Waldo County Technical’s Strive and Employability Skills Preparation programs build little libraries

Mon, 06/17/2024 - 5:00pm

Waldo County Technical Center’s (WCTC) Strive and Employability Skills Preparation (ESP) programs culminated their year of learning woodworking by designing and building little libraries. These libraries were a team effort, by students working in small groups. Each library has a different theme decided on by the group. Program instructor Adam Fernald explained that students learned cabinetry and joinery while creating the libraries.

Kenney Beal, an ESP freshman from Belfast Area High School, helped design a Maine themed library complete with a 3-D printed Lobster crowning the library’s roof. He stated that he enjoyed working with his team mates and that each member had a different job to do.  

Kayla Charette, also a Belfast freshman, said that the project was fun, but also a challenge to work with others. The roof of her bright green library was shingled and she enjoyed learning how to apply the shingles. 

BAHS Freshman Zady Paige helped create “Big Blue”, a boat shaped little library, complete with ocean themed paintings and buoys. She found it challenging to work as a team because “as people we all want different things, but in the end we got it done.” Zady would like to see Big Blue placed somewhere by the water in Belfast.  

Sheridan Ingerson, a junior from Searsport District High School (SDHS) and student in the Strive program, worked with her team to create a little library decorated with paintings that reflect the interests of each member of her group. The sides and roof depict a frog, a school bus, and characters from Pokemon, Generation One, which were painted by Robert Dawson, a sophomore from SDHS.  Robert explained  that this project gave him a greater understanding of planning and teamwork.  Sheridan and Robert would like to see their little library placed in Searsport.

Cat Harmon, a sophomore from SDHS helped create a library covered with shiny colorful paint in the shape of bricks. They relayed that this project taught them that they can work well with people.  

These little libraries are available to be placed in the greater Belfast area. For more information on the libraries or for other information about Waldo County Technical Center, please visit www.waldotech.org or call (207)407-WCTC.