Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 10/30/2017 - 10:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Oct. 9-20. 


    Pettina Harden and Robert C. Harden III to Patricia A. and Morad Kaviani.

    Whitecap Builders Inc. and ORF Inc. to Chip & Oldblock LLC.

    Stephen Eric Olson EST to Julia L. Olson.

    Bruce C. and Diane J. Blood to Diane Juliette Blood Trust and Bruce Clifton Blood Trust.

    Bruce C. and Diane J. Blood to Blood Family Real Estate Trust.

    Michelle L. Wood to Bruce L. Wood.

    Bangor Savings Bank, Margaret E. Conant, and Ruth W. Gott to Arlene Wing and Alfred Howard.

    Pensco Trust Company Cust to Kenneth Horne.


    Lillian M. Eliot to Parkers Roofing.

    William S. and Gale S. Kelly to Stephanie and Scott Redman.


    James Baker and Lisa Ezzo to Jinny A. and Eric C. Stevens.

    Town of Brooks to Cindy L. Jackson and Cindy L. Trundy.

    Cindy L. Jackson and Cindy L. Trundy to Rita A. and Wayne L. Curtis.


    Stanley R. Ginn EST to Ada H. Hunter.

    Kathleen Wormwood to Kelley L. Anderson.


    Hilary N. and Daniel M. Fleming to Hilary N. Fleming.

    Daniel M. Fleming to Hilary N. Fleming.

    Thomas J. Fleming Jr., Hilary, Hilary N., and Daniel M. Fleming to Hilary N. Fleming.


    Eric J. Zucker to River Lake Two Inc.

    Marcella Harrer Congdon to Michael E. & Morgan J. Mueller Joint Revocable Trust.

    Robert B. Congdon Credit Shelter Trust to Michael E. & Morgan J. Mueller Joint Revocable Trust.

    Bruce & Karen Claflin Family Trust to Bruce & Karen Claflin Family Trust.

    United States Bankruptcy Court and Richard Allen Price Jr. Est.


    Forrest D. Larrabee to Joseph W. Woehler and Andrew W. Woehler.


    Sandra St. Clair and David W. St. Clair to Mercedes Reynolds Cust.

    Elsie T. Adams to David W. St. Clair.

    Adam P. Paul and Adam Raven to Debra M. and George E. Paul.

    Debra M. and George E. Paul to Erica L. Shed.


    Laurie Nisbet to Laurie and Ryan D. Nisbet.

    John W. Ianelli Est. to Stephanie and Christopher McBride.

    Andrew A. Smith to Andrew A. and Kara A. Smith.

    Jon E. and Tessa A. Rosberg to Victoria E. Devita and Harry A. Geller.

    Bruce C. and Rebecca E. Richards to Cheryl and Gary Nevius.

    Andrea and Brian M.  Baker to Charlotte Low and Jakob Chiacchio Low.


    Scott L. and Steven M. Story to Mathew T. Story.

    Michael R. and Teresa L. Hafford to Corey and Kayla Moulton.


    Norman and April Kirby to Andrew E. Overton and Ashley E. May.


    Town of Northport to Brynn and Michael Mackridge.

    Ashley C. Gray Est. to Abigail Klotzle, Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Margaret G. Klotzle.

    Ashley C. Gray Est. to Margaret G. Klotzle.


    Mary I. Haskell to Donna M. and James L. Pease.

    Cynthia L. Montgomery to Shachar R. Harel and Christopher W. McNaughton.

    Eileen M. and John F. O’Brien to Chelsea B. Moeller and Travis A. Wesley.

    Jason Rhodes and Dawn K. Burns to Scott P. Holyoke.

    William L. and Gwendolyn C. Bowen to Elizabeth A. and Peter G. Furth.

    Judith M. and Perry S. Sawyer to Perry & Judith Sawyer Living Trust.


    Donna McNamara to Laurence McNamara.


    Kara R. Robeson and Kara R. Cooke to Jason M. Robeson.

    Linda M. Gibbs to Heidi Cutrer.

    Mary M. and Robert E. Austin to Kevin C. and Donna L. Shaw.


    Frederick Elmer Bracket Est. to Raymond G. Schaller.

    Jessie J. Landmesser Est. to Zoe A. Hendrix Revocable Trust.

    Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Lynn M. and Paul R. Rulli.

    Richard E. and Genata R. Anderson to Scott M. and Lynn A. Patten.

    Ann R. Condon to Adrienne C. Pomeroy.

    Howe H. Bartlett III to Richard M. and Joyce E. Stevens.

    Nanette Curtis to Kenneth Curtis.

    Rejean Lebel Est. to Vickie Gamache.

    Janet Weaver and Charles J. Pray to Promaterlou Holdings LLC.

    Route 1 Roadhouse LLC to Searsport Hills LLC.

    Beatrice E. Fletcher and Beatrice Hodgdon to Sally Eatons.

    Michael T. Glennon and Michael D. Cirucci to John and Susan Mullins.

    Stockton Springs

    Joseph E. and Nancy E. Charneski to Charneski Children Trust Agreement.

    Lori A. Thomas to Tamie L. Smith.

    Roland F. Faunce III to Carol and William Pestana.

    Joey Doyon to Donna McNamara.

    Donna McNamara to Laurence McNamara.

    David A.L. Lind and Ruth P.L. Lind to Amy Ritzhaupt and Robert M. Marcus.

    Richard W. and Judith G. Hanson to Ruth E. and Rene L. Peront.

    Mary and Earl Robinson to Tracey and Mark Arsenault.


    Norman Landry Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Randolph S. and Lynne A. Berry.

    David I. Richards Jr. Est. to Barry J. and Cindy L. Boguen.


    Jeffrey D. and Amy R. Fowler to Jason D. Cunningham.


    Lorraine L. Spring Est. to Alec Reynolds II.

    Robert Ayers Parsons, Robert A. and Patricia Parsons to David J. and Ann C. Parsons.

    Carol A. Shibles and Willis C. Shibles Sr. to David J. and Ann C. Parsons.

    Walter and Mark Lucas to Mark Lucas.

    Bank of America NA to AB Enterprises LLC.


    Floyd A. Oathout to Kathy C. and Dale A. Wucik.

    Shannon Klein to Edward L. Smith and Janet Irvine Decker-Smith.

    Joyce S. Reynolds to Douglas S. Davidson.

    Richard E. and Joyce M. Chase to Ronnie E. Chase.


    Harold E. and Nancy P. Harvey to Harold L. Harvey.

    Catherine A. and Nathan R. Carter to Edith C. Zachary and David S. Dancy.


    Dawn M. and Jack R. Libby to Adria Yock.

    Stanley R. Ginn Est. to Kenneth J. Ginn.

    Stanley R. Ginn Est. to Cindy L. Caron.

    Dawn M. and Jack R. Libby to Eddie J. and Lorraine J. Warner.

    Kateryna V. Clark to Robert H. Sabins.

    Trent E. Souder to Cassandra K. McCannell and Jed D. Curran.

    Mikaela S. and Kevin J. Wentworth to Janet M. and Michael B. Bruehl.

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