Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 08/29/2017 - 7:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Aug. 14-25.


    Phyllip Stevens to Walter A. Hodgdon.

    Norma H. Dutch Living Trust to Jeffrey J. Dutch.

    Norman H. Dutch EST to Norma H. Dutch Living Trust.

    Steven A. Russell to Melody A. Russell.

    Melody A. Russell to Owen P. and Nancy J. Falvey, and Keith R. Wry.

    Win and Nancy B. Chaiyabhat to Pamela Vashon.

    Group Home Foundation Inc. to Tidewater Industries LLC.

    Lennard W. Warner and Karen D. Calcott to Peter S. Farquhar.

    Paul L. Hazard EST to Steven R. Mars and Catherine M. Arthars.

    Eileen C. Kirby to Ross Whitaker.

    Henry C. Stover EST to Patricia and John R. Stover.

    Catherine E. Tamasik to Lisa A. and Joel M. Nye.

    Bradley E. Bowen to Margaret T. and Craig S. Butler.

    Michael Banks and Stacey Brown Banks to Christopher Badgett and Samantha Langlois.

    Amanda L. Littlefield and Amanda L. Bernosky to Amanda L. and Brenton M. Bernosky.

    Alex Joutov to Amanda M. Bunker.


    Donna M. an Lance R. Gabriel to Oak Hill Investments Inc.

    Capital Income & Growth Fund LLC to Mary C. Sward.


    David W. Howarth EST to Susan L. and David S. Thies.

    Marion Houston, Marion Vaughan, and Marion Peaslee to Walter Moody.

    Wade A. Flood and KeyBank National Association to KeyBank National Association.

    Lena and Donald Laplante to Jason Wilson.


    Ross Wheaton to Claude D. Poitras.

    LSF9 Master Participation Trust  and U.S. Bank Trust NA TR to Holly R. Gracie and Joey R. Doyon.


    Town of Freedom to Patrick and Michelle Kelley.


    Katherine Purinton Tuttle Trust to Randolph Purinton and Anita Sarro.


    Town of Jackson to Donna Carr.

    Town of Jackson to Donna Carr.


    Joshua Lausten to CCM Real Estate LLC.

    Jacob C. Bryant  to Jacob C. and Sarah J. Bryant.

    William J. and Jacqueline M. Bryant to Jacob C. Bryant.

    William J. and Jacqueline M. Bryant to Lucas O., Sarah J., Jacob C., Benjamin L., and Andrew J. Bryant.


    Sandra L. Gibson to Tracey L. Armstrong and Glen H. Johnstone.


    Joseph and Elizabeth Kobak to Wayne G. and Julia D. Pendleton.

    Howard S. Brower to Andrea C. Brower.

    Andrea C. Brower to Melissa C. and Matthew W. Powers.

    Marvin P. Garner EST to Jack E. Thompson.

    Marvin P. Garner EST to Dudley Zopp.

    Bruce C. and Rebecca E. Richards to Vance Johnson.

    Keith A. Wass to Amanda and Douglas Clayton.

    Keith A. Wass to Amanda and Douglas Clayton.

    Tammy J. Gibson and Tammy J. Anderson to Kasey A. and Neil J. Gibb.


    Federal National Mortgage Association, Jeanne T. and Robert O. Cole to Federal National Mortgage Association.

    Robert McCarthy and Jill R. Salvesen to Kalvin W. Vogel.

    Janice I. Spencer to Oai T. Ha.

    Patricia G. Meekin to Ashley Lawry.


    Kellie J. and Christian E. Plessner to Jill and Cory Morse.

    Joanne E. Geagan and John E. Geagan Jr. to Kellie J. and Christian E. Plessner.


    Lynn T. Roberts, Donald V. and Lynn T. Doolan to Donald V. Doolan.


    Richard J. Tardif to Vicki H. and Steven E. Nelson.

    Christopher Smith, David Burbank, Nathaniel and Luther Jennings, Pamela Sullivan, Russell L. Smith Estate Reduction Trust, Susannah Corona, Suzette Cyr, Rebeccah Jennings, Harold H.H. Burbank, Anna Burbank, Lori Darnell, Sonia Nichols, Sandra Tozier EST, Harold Burbank II, and Linda J. Jennings to Luther B. Jennings.

    Jane B. Lafleur to Jennifer and Michael Samway.

    Cynthia Stuen and William A. Weisenbach to Stuen Weisenbach Family Trust.


    David Riggs to Jeffrey S. Plummer.

    Allan L. Socea to Jennifer A. and Nathan S. Boright.

    Jessica Cail to Neysa G. Swift and Gordon C. Swift Jr.

    Edward Robert Temple Living Trust to Palermo Library Guild.

    Palermo Library Guild to Edward Robert Temple Living Trust.

    Lindsey E. Pottle to Lindsey E. and Gail M. Pottle.


    Nina Colcord to Nina Colcord Revocable Trust.

    Florence L. Drew, Federal National Mortgage Association, and Clarence G. Drew Sr. to Federal National Mortgage Association.


    Samuel Ingraham to Charles K. Thompson.


    Lynda F. Ward and Linda F. Ward to James W. Carnes.

    Donald L. and Catherine N. Wiggin to Catherine N. Wiggin.

    Raymond R. Andrei to Raymond R. Andrei Revocable Trust.

    Bank of America NA, Paul and Estella Evans to United States of America - HUD.

    Charles G. and Diana G. Evans to Charles S. Evans.

    Stockton Springs

    Victoria Lor to Victoria Lor, Lucas W. and Matthew D. Bolduc.

    Virginia Pyne to Lewis S. Cohen and Nancy J. Beach.

    Muriel Willman to Debora E. and Ronald G. Bartol.


    Janice I. Spencer to Oi T. Ha.

    Carolyn E. Ward to Lawrence Carrozzo.


    Andrew G. Smith, Abigail B. Swanson, and TD Bank NA to William R. Anderson.


    Sydney P. Harris EST to Sydney P. Harris Living Trust.

    Linwood Walker to Jullisa Ramos and Wayne Blume.


    Victor Louden to Melissa Fowlie-Louden and Melissa Kilborn.

    Melissa Fowlie-Louden and Melissa Kilborn to Balda Family Trust.

    DAE Investment Properties LLC to J&J Edwards Properties LLC.

    Jay I. and Bernadette A. Guber to Amy E. and Joshua A. Kercsmar.

    Dustin A. Ward to Devin Bell and Katherine J. Swenson.


    Erica Lynn Stone and Erica Lynn Hughes to Abby J. and Bryan J. Walker.

    Merle A. Grass EST to Carol Kelley.

    Carrie A. Caputo to Kaitlyn M. Dickinson.

    Cheryl L. Jones to Elizabeth Whitman.


    Foster E. and Mary Jane Williams to Mary Jane Williams Living Trust and Foster E. Williams Living Trust.

    C. Everett Larrabee & Associates LLC to J&M Realty LLC.

    Lindsey A. Lapointe to Waylon H. and Randi L. Shibles.

    Town of Winterport to Michael and Andrea Kervin.

    Wayne C. Tripp to Randy and Sharon McDougal, and Ashley Seymour.

    Randi L. Saunders and Randi L. Shibles to Therese and Philip J. Postiglione.

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