WCTC students create posters for MLK Jr. celebration

Fri, 02/02/2024 - 5:00pm

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was honored this January by Graphic Design students from Waldo County Technical Center (WCTC) who participated in a Poster Project organized by The Martin Luther King Jr. Day Committee. These posters are on display at various businesses throughout the city of Belfast. 

This is the 35th year that the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Committee has been celebrating MLK Jr Day. The event included a candlelight walk, speakers to discuss civil rights, a student choir, and the involvement of local artists making posters to honor the day.

WCTC’s Graphic Design students created posters for the second consecutive year. The posters were printed by JBlack printers.

“The students’ work, and the terrific images and quotes of MILK Jr, reinforced this as a community event,” said Meredith Bruskin, of the MLK JR Day planning committee, in a Waldo County Technical Center news release.