Waldo County deed transfers

Sun, 11/19/2017 - 6:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Nov. 6-17


    Corey R. St. Pierre to Monicque A. St. Pierre.

    Mary V. Schaffer, M. Virginia and Mary V. Hallowell to Megan B. and Tommy F. Moitoso.

    Richard L. and Kathleen Coleman to Peter Seyfried Wells and Joan Cass Wells.

    Tammy M. Snyder and Erik Erikson to Andrea Butler.

    Roth Living Trust to Phani Kumar Lagudu.

    Monicque St. Pierre and Richard Nash Jr. to Beverly S. and David J. Francis.

    Patricia Pinkerton and Wilmont Pinkerton Jr. to Edgar Bonin.


    Peter C. Graham EST to Maxwell J. Graham and Nina H. Graham Socha.

    Irene D. Brown Irrevocable Trust to Howard N. and Laura C. Whitcomb.


    David R. Bourque to Gwendolyn A. and William D. Chase.

    Richard S. & Nancy E. Doucette Family Trust and Edward E. Davis Jr. to Tina M. Moulton.

    Gene E. and Donna M. Prudhomme to Rachel A. Roux.

    John B. Simeone Jr. to Timothy J. Simeone.

    Timothy J. Simeone to John B. Simeone Jr.


    Warren E. and Jann R. Richardson to Allison M. Lashmet and David F. Fitzgibbons.


    Camille A. Sirois to Anu King Dudley.

    Camille A. Sirois to Noah Dudley Dillard.


    Carol, Kathryn, Barbara, and Kenneth Johnston to Islesboro Islands Trust.


    Bernard Ginn & Sons Inc. to Randy A. Bickford.

    Jane Overton to Hannah Overton.


    Stanley & Mary Ann Baker Trust to Athena Needham.

    Louis C. Dimock III to Danicka E. and Matthew R. Beckley.

    Carroll Johnson to Darlene R. and Marc S. Curtis.


    Mark H. Jensen to Deanna J. Eaton and Peter M. Hartel.

    Everett Harding to Pamela H. Kersh and Doreen H. Holt.

    Barbara H. King to Cynthia J. Dongo, Mark D. Clough, and Dawn E. Wentworth.

    Melissa J. Carr to Susan Barnes.


    Fred W. and MAxine M. Clements to Roland W. and Marnee M. Clements.


    Judith H. and Paul J. Phillips to Mary and Min Yang.


    Norman C. Landry and Grace L. Dodge to Norman Landry Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

    Michael T. Lannan to Sambas LLC.

    Herman and Patricia Meisner to Jeffrey L. and Penni M. Groves.

    Alan Henry Trust to Cynthia J. Albert Trust 2006.


    Delbert H. & Lela S. Beckwith Family Trust to Megan Beckwith.


    William K. Warren to William K. and Libby M. Warren.

    Lauren J. and Timothy J. Boehmer to Gary Curaboo.


    Robert & Judith Moore Trust to Blaine P. and Deborah L. Horne.

    Fred P. Clark to Christine J. Clark.

    Rainer T. Curtis to Karen K. Garcia and Bruce M. Barry.

    Village Capital & Investment LLC to United States of America - HUD.

    Stockton Springs

    Nancy A. Suppes Living Trust and Bruce D. Suppes Living Trust to KPink LLC.

    Kaja Holdings 2 LLC to Stephanie Phipps.


    JPMogan Chase Bank National Association, Eileen J. and Eileen Longsdale to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Associaition.

    Decker and Gately Conley to Gately Conley.

    Sumner M. Roberts to Eliot Van Peski.

    Town of Swanville to Carolyn Parsons.


    Joseph A. Onofaro to Joy M. Gurney.

    JPMogan Chase Bank National Association, Jennifer L. and William F. Ellsey to JPMogan Chase Bank National Association.


    Charlene G. Forrest to Desiree L. Clark.

    David J. and Ann C. Parsons to David J. and Ann Elaine Parsons.

    David J. and Ann C. Parsons to David J. and Ann Elaine Parsons.

    Donna M. McGuire EST to Sonya Reynolds and Patrick Galvin.


    Helen M. Beckett EST to Edward M. Beckett Jr., Charles W., Wilma J., Paula, Jon T., Denise M., and Deniis Beckett, and Pamela Overlock.

    Charles W., Wilma J., Paula, Jon T., Denise M., and Dennis T. Overlock, and Pamela Overlock to Edward M. Beckett Jr.


    Callicutt Family Living Trust to Timothy J. and Kathryn Moran.

    James Wing EST to Gary Brasslett.

    Deanna L. Ouellette, Kent A. Knowles, and Debra L. Reynolds to Rapunzel Bergeron.

    Wesley L. Bass to Donald P. Bass.

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