The Maine Windjammer Association announced winners in the 2018 Annual Photo Contest Dec. 26.  Each year, windjammer passengers and shutterbugs are invited to submit photos for consideration.  Winners are chosen in a number of categories. This year’s first prize winner, Tracy Sheppard, was the home town hero, hailing from Rockland, home to five of the Maine Windjammer Association boats. 

In fact, the Sheppard family scored high with Sean Sheppard taking home an Honorable Mention in the Best Overall category, and a Captain’s Favorite Award from Noah and Jane Barnes of the Schooner Stephen Taber. In addition, Wayne Cotterly from Poland Springs, took home Second Place Overall in the contest for capturing a beautiful photo of coastal Maine scenery aboard the Schooner Lewis R. French.  In addition, Cotterlywon honors in the Best Food category.

The first prize overall winner was awarded a cruise of her choice in 2019.  Second and third place overall winners received gift certificates toward 2019 cruises.  All additional winners received gifts from the Maine Windjammer Association. 

All of the  Maine Windjammer Association photo contest winners-  from 2013 to 2018 - may be viewed on the fleet’s online photo gallery located at Click on the year of the contest you wish to view.

Here are the winners of the 2018 Maine Windjammer Association photo contest, chosen by collective agreement of all Maine Windjammer Association captains.  

2018 Overall Winners

1st Place:  Tracy Sheppard “Parade of Sail”

2nd Place:  Duane Hoffman “Maine Scenery Aboard the Lewis R. French”

3rd Place:  Mikael Carstanjen “Heritage in the Great Schooner Race”

Honorable Mention:  Sean Sheppard “Parade of Schooners”

Fred’s Favorites

“Fred’s Favorites” are chosen by windjammer photographer and friend of the Maine Windjammer Association fleet, Fred LeBlanc

First: John & Charlene Connolly “On the Beach”

Second: Mikael Carstanjen “Heritage in the Great Schooner Race”

Third: Tracy Sheppard “Parade of Sail”

Fourth: Ralph Smith “A View of Star Island”

Captains’ Favorites

Each of the Maine Windjammer Association captains had their own personal favorite.  Here’s a list of each of the Captain’s favorite photos in 2018.

American Eagle: Flickr PHVMadDog’s “Full Sails American Eagle”

Angelique: Jacqueline Normile’s “Collision Course”

Heritage: Mikael Carstanjen’s “Heritage in the Great Schooner Race”

Ladona: Jim Shepka’s “Tall Shadows” & Liam Grant’s “Heeling Over”

Lewis R. French: Charles Durfor’s “Castine Harbor”

Mary Day: Richard Ball’s “July 6 Great Schooner Race”

Stephen Taber: Sean Roberts’ “Sunset on the Water”

Victory Chimes: Mikael Carstanjen’s “Victory Chimes in Gilkey Harbor”

“Best of” Categories

Each year, the Maine Windjammer Association chooses a winner in a number of popular categories.  Here are the 2018 category winners.

Best Flag: Pat Kenneally’s “The Captain and Old Glory”

Best Food: Wayne Cotterly’s “A Taste of Maine on the Mary Day”

Best People: Ralph Smith’s “Something Tickled the Captain”

Best Sunset: Mikael Carstanjen’s “Victory Chimes in Gilkey Harbor”

Best Wildlife: Laura McGerigle’s “Seals on the Rocks”

MWA’s Favorites

For the first year, the staff of the Maine Windjammer Association got the chance to choose a favorite photo.

Lucy loves Richard Ball’s “July 6 Great Schooner Race”

Dede’s Favorites are Charles Durfor’s “Castine Harbor” and Ralph Smith’s “Something Tickled the Captain”

Marti’s pick is “Downtime on the Angelique” by Lisa Lange

Alisa is really fond of Mikael Carstanjen’s “Victory Chimes in Gilkey Harbor” and Ralph Smith’s “Something Tickled the Captain”

In 2019, a number of Maine Windjammer Association vessels will offer photography cruises where passengers will receive guidance and tips from professional photographers. Learn everything from how to use a simple digital camera to capturing stunning images and advance lighting techniques with the ideal photo opportunities aboard a Maine windjammer.

  • June 16-22: On Anqelique: Digital photo workshop with photographer, Neal Parent.
  • June 8-12: On Heritage: Renowned windjammer photographer, Fred LeBlanc will be aboard to offer photo expertise.
  • June 23-29: On Mary Day: A 6-day sailing adventure with award-winning photographer Jim Dugan teaching digital photography skills, and renowned Audubon naturalists Mike and Margi Shannon.
  • July 7 – 13: On Victory Chimes: Celebrate Parade Week, perfect for photo ops with advice from photographer, Jesse Stuart.
  • September 1-7: On Stephen Taber: Photographer John Shipman is on board to offer expertise.
  • Sept 8 – 14:On  American Eagle: Photographer Greg Gettens will demonstrate adventure photography aboard and ashore.

The Maine Windjammer Association offers 3- to 11-day sailing adventures that allow visitors to experience not only amazing photo opportunities, but also an array of Maine’s attractions—from lobster and lighthouses to Acadia and the many fine museums, shops and restaurants in Camden and Rockland, homeports for the fleet. For more information, visit