Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 8:15am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds May 8-19.


    Mary Curtis and Mary Curtis Fairfield to David R. Dyer.

    City of Belfast to Cheryl Pike.

    Meriam Enterprises Inc. to James Rutland.

    Tina M. Marlowe, Steven J. and Tina M. Hintz to Monica C. Piccini Van Peski and Jeffrey K. Van Peski.

    Alfred R. Howard to Seventy High Street LLC and 70 High Street LLC.

    Charles R. Dowdell and Nancy E. Hinckley to Nancy E. Hinckley Trust.

    Maxine B. Nickerson EST to Margie R. and Michael L. Nickerson.

    Alexander C. Keene EST to Brenda M. and Jeffrey L. Burgess.

    David, Sarah M., and Sarah H. August to David and Sarah August.

    Larry W. Smith to Carroll L. Littlefield Living Trust.


    Patricia H. Jordan Trust to Abigael King, Donald and Jonathan King.

    Franklin R. Crosby to Carl and Irene Brown.

    Catherine M. Butler and Arthur A. Butler Jr. to Lucille M. Heft.


    Michael H. and Veronica M. King to Don H. Scott.


    William A. Graney to Peggy R. Smith.

    Nikkima V.M. Mace and Nikkima V.M. James to Josephine B. Harriman and Christopher E. Sossong.


    Town of Freedom to Blaine N. Miller.

    Robert C. Letourneau EST to Renee Kitchen.


    Carter W. Hodding III to Audrey Nutik Browne and James L. Weiss.


    Bernard and Megan Fournier to Georgie R. Phelps Jr.


    Earland Stevenson to Wesley A. Kinney III.

    Roy and Sandra Greeley to Samuel M. Violette.

    United States of America - HUD to Corinne and Stephen Coopshaw.


    Charles F. Hackett Jr to Philip E. and Jason C. Hackett.

    Kendall L. and Bernadette L. Clevenger to Todd B. and Suzanne H. Young.


    Lynsey Bray and Lynsey Goddard to Christine A. Laudani and James A. Spataro.


    Annette L. Pantano and Richard W. Dragonetti to Forrest D. Larrabee.

    Town of Montville to Kay L. Noyes.


    Glenice M. Lear to Keybank National Association.

    Beth B. and Wendall A. Ward to Wendall A. and Beth B. Ward.


    Wayne L. and Karen K. Snyder to Forty One Pebble Cove Associates LLC and 41 Pebble Cove Associates LLC.

    James R. Lear to Heather Corson.

    Heather Corson to Jon Poto.


    Mary V. Hallowell and M. Virginia Hallowell to Janet L. and John H. Keicher.

    Timothy J. Beck to Vicky L. Mosher and Arthur F. Mosher Jr.

    James C. and Beth E. Mason to Crystal and Jacob McKenney.


    Nathaniel W. Bennett EST to Diana V. Walker.

    Kendall L. and Bernadette L. Clevenger to Todd B. and Suzanne H. Young.

    Sheldon L. Leonard to Jean Elizabeth Jackson and Thomas Tapley Jackson.

    Nathan Littlefield to Jane and Robert W. Littlefield.


    Mainely Org LLC to Brian C. Pike.

    Bernard Ginn to Terry S. Stilson.

    Sheldon F. Eastman EST to Ryan E. Austin.

    Donald and Joann Murphy to Karen Burns and Ronald Murphy.

    Donald and Joann Murphy to Karen Burns.

    Jeffrey B. and Deborah A. Ryan to Gerald French Sr. and Timothy French.

    Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to George Jordan Revocable Trust.

    Stockton Springs

    Philip M. and Gay L. Dion to Rae Ann Beach and Kevin B. Dean.

    Sheldon F. Eastman EST to Ryan E. Austin.

    Tara Raftery Smart to Paul and Dawn Hill.

    Mildred L. Miscall EST to Lorna B. and David J. Fencik.

    D. Bain Pollard and Rita D. Pollard to Justin Shute.


    Judy A. Watts Gray  to Jay L. Thompson.


    Karen C. and John A. Voye to Jared Flewelling and Justin Snow.


    Town of Unity to Amy L. Whitcomb-Brown.

    Town of Unity to Donald Gilley.

    Town of Unity to John J. Von Oesen.


    Soundview Home Loan Trust 2006-EQ1 and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR to Dana Edwards.

    Paul Trask, Wells Fargo National Association TR, and Soundview Home Loan Trust 2007-OPT5 to Soundview Home Loan Trust 2007-OPT5 and Wells Fargo Bank National Association TR.

    Christopher