Waldo County, deed transfers

Tue, 12/26/2017 - 8:45am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Dec. 4-15. 


    Heather L. and Jamie J. Potvin to Amanda Ward.

    Caser Holdings Inc. to David C. Sanders II.

    Rebecca A. Kenney to Belfast Water District.

    Jude P. and Audrey Berry to Katherine Crossman and Madeline Thomson.

    Rosie K. Boynton to Amanda M. and Benjamin S. Rankin.

    Elizabeth Downing to Elizabeth G. Downing Revocable Trust Agreement.

    Lisa M. Gates to Lisa M. and Christopher Gates.

    Stella Bennett EST to Daniel Bennett.

    Richard A. and Allen D. Holmes to Belfast Water District.

    Jean L. and Steven L. Vitalli to Deborah Capwell.

    Jobin-Durham Family Trust to Calibull LLC.

    Laura J. Melix to Samantha Imes.

    Francois H. and Faye L. Roy to Roland A. Littlefield.

    Brian S. and Jessica M. Richards to Francois H. and Faye L. Roy.


    Joan M. Light to Gregory R. and Candise H. Gonyea.

    Nancy R. Shorey and Nancy R. Carrel to Donna L. Broderick and Eleanor G. Daniels.


    Julia G. Lawler and NationStar Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

    Michael P. Dickey Third Party Supplemental Needs Trust to Michael P. Dickey.


    Corissa A. Carter to Corissa A. and Eric Carter.

    Ben R. Lansing to Brian Yelle.

    Earl R. Anderson to Leah G. and Mathew D. Swazey.

    James L. and Linda M. Ginn to Daniel Landers.


    RIchard Giroux to Lauren S. and Richard E. Giroux.


    Sonya R. Leach to Sonya R. Leach.


    Douglas J. Barlow to Spencer G. Garvin and Rachel G. Harding.

    George H. Klein to Jason Harding.

    George Haley, Ann and Joseph Marshall to Jason L. and Thu T. Bartlett.


    James M. Manni to Nancy G. and Michael J. Buckley.


    Linda S. and Russell L. Thomas to John M. and Terrie Kelly.

    Andrew E. Tillinghast to Christine M. Chan and John T. Jones.

    Jennifer L. Jardine, 21st Mortgage Corporation, Twenty First Mortgage Corporation, Jennifer Lynne Jardine, and Jennifer Jardine to Twenty First Century Mortgage Corporation and 21st Mortgage Corporation.


    Gertrude Ann Thompson to Michael Tripp.

    Janice I. Spencer to Eric Gunsalus.

    George H. Klein to Jason Harding.

    Priscilla R. Baker to Donald S. Harris.


    Joseph J. Fischer to Julie G. and Gregory S. Wight.

    J.L. Robbins Trust to Kingdom Land LLC.


    Morrill Project LLC to Peter J. and Steven J. Holmbraker.


    Mary Claire Parnell to Mary Clare Parnell and Jo-Ann Nealey.

    Barbara J. Dugan to Barbara J. Dugan and Jan Dugan Pitcairn.

    Helena F. Lewis, Marc B. and Christy T. Mihaly, and Marianne Miller to Gustave Seelig.

    Maine State Grange to Maine State Grange and Shed Solutions LLC.

    Gerald and Lynn Grater to Stephanie Rousha Smiley.

    Randy S. Field and Mark R. Schoenfield to Casey M. Brown and Lisa A. Berry.

    Jeffrey D. and Joan C. Anderson to Jeffrey D. Anderson.

    Jeffrey D. Anderson to Jeffrey D. Anderson Trust.

    Terrence Delaney EST to Adelaide M. Lincoln.

    John G. and Sandy E. Gregory to Thomas E. Dwyer.

    Dale L. Nealey to Ben and Deborah Eversage.


    Betty T. Glidden to Susan and Frank Leary.

    Dennis R. and Miriam A. Keller to Walter and Nancy Carrel.

    Algene I. Raven to Andrea R. Huff.

    Algene I. Raven to Jubsom Raven.

    Betty M. Bradstreet Family Trust to Christine B. and William E. Huntress.


    Geraldine M. Steele to Chester J. and Mary A. Tripp.

    Henry G. Moller to Christina L. Fetzer and Peter G. Moller.

    Pamela S. and John R. Van Siclen to Victoria L. and Scott S. Michelsen.

    J.L. Robbins Trust to Samuel P. Ingraham.

    Patricia Pierce, Daniel M. and Catherine Misluk to Peter P. Misluk Jr.


    Joshua J. and Kari J. Cross to Stephene Kelley.

    David P. McGowan and Lawrence J. Debay to Workman Family Trust.

    Stockton Springs

    Philip M. and Gay L. Dion to Joseph and Mary Mosier.

    Jonathan P. and Maura E. Gammans to Morningtide Farm LLC.

    Elizabeth K. Mick and Elizabeth K. Baker to Shannon L. Bannon.


    Vinton Whitcomb to Jason Perkins and Constance Clark.

    David B. and Elizabeth Bowen to Elizabeth L., Amy E., and David B. Bowen.

    David B. Bowen to David B., Elizabeth L., and Arland Bowen.

    Town of Swanville to Beth Seekins.

    Town of Swanville to James Boguszewski.

    Town of Swanville to Jeff and Tracy Lindelof.

    Town of Swanville to Jeff and Tracy Lindelof.


    Eric A. Phillips to Eric A. and Pamela A. Phillips.


    Kayla and Alic F. Albright to Alicia E. and Jacob H. Wheeler.

    Gene J. Gigiovanni and Gene J. Digiovanni Sr. to Louis V. Esposito.

    Shirley Johnson, Sarah A. and Shirley Oliver to Sara A. Oliver.

    George P. Miley Est to Sidney H. Geller Trust.

    Jean A. Fink and William E. Fink Jr. to Holly Beeckman and Matthew Greaney.

    Janet J. Morse and Janet J. Milligan to Jo Ann C. and Jonathan Janeiro.

    Edward J. and Elena R. Picard to Kari B. and Jason A. Hunt.


    Alphonzo T. Wagner III to Alphonzo T. Wagner III and Alice Wagner.


    Lawrence L. Gardiner and George W. Eldridge to Shea S. Rolnick.

    Cindy L. Caron to Curt J. Holmes.

    Stephen T. Preston and Naomi Salls to Rese Holdings LLC.

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