Waldo County, deed transfers

Sun, 11/05/2017 - 5:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Oct. 22 - Nov. 3


    Nancy L. and Melanie Dodge to Ronald G. And Jean V. Hunt.

    Anne M. and Paul E. Bartels to Diane J. and Richard M. Legere.

    Tara C. Townsend and Kevin J. O’Donnell to Caroline Neville.

    Verna A. Pomeroy EST to Derek M. Cragin.

    Liza B. Pedrick Living Trust and Liza H. Kriel Living Trust to Thomas J. and Jennifer S. Connor.

    Arlene L. Reynolds to Arlene L. Reynolds and Arianne Clark.

    Rosemarie M. Dews EST to Patrick and Margaret A. Stidham.

    Patrick and Margaret A. Stidham to Bonnie and Gregory Kuykendall.

    Bonnie and Gregory Kuykendall to BGK207 LLC.

    Vincent M. Cerbone to 31 Highview Terrace Realty Trust and Thirty One Highview Terrace Realty Trust.

    City of Belfast to Thomas A. Hedstrom.

    City of Belfast to Jodelle Rolerson.

    City of Belfast to Thomas A. Hedstrom.

    City of Belfast to Jacob Weisburg.

    City of Belfast to Michelle Ridley.

    City of Belfast to Edward M. and Catherine M. Sousa.

    Rachelle M. Cummings and Charles W. Gerry II to Eric Z. and Tanya Kormann.

    King Bishop and Aaron Littlefield to Susan L. and Harry J. Bush.

    Kenton F. Cunningham to Wayne A. Cunningham.

    Nancy and Gary Cunningham, and Raymond P. Cunningham Jr., HR to Wayne A. Cunnigham.

    Matthew W. Wood to Matthew W. and Kristen L. Wood.

    Bonin Masonry Inc. to Jon Burroughs.

    Sharon B. Leavell Living Trust to Micaela A. Schweitzer-Bluhm and Todd M. Bluhm.

    Kristie Marie Patterson and Kristy M. Patterson to Terry V. Patterson.

    Jeanne A. Gordley EST to BGK207 LLC.


    William S. and Gale S. Kelly to Stephanie and Scott Redman.

    William S. and Gale S. Kelly to Virginia Watkins and Scott Denman.


    Maine State Housing Authority and Stacey M. Sprague to Maine State Housing Authority.

    Maine State Housing Authority and Stacey M. Sprague to Maine State Housing Authority.


    Toby J. and Cindy L. Farrington to Theresa and Michael Shaw.

    Constance E. Grendell to Terry A. Patten and Donna M. Grendell Hruby.


    Nancy Bailey Farrar to Caitlin McFadden and Jacob Merithew.

    Eric J. Clark to Adam G. King.


    Stephen C. Robb to Christie T. Ray.

    Christie T. Ray to Robin T. and Stuart W. Ray.


    Meldon P. Gibbs EST to Henry N. and Beverly A. Hartley, and April A. Kirby.

    Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Kathleen Y. Johnson.


    Malcolm A. Bryant, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR, Equifirst Loan Securitization Trust 2007-1, and Equifirst Loan Securitization Trust 2007-1 to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR.


    Kensington Irrevocable Trust to Dana A. Kensington.

    Kenneth W. and Dawn R. Tiefert to dawn R. and Kenneth W. Tiefert, and Elizabeth K. Owens.

    Debra and George Paul to Francis Stewart and Alexandra Watson.


    Margit Wyman to Todd and Megan McLeod.

    Matthew P. Knoop to Roderick and La Tanya Beck.

    Ducktrap Hospitality LLC to Janet L. Valente.


    Robert C. and Pamela A. Spencer, and Pamela A. Chipman to Pamela A. and Robert C. Spencer.


    Kimberly S. and Peter M. Sheff to Celeste Dowling.

    Mabel E. Doyle to Kimberly S. and Peter M. Sheff.

    Eleanor G. Daniels to Paula A. Lychock and Michael J. Lychock II.


    Pegler Enterprises Inc. to Garrett Randolph.


    Patricia Tibbetts Jones to Logan M. Dubay and Robert M. Jones.

    Margaret G. Klotzle to W. Laurence Wagner.

    Rodney C. Maupin to Kathleen D. Murray and Leonidas Tsomides.


    JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Elisha C. Fowlie.

    Mark A. Curtis to Caroline P. Caswell.

    Virginia Stanley and Walter Chiappini to Daryl Horak.


    Kenneth R. Smart to Vivian T. Smart.

