Waldo County deed transfers

Posted:  Monday, February 12, 2018 - 10:15pm

BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Jan. 29 - Feb. 9.


Deborah U. Capwell to Capwell Family Revocable Trust.

Cornerstone Property Management LLC to Katie L. and Zachary M. Clarke.

James S. Marshall Est. to Susan Volmer.

Cecile G. McKenzie and Cecile Greider to Jessica M. Van Hart Revocable Trust and Joseph T. Van Hart Revocable Trust.

Susan E. Volmer to Cecile Greider.

Suzanne Macleod to Head of Tide Properties LLC.

Henry D. Wyatt and Deborah K. Shepherd to Shepherd-Wyatt Family Trust.


Charles A. Proctor to Rhonda Lee Curtis.

ALton Dixon to Garrett B. and Allison L. Pelletier.


Laura Broomhall, Jesse and Laura Pilgrim to Sandra Butler.

Darrin A. Lyon to Wayne P. and Linda G. Paul.


Elizabeth J. Clauson to Jonathan Shaw and Jennifer Chagnon.


Stuart A. Rolerson to Ellen J. Berry.

Ellen J. Berry to Chloe Joule and Gabriel Pendleton.

Russell B. Coombs and Justin R. Quinn to Justin R. Quinn and Russell B. Coombs.

Amanda and Gregory Barron to First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation to United States of America - HUD.

Joseph M. Hughes to Bonnie & Joseph Hughes Family Trust.


Town of Jackson to Zachary Riley.

Duane H. Lahaye to Yvette M. Lahaye.


Town of Knox to Roxann F. Bailey.

Clifton Sawyer, Melissa S. Pooler, Melissa S. Bisson, Sheila A. Sawyer to Melissa S. Bisson, Sheila A. and Clifton Sawyer.


Deborah A. and Dale A. Hannon, and Gary Walter Hannon to Corie Skidgell.

Susan Gendron to Mark Gendron.

Mark E. Gendron to Michael E. Cressey and Mary M. Wright.


Ernest J. Cassidy and Joseph Ernest Cassidy Irrevocable Trust to Cheryl A. Cassidy.

Allen Family Real Estate Trust to Aytul and Michael Farquharson.

Robert Ryan Leadbetter and Jared Knight Leadbetter to Judy A. and Randall W. Creamer.


Town of Monroe to Cynthia Tripp and James Tripp Jr.

Marjorie O. and Arthur Lewis to Elm Hill Limited Liability Company.

Matthew P. Mayo and Jennifer M. Smith-Mayo to Jennifer M. Smith-Mayo and Matthew P. Mayo.

Matthew P. Mayo and Jennifer M. Smith-Mayo to Jennifer M. Smith-Mayo and Matthew P. Mayo.


Daniel D. and Carol D. Doyle to Laura Suomi-Lecker and Ronald Lecker.


Jules E. Bernard III to Clair T. Fraser II.

Kathleen L. Hohusen Est. to Clementina Senatore.

Kergan P. Thomann to William P. Link.


Elbert D. Hayford Jr. Est. to Bonnie E. Glazier.

Cheri R. and Steven L. Shangold to Shangold Family Real Estate Trust.

Dawn M. Alexander and Dawn M. Michaud to Duane D. Alexander.


Vivian T. Smart to Kenneth R. Smart.

Joni Wells to Ray L. and Kristi L. Hedgpath.

Ray L. and Kristi L. Hedgpath to Joni M. Wells.


R. Alan Koski to Highland View Field LLC.

John Hills to John Hills and Carole S. Albee.


Aaron B. Seekins, Alexis A. Hills and Alexis Seekins to Sandra and Benjamin Knowlton.

Semonie J. Bowden-Littlefield to Daniel J. Ford.

Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. and Deutsche National Trust Company Tr. to Michael Smith.

Leon M. Annis Jr. to Michael Smith.


Susan J. and Cary Lasselle to Michael Burge and Alexandra Danton Burge.

Bad H. and Marguerite V. Chafee to Edith K. Kershner.


Derrill W. Brooks, Heather A. Dubord and Thomas L. Brooks to Kimberly D. Collins.


Roderick J. Philbrook Est. to Gloria B. Harriman.

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