Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 12/02/2017 - 10:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Nov. 20 - Dec. 1.


    NationStar Mortgage LLC to Julia K. Daley.

    Julia K. Daley to Peak Market Homes LLC.

    Janette F. Patten EST to Peak Market Homes LLC.

    Tyer Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Philippa M. Jollie.

    Carol Ginandes Revocable Living Trust to Elisabeth Wolfe and Michael S. Cunning.

    Stephen and Rebecca Brimley to Bruce R. Wilson & Christine A. Durham Living Trust.

    Harry L. Burns Est. to Michelle R. Nickerson, Helen G. and Mark F. Burns.

    David A. Loxtercamp and Lindsay A. McGuire to Lindsay A. McGuire and David A. Loxtercamp.

    Richard V. Chevalier to Jessie M. Costello.

    Nancy Forman and John Slaughter to Michael S. Sczerzen and Robert C. Johansen.

    Sharon B. Satterfield Est. to Deborah V. Falls and R. Davidson Harvey.

    Springbrook Hill Owners Association to John F. Offen.

    John F. Offen to Blair O. Offen.

    Gerard Patrick Lee Est. to Morgan P. Lee.

    May L. Bennett, May L. Heath, and May L.H. Shamrock to Joel M. Puorro.

    Mary Brown and Mary Wentworth to Lloyd Wentworth.

    Lloyd Wentworth to Wentworth LLP.

    John H.K. Davis to John H.K. and Margo P. Davis.

    Wayne A. Cunningham to Wayne A. and Lori A. Cunningham.


    Creative Apparel Associates LLC to Sharon M. Rybarczyk.

    Sharon M. Rybarczyk to Paul Rybarczyk.


    Sarah S. and Michael G. Hulsey to Coleen K. and Ian S. O’Neal.


    Andrew Mulligan to Joyce A. Julian Living Trust.

    Lori Grant Nason to Alan O. Gibbs.

    James J. and Lori A. Little to Karen and Kerry E. Bohanan.

    Peggy Hodgkins and Linda Byram to James E. Revil.

    John M. and Dawn Flanzer to Joan J. and Vaughn L. Hersey.


    Susan Grant-Johnson and Brian Johnson to Marianne and Scott Kessel.

    Anthony and Laurie Martorella to Beth and Scott Yerkes.

    Judd M. Webster, Robert Wales Mclain Revocable Trust, Stephen T. and William A. Mclain, Richard Ailes, and Elizabeth M. Humes to Wendy W. Burke.

    David J. Perkins to Heidi G. Perkins.

    Alice M. and Alice R. Boody to Kenneth A. Merrifield, Alice R. and Alice M. Boody.

    Frank A. and Laila B. Mignone to Andrew J. and Frances Flagg.

    Douglas A. Warren to Douglas L. Gilson and Kristi J. Hardy-Gilson.

    Arlene T. and William A. Graham to Denise J. and John L. Milanese.

    John W. Gilbert Est. to Judith Gilbert.

    Paula M. Johnson and Didier Y. Bonner-Ganter to Jacob and Andrea B. Talty.

    James N. Trim EST to Christa Trim.


    Richard E. Jacques to Steven P. Cates.

    Constance L. Clark to Wayne W. Clark II.


    Kristan Peakes to Marie L. Marden.

    Green Mountain Land Holdings LLC to Mark Guido.

    Rita Reyes Petersen Living Trust to Jennelle R. and Zachary G. Woods.


    Glenice Lear to KeyBank National Association.

    KeyBank National Association to Herbert Benner.

    Timothy R. Woodbury to Mary Bagley.


    Gary C. and Virginia S. Garvey to Virginia Stamm Garvey Revocable Trust and Gary Clifford Garvey Revocable Trust.

    Judd M. Webster, Robert Wales Mclain Revocable Trust, Stephen T. and William A. Mclain, Richard Ailes, and Elizabeth M. Humes to Wendy W. Burke.

    Brenda Wood and Brenda W. Boulier to Brenda W. and James F. Boulier.

    Clare F. and James F. Macleod to Priscilla R. McKay.

    Town of Northport to Mary C. Parnell.


    Erin L. Walsh to Matthew Glidden.

    William Cameron to Thomas Elias.

    Russell Duguay, Gerald W. Nault, Thomas Elias, Tomasso Marsella, and Ronald F. Marston Sr. to Jodean L. Marston.

    William D. Powell Living Trust and Penny G. Powell Family Trust to Darci and Dana Michaud.


    Gary D. Peabody to Richard A. Ames.

    Stephen Wickenden to Kathleen D. and David P. Farnsworth.


    TD Bank NA to Fretz Design LLC.

    First Congregation Church & Parish of Searsport to Matthew E. and Brenda L. Bertram.

    Vickie Gamache to RObert M. Einhorn and Brett I. Graff Einhorn.

    Eileen P., Eric M., and Michael E. Lavelle to Michael Edward Lavelle Revocable Trust Agreement.

    Alfred A. Miliano to Reservoir Ventures LLC.

    Ronald Murphy to Karen Burns.

    Stockton Springs

    Cornerstone Property Management LLC to Alanna M. and Lester L. Gibson.


    Carolyn Parsons to David P. Staples and Margaret M. Long.

    Town of Swanville to Seth Beal.

    Laura Tenley Mossing and Darrell D. Porter to School House Properties LLC.

    One Waldo LLC to IRA Financial Trust Company Cust.

    IRA Financial Trust Company Cust. to Karen P. Miller.

    Karen P. Miller to Good Earth Works Inc.


    Deborah K. and Eric D. Jacques to Kelly A. and Ethan R. Stone.

    AB Enterprises LLC to Lloyd M. Witham Jr.


    Rodney and Anne Bradeen to Aaron D. and Sadie L. Bradeen.

    John M. and Dawn Flanzer to Joan K. and Vaughn L. Hersey.


    Harold E. and Nancy P. Harvey to Howard L. Harvey.


    Mary Jane and Nathaniel Reynolds to Mark M. and Lori A. Thomas.

    Christopher E. and Joanne E. Whitney to Justin M. Carter.

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