    James A. Lane to Kitty and Jerry Bryant.

    Juli L. Robbins and Juli L. Doherty to Allen L. Robbins.


    Town of Searsmont to Kristopher Perkins.

    Town of Searsmont to Glendon L. Mehuren II.

    Paul L. Mattson to Jessica N. Hafford and Daniel D. Hafford Jr.

    Phelps Brown to Lisa S. Davis.


    Eva C. Lenfest to Burton Seekins.

    Joel Noyes EST to Justin and Lisa Lynn Tyler.

    Selma Carkner Living Trust to Joanne Cyr.

    Earl C. Dow to Christopher C. and Diane-Marie S. Colby.

    Vicki M. Seekins and Preston Seekins Jr. to Preston Seekins Jr., Vicki M. Seekins, and Sarah J. Dyer.

    Preston Seekins Jr. to Preston Seekins Jr., Vicki M. and Neil P. Seekins.

    Scott L. Dakin to Scott L. Dakin LLC.

    Corinne Blanchard to Casey Hletko and Justin Fedukovich.

    Steven D. Conner to Bryan A. Young.

    Stockton Springs

    Hilary N. and Wayne D. Sinclair to Jane Rago and Michael S. Griffin.

    Louise M. Bragg to Teka Dimajo, Wayne R. Bragg Jr. and Kristel J. Brown.

    Bowman G. Wiley to Rebecca E. Howland Wiley and Rebecca E. Howland Oldrey.

    Sean R. Davis to Wendy A. and Randall J. Barry.

    Amy Ritzhaupt and Robert Marcus to Jean H. Tibbetts.

    James E. Chamoff to Zelda Chamoff.

    Joel D. Ploszaj to Jennifer L. Ploszaj.

    Melinda J. Barnes and Thomas M. Cook to Thomas M. and Melinda J. Cook.

    Gerald and Keith HArriman to Sarah S. Novak.


    Lisa Brassbridge and Jean L. Sparrow to Jean. L. Sparrow Living Trust.

    Norman E. Parsons Jr. to Carolyn Parsons.

    Sandra J. Dolan to Anthony J. and Kristin K. Weed.

    Town of Swanville to Cindy and Barry Boguen.

    Michael C. and Paula J. Johndro to Laura H. and Donald R. Mitchell.

    Lawrence Carrozzo to Lawrence Carrozzo and Kimberly Ann Profenno.

    Elaine B. Potter EST to Barbara Potter.

    Corinne Blanchard to Casey Hletko and Justin Fedukovich.


    Mary E. Johnson and Timothy A. Gable to Marjorie M. and Bryan J. Michaud.

    Town of Thorndike to Nicole Pomeroy and Joshua Ard.


    Stephen A. Fernald Living Trust to Kara Ann and Dennis J. Giroux.

    Claire A. Cressey to Tammy A. and Jeffrey C. Matthews.


    Clair Hustus and Audrey Jones to Balda Family Trust.

    Janet Morse and Janet J. Morse Milligan to Joseph B. Schenk.

    Bennett Verbeck and Jennifer Ries to Alfred J. Dutch II.

    Robert N. Constable to Robert N. Constable and Elizabeth A. Bell.

    Michael J. Smith to Justin L. Finn.


    Pegler Enterprises Inc. to Garrett Randolph.

    Dora C. Doak EST to Karen L. and Paul A. Wilson.

    Douglas G. and Candy L. Wentworth to Carole Anne and Wallace M. Leach.


    Paul L. Smith Family Trust to Joy and Nicholas Walters.

    Diane Young to Ashley J. Wyman.

    Benjamin K. and Jennifer M. Sweeney to Mariah E. and Kurt W. Lockhart.

    Bangor Savings Bank and Mark E. Hackett to J & M Realty LLC.

    Judith A. Souder EST to James and Rebecca B. Foley.

    Gregory Vincent to Gregory Vincent and Steven Hogan Vincent.

    Stephen A. and Tonya A. Taylor to Allison J. Sherman and Noah L. Burditt.

    Paula A. Prior and Susan Higgins Prior to Samantha K. and Brian T. Fanjoy.

    Christine P. and George C. Dilts to Stephen and Tonya Taylor.

    Cheryl Ann Akridge and D. Raymond Akridge JR. to Donald Doehrer.

    Vernon S. Elliott to Timothy W. and Sarah J. Manning.

    Heather Lyons, Robert and Heather Rawcliffe to Heather and Robert Rawcliffe.

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