Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 08/01/2017 - 9:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds July 17-28. 


    Jane L. Robertson and Gary P. McIntire to Audrey C. and Jack C. Lawson.

    Angus L.H. Beal and Kimberly S.K. Beal to Catherine A. and William S. Kemper.

    Bradley E. Bowen to Beverly S. and David J. Francis.

    Robert S. Appel to Catherine A. Appel.

    Robert S. Appel to Catherine A. Appel.

    John and Robin Lewis to Daniel Campbell.

    Ocean East LLC to Norman G. and Sondra H. Campbell.

    Jill K. Bryant, Cory L. and Jill K. Morse to Kayla Meredith Thompson Miller and Michael Thompson.

    John W. Diehl to Britney E. Ziegler and Philip J. Jacks.

    Craig P. Hamlin to Shirley A. Hamlin.

    James A. Clark to James A. and Abigail J. Curtis.

    City of Belfast to Phyllip Stevens.

    City of Belfast to Bradley P. Williams.

    Henry C. Stover EST to Robert D. Stover Jr. and Judith Ann Stover.

    Diane F. and Kenneth A. Martin to Joseph W. Perry.

    Jeffrey A. Dean to Catherine Hitchcock.


    John Nionakis to John Nionakis.

    John Nionakis to Brian A. Staples.

    Judith A. and Harold C. Morse to Judith A. Morse Living Trust and Harold C. Morse Living Trust.

    Judith A. and Harold C. Morse to Third Party Jacob Morse-Young Supplemental Needs Trust.


    Irene D. Brown Irrevocable Trust to Ginger L. and Mark A. Sheldon.

    Cynthia J. Greenacre to Ginger L. and Mark A. Sheldon.

    Stacy G. Lanphier to Carl L. Sutherland.

    Donald B. Downs and Miranda Dale Downs to Calvin Vitale.


    Lakeview Golf Course LLC to Diane B. Hull.


    Norman Stern EST to Joanne K. and Michael F. Jolliat.


    Judith D. and Judy D. Ford, and John A. Ford Sr. to John A. Ford Jr.


    Forrest Larrabee to Lori J. Merolla and Kenneth J. Rego.

    Kelli J. Emery to Tanya J. and Michael E. Braley.


    William R. and Karen R. Meadows to Meadows Family Trust.

    Austin R. Ellis, Jo-Ann Varney, and David G. Ellis to Gary and Karen Blanchard.

    Gary and Karen Blanchard to Cordelia P. Lane.

    Patricia B. Smith to Patricia B. Smith.


    Joseph C. Galli Revocable Living Trust to Richard Brothers.

    Constance C. Ezer to Lauren and James Bechen.

    Leah A. Patten to William E. and Diane K. Patten.

    Bradley J. and Trudi M. Hennemuth to Enrico Paul  Ross and Bruce A. Ross.


    Gerald L. McAlpine, Linda L. Clark, and Lawrence W. McAlpine to Lawrence W. and Kathryn M. McAlpine.

    Gerald L. McAlpine, Linda L. Clark, and Lawrence W. McAlpine to Lawrence W. and Kathryn M. McAlpine.

    Glenn C. and Leslie W. Lang to Joshua K. and Bethany Pooler.

    Glenn C. and Leslie W. Lang to Joshua K. and Bethany Pooler.


    Camden National Bank, Melissa G. Field, and Robert P. Berry Jr. to Claud E. and Lois E. Littlefield.

    PMT NPL Financing 2014-1 to Joseph H. Mullins.


    Clare E. Macleod and Clare E. McKay to Priscilla R. McKay, James F. and Clare E. Macleod.

    Barry Leblanc to Karen Leblanc.

    Sherryl Aldus and Sheryl Schaub to Tina M. and Richard L. Lisa.

    Cara Crosby to Mary T. Hanrahan.

    Nancy J. and Glenn A. Shattuck to Angela M. Turner and Corey J. Pendleton.


    Stephen J. and Wanda N. Hartigan to Jean A. and Robert Aranson.

    Peter E. Nerber Living Trust and June E. Nerber Living Trust to Deborah E. Wojozin and RObert L. Morrison.

    Thomas C. Pilsbury to Scott C. Childs.

    Kenway Corporation and K.W. Boats to Sharon Ramsay.


    Frederick L. and Susan C. Thorne to Susan C. Thorne Revocable Trust 2017.

    Jonathan L. and Jo Ann W. Robbins to Tracy L. Harford, Bridget M. Cook, and Sonja Brown.


    Gloria Ann Yerxa Mason and Charles Edward Mason III to Amber and Karl J. Haslauer.

    Louann and Gordon Hebert to William R. Parr.

    Louis P. and Elizabeth M. Spalla to Susan J. Boles.

    Dennis and Sharon Seekins to Desirae and Nina Peddle.

    Dianna D. and Diana Wing to Nate T. Taylor.

    Arnold and Dorothy Connor to Margaret M. Long and David P. Staples.

    William P. and Lori Terry to Ellena A. Andrews and Milford F. Bishop.

    Bernard Ginn to Russell Sylvia.

    Meredith Ares to Meredith Ares Living Trust.

    Stockton Springs

    Sandra P. and Ronald A. Nykiel to William Hulbert and Cathy Hardy.

    Eugene E. Ellis and Cynthia G. Frances to Jessica Meisner Francis and Matthew Ryan Francis.


    Susan B. Dakin and Harold L. Dakin Jr. to Brian A. Littlefield.

    Russell P. Sylvia to Benjamin A. and Amanda G. Sawyer.

    June L. Roberts, Karen Ryder, and Karen A.S. Smith to Karen A.S. Smith and Torrie G. Smith.

    Pave Co. Inc. to One Waldo LLC.

    Pave Co. Inc. to Thomas H. Hatch.

    Pave Co. Inc. to Steven Bowden.

    Pave Co. Inc. to One Swanville LLC.

    Clifton A. and Patricia M. Larrabee, and Patricia M. Perkins to Patricia M. and Clifton A. Larrabee.

    Lois M. and David G. Gerkens to Frank J. Ferendo.

    Larry R. and Donna M. Walker to Jessica A. and David E. Walker.


    Peter C. and Mary P. Anderson to Vincent Marotta.


    Wendell B. and Cheryl A. Braley to Scott W. Braley.


    Alec S. Reynolds to Alec S. Reynolds, Todd and Sherri Denest.

    Rae Jean Knowles and Robert E. Knowles to Michael C. French and Valerie A. Derosier.

    Ronald T. and Tammi D. Simmons to Reeta K. and Charles D. Largen.

    Barbara B. Higgins to Barbara B. Higgins Living Trust.

    Barbara B. Higgins to Barbara Higgins Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

    G. Evelyn Richardson and Glenice Evelyn Richardson to Wendy L. Belanger.

    G. Evelyn Richardson, David B., Glenice E., an D. Bruce Richardson to Wendy A. and Roger A. Belanger.


    Douglas G. Wentworth to Douglas G. and Candy L. Wentworth.


    Tami Hussey and Tammi Thibodeau to Patrick Thibodeau.

    Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2015-3 an Kondaur Capital Corporation TR to Toni M. and Jared D. Weaver.

    Mary Rovaris to Jennifer and Michael Pelkey.

    Roger W. Devlin to Irene M. Truitt.

    Donald W. Parks to Coastline Homes Land.

    Bridgett O’Clair to Crystal and Joshua Smith.

    TD Bank NA and Cecelia G. Pinto-Mason to C. Everett Larrabee & Associates LLC.

    Glen A. Newey to Glen A. and Patricia J. Newey.

    Shandra LLC to Valerie L. Coleman-Moore.

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