Waldo County deed transfers

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 1:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Sept. 25 - Oct. 6.


    Roderick A. Hall to Roderick A. and Judith A. Hall.

    Hervey E. Cottrell  EST to Emily A. Dubovy and Isaac Keyes.

    Anne L. Smith and Leslie E. Smith IV to Skinner Properties LLC.

    Joan A. Whitlock Living Trust and Baird W. Whitlock Living Trust to Emily Estes and Roy McAlpine.

    Linda L. Newcomb Living Trust and Linda L. Nash Living Trust to Nesbit Trust.

    Randolph H. and Lynne Berry to Mathews Brother Company.

    Susan F. Wenz to Richard J. Puls.

    David D. and Cheryl A. Beaulieu to Kyle D. and Melanie E. Ritchie,

    Brenda L. and John P. Mullen to Marci L. Mullen.

    Gwen Mallozzi and Gwen Petzack to Dominica M. and James J. Lafountain.

    Joan E. Eash and Walter E. Ash Jr. to Norma J. Ash and Walter E. Ash III.

    June E. Page to Stapon LLC.

    Paul Hamilton,Wayne Corey, and Mark Dullea to Northport Avenue LLC.


    Kenneth G. Lawton and Karen J. Barrett to Sandra L. Gibson.


    Amy Jo Crosby and Jason West York to Jacob Crosby Archer.

    Michael A. and Olivia A. Paige to Kathryn A. and Kyle R. Gibbs.

    Patricia A. Tuttle to Evan Welch.


    Stanley A. Gibbs EST to Larry D. Bubar.

    Bryan R. King to Tara Pomeroy Kallweit.

    Frederick G. and Suzanne W. Schlapp to Susan W. and Frederick G. Schlapp.

    Frederick G. and Suzanne W. Schlapp to Susan W. and Frederick G. Schlapp.

    Penny Fitch to Penny L. and Steven E.. Allmendinger.

    Nicholas M. Skoby Sr. EST to Brian Garrett.


    Mariah E. and Kurt W. Lockhart to Holden R. and Jordanne D. Doyon.


    Charles M. Dupuy and Janet Cross Dupuy to Tracey Wuori and Matthew B. Kraskiewicz.

    Phillip E. Johnson to Phillip E. Johnson Revocable Trust Agreement.

    Rodney V. and Judith L. Leach to Jay T. Zlotkowski.

    Rodney V. and Judith L. Leach to Jay T. Zlotkowski.

    Michael G. MacDougall and Eleanor Bremond MacDougall to Matthew A. and Eliza T. Sharp.

    Robert H. Bower to Donald A. and Linda G. Durkee.

    MabelMaine Inc. and MabelMaine Inc. to Mark M. Collins Jr. and Victoria C. Collins.


    Town of Jackson to Tanya and Everett Williams.

    Edward L. Smith, Janet Irvine Smith, and Janet I. Decker-Smith to Jennifer E. and Pieter A.P. Dehart.


    Kathleen M. Ferland to Linda Iverson and Kelley Tharp.

    Town of Knox to Eric Bryant.

    Joan J. Sheldon to Norma A. and Melissa A. Morris.


    Dana E. Philippi and Gail Hansen Philippi to David McLaughlin.

    Clayton Lacombe to Glenn, Wayne, and Dean Jackson.

    Karlene A. Lemelin and Karlene A. Saucier to Paul R. and Jill C. Montgomery.

    Leonard W. Knowlton to Robert and Leslie Knoth.

    John P. and Ruth C. Hesch to David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair.

    Elsie T. Adams to Caroline P. Caswell.

    Harman Charles Edgecomb EST, H. Charles Edgecomb EST, and Charlie Edgecomb EST to Sandra R. Edgecomb.

    Sandra Edgecomb to John L. Bolio.

    John L. Bolio to Shirley A. Bickford.


    Susan D. Stonestreet to Brittany Hunt Green and Seth M. Green.

    Donald L. Pearse EST to Dennis Pearse.

    Dennis Pearse to Nicole Pearse.

    Federal National Mortgage Association to Bank of America NA.

    Bank of America to Eric N. White.

    Amber M. Dickey to Suzann M. Gerow.

    Darren Robbins to James H. Tyler.

    Donald G. Trites and Beverly J. Baker to Lucille H. Pincince.


    Christine N. Kilgallen to Cipperly Good.

    Sean James to Lisa Kalan and Angela Baglione.

    Town of Monroe to Amy Adriance.

    Susan A. Davis and Susan A. Deveney to Susan A. Deveney and Sean Davis.

    Milton Higgins to Cody E. and Tammy J. Whitney.

    Maine State Housing Authority to Marjorie Gardner.


    Paul J. and Judith Phillips to Mary and Min Yang.

    Corie L. Skidgell to Joshua Dimmitt.

    Melissa F. Johnson to August Goodman Sender and Barbara C. Goodman.

