Waldo County deed transfers

Sun, 06/18/2017 - 8:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds June 5-16. 


    Jillian Corriveau and Steven M. Corriveau r. To Adrian J. Ellis and Briana K. Grant.

    City of Belfast to Tina F. Shute.

    Pamela J. McKeen to Kevin W. Stephens.

    Maryanne Shaver and James C. Shaver Sr. to George Jordan Revocable Trust.

    Darrin and Shannon Marriner to Samuel R. Butler.

    Broughman Builders Inc. to Anthony J. Chasse.

    Marilyn V. Haystead EST to Julian D. Cecere.

    Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Casper Holdings Inc.

    Mary H. and John C. Rocha to Debra L. and Arthur P. Pennesi.

    Dorothy Stover Trust to Richard Sippel.

    Dorothy Stover Trust to Peter R. Tkachuk, Ruth Sippel, and Robert and Joseph Grayton.

    Alan and Julie W. Wood to Miles D. Frieden and Alan Kelly-Hamm.


    Cathy G. Morgan Qualified Personal Residence Trust and Cathy G. Morgan EST to Jeffrey W. and Rebecca L. Morgan.

    Henry J. and Myrna Jalbert to Cheryl and Victor Hamel.

    Marion A. Osborne to Robert K. Golgano.

    Megan J. Carter to Megan J. Carter and Christopher Duval.

    Rae Irrevocable Trust to Deborah Slawson Trust and Susan Reyland Trust.


    Tamie M. Abrahamson to Tammi J. Grass and Mark A. Grass Sr.


    Elmer Farren to Seal Island Holdings LLC.


    Melissa McCullough McDonald and John E. McDonald Jr. to Candice and Renald Provey.

    Paul W. White to Inga F. and Jason R. Stenta.


    Lise Prock to HG Property Holdings LLC.


    Betty A. and William A. Nickerson to Cynthia L. Audet.

    Laura D. French and Laura C. Philbrook to Ariel Birke and Luke Olson.

    Laura D. French and Laura C. Philbrook to Ariel Birke and Luke Olson.

    Larry L. Arne to Sharon Sampson.

    Margaret D. Miller to Lisa L. Jackson.

    Matthew L. Lawson to Matthew L. Lawson and Erin M. Flanagan.

    Matthew L. Lawson to Matthew L. Lawson and Erin M. Flanagan.

    George Gherardi Jr. to George Gherardi Jr., Brenda R. Gherardi, and Sally Ann Hatch.

    Charles A. and Brenda K. Berry to Julie O’Rourke and Anthony Esteves.

    Joanne L. Peters EST to Daniel J. Wellman.


    Troy A. Palmer to Tessa and Mark Batchelder.


    Robert & Ellen Rosenberg Living Trust to Olivia J. and Nickolas S. Olsen.


    Brian E. and Catherine J.R. Delutio to Ellen Sabina.

    Judith C. Hurd and Andrew W. Hurd Sr. to Joshua V. Hurd.


    Marcia Ryan, Marcia Ryan Sawyer, and Howard P. Sawyer III to Leah Knox Rubino and William R. Rubino.


    Susie K. Potter EST to Christine A. Saban.

    Ashlie R. McKenney to Ashlie R. McKenney and Ethan M. Stubbs.

    Stephen E. Aitken and JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association.

    Tina M. Thompson and Tina Marriner to Tina Marriner.

    Tina M. Thompson and Tina Marriner to Tina Marriner.

    Alexander L. Clifford to Deborah J. Ripley, Deborah Ripley, and Royce A. Ripley Jr.


    Alice M. and Paul E. Pearse to Gary P. Pearse.

    John K. Rogers to John K. and Lauralee Rogers.

    Town of Searsmont to John S. Fasone.


    Pasco R. Grove to Pasco Grove and Justin C. Gibbs.

    Timothy Wilson to Jennifer B. Carriere.

    Bernard Ginn to Rachel and Ryan Rhodes.

    E. Kelley Meigs and Elizabeth K. Meigs to Kelley Meigs Living Trust.

    Kelley Meigs Living Trust to Susan E. Bryant.

    Chad Murphy to Kelly L. Murphy.

    Kelly L. Murphy to Kelly L. Murphy and Kathryn Staples.

    Robert G. and Susan M. Weser to Elizabeth A. Foster.

    Stockton Springs

    Eileen S. and Stuart Bartlett to Joey Doyon.

    David A. and Linda D. Wolff to Cathleen Connor Goetz.

    Estelle C. Zoll-Resnek to Estelle C. Zoll-Resnek Revocable Trust.

    Alan Shia Resnek EST to Estelle C. Zoll-Resnek Revocable Trust.

    Daniel L. Harrison to Theresa A. Berry.

    Megan Littlefield and Megan Raynel Daigle to Brian Littlefield.


    Willis P. and Valerie C. Spaulding to Emily L. and Jeffrey W. Spaulding.


    Jeremy and Jeffery Labonte to William Brosseau.

    Donna Sousa and Arthur A. Sousa Jr. to Arthur A. Sousa Jr. and Donna Sousa.

    Albert C. and Denise L. Nickerson to Cathy J. Mailman.


    Roger W. Huff to Roger W. and Susan C. Huff.

    Green Mountain Land Holdings LLC to Lloyd L. Poland.


    Dean M. and Joanne E. Wheeler to Courtney L. and Stephen J. Byers.


    Sky Villa LLC to David St. Germain.

    David St. Germain to Benjamin D. St. Germain.

    Benjamin D. St. Germain to Ocean Side Properties LLC to Ocean Side Properties LLC.

    Stephen L. and Angela M. Lizotte to Angela M. Lizotte.

    Brenda S Dufour to Ashley and Jordan Bartol.

    Eugene A. and Lorraine D. Giordano to Eugene & Lorraine Giordano Trust.

    Jonathan D. Stevens to Austen Lee.

    Richard A. Warren to Jane A. Warren.

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