Waldo County Unified Court, closed cases

Sun, 01/12/2020 - 8:30pm

    BELFAST — The following cases were closed in Waldo County Unified Court Dec. 30 - Jan. 30. 

    Melissa A. Brown, 21, of Belfast, disorderly conduct (offensive words/gestures) in Waldo May 24, 2018, $150 fine; assault in Waldo May 24, 2018, dismissed. 

    Taylor Andrews, 29, of Gardiner, unlawful furnishing of a scheduled drug in Swanville Aug. 2, 2018, nine months in jail and $400 fine. 

    Christopher K. Patten, 49, of Monroe, burglary in Searsport July 26, 2018, two years in prison with all but 120 days suspended and two years of probation; theft by unauthorized taking or transfer (two counts) in Searsport July 26, 2018, 120 days in jail for each count. 

    Jason Huff, 44, of Unity, terrorizing in Unity Nov. 19, dismissed; aggravated criminal mischief in Unity Nov. 19, 2018, dismissed. 

    Grace C. Jameson, 24, of Appleton, operating after habitual offender revocation in Waldo Jan. 28, 30 days in jail and $500 fine; violating a condition of release in Waldo Jan. 28, 30 days in jail.

    Hunter K. Thompson, 20, of Morrill, minor consuming liquor in Belfast June 29, $200 fine; assault on an emergency medical care provider in Belfast June 29, 2019, dismissed. 

    Alan G. Clark, 52, of Belfast, operating while license suspended or revoked in Belfast Sept. 28, 2019, dismissed. 

    Scott Swift, 33, of Northport, operating after suspension or revocation in Morrill Oct. 23, $750 fine. 

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