    Herman Charles Edgecomb EST, H. Charles Edgecomb EST, and Charlie Edgecomb EST to Sandra R. Edgecomb.

    Sandra Edgecomb to John L. Bolio.

    John L. Bolio to Shirley A. Bickford.


    Michael Chilleri to Coleen Narofsky and Rene J. Godbout.


    Denise E. and Lawrence Marchessault, and Doris T. and Edward J. Moran to Sheryll L. Small and Daniel I. Small Jr.

    Paul T. Hlavinka and Paul Thomas Hlavinka to Kimberly K. Hlavinka.

    Stephanie A.C. Miksis, Jennifer I. Nargesian, Victoria Bucklin, and Haig Nargesian to John Blount.

    Janet Caldwell-Swann to Maile I. Tesler and Christopher F. Ledwith.

    Edward and Karen Varney to Justin Varney.

    Liane Hellerich to Jessica Medoff and Richard M. Cohen.

    Eugene Flagg to LSF9 Master Participation Trust to U.S. Bank NA TR.

    Michaelene Vellaro and Michaelene Achorn to Robert E. Walz.

    Karin Swain to Justine F. and Cary F. Green.

    Daniel J. Gilmore and Janet L. Biswanger to Lisa and Ryan M. Fryer.


    Christine A. Saban to Christine A. Saban and Jeffrey L. Malloy.

    Harold M. Brundage Jr. EST to Nicholas Leblanc.

    Megan and Brian Wedge to Sandra M. and Phillip M. Patrick.

    Lloyd L. Poland to Julie A. and Michael V. Capello.


    Craig J. Pruett to Brett E. Gibby and Jessica J. Lane.


    Jennifer A. Dogil and Rose Acceptance Inc to First National of North America LLC.

    Devora L. Stager to Devora R. Stager Trust.

    Kurt Kuntzmann to Martha Hunt.

    Tracey L. Silva to Mary E. Manchester and David Ottinger.


    HSBC Bank USA National Association TR and Fremont Home Loan Trust 2005-E to Bertwell K. and Hope F. Whitten.

    John R. and Ashley B. Dudley to Eve M. and Nicholas M. Sierra.

    Christopher J. Loughran to Jesse D. and Lily S. Letourneau.

    Lori Cook and Baxter R. Cook Jr. to David Luciano Sr. and Kathleen M. Luciano.

    Marc Goodhart to Donald and Kaylee Dougherty.

    Glenn A. Baker and Georgiana Rivers Baker to Wayne Sinclair.

    Richard Hussey and Lois A. Higer to Daniel H. and Melinda S. Durrange.

    Daniel H. and Melinda S. Durrange to Michael Dichter and Stacey Johnson-Dichter.

    Cathy A. Dyer to Cathey A. Dyer and Samuel M. Payson.

    Stockton Springs

    Christopher J. Loughran to Jessie D. and Lily S. Letourneau.

    Patience H. Johnson to Dawn M. and Mark R. Ewen.

    Leonard Godet Irrevocable Trust to Crystal L. Yeaton.

    Sherry Sullivan to Christopher Noyes.

    John E. Largay to John E. Largay Revocable Trust.


    Catherine M. and Charles W. Miklovich to Douglas G. and Candy L. Wentworth.

    Troy Hugg, Ramonda and Mark Kidder to Troy Huff.

    Troy Huff, Ramona and Mark Kidder to Ramona and Mark Kidder.

    Peter J. Kennedy to Heather M. McMonagle.

    Robert McLaughlin to Melinda Witham.


    Tanya M. and Eric A. Kormann to Susan Shaw.


    Robert Wright Greenwood EST to Avis Louis Greenwood.

    Deborah L. Lloyd to Jennifer R. Emerson.

    Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Kristianna L. Brown.

    Paul D. Harjung and Cathryn A. Harjung to Harjung Family Revocable Trust.


    Kathleen McCarthy Serotkin EST and Kathleen M. Serotkin to Cormac J. and Pamela H. McCarthy.

    Charles G. Cinnamon to Kathryn and Daniel Macleod.

    Sandy Stream Holdings LLC to E.J. Investments LLC.

    Town of Unity to Bruce A. and Janice E. Johnson.


    Henry C. Stover EST to Michael D. Stover.


    Kyle D. Ritchie to Randall W. Ice.

    Town of Winterport to Rese Holdings LLC.

    Wells Fargo Bank National Association TR and Soundview Home Loan Trust 2007-OPT5 to Community Real Estate Solutions.

    Al Howard to Travis Chapman.

    Jennice Rodriquez to Jessica A. Lyons.

    Acceptance Linnehan to Jessica E. Chabre.

    Mark Ogden to Brett N. Lyons.

    Deborah B. and Gary T. Crosby to Herbert Allen Reynolds III and Emmanuella A. Reynolds.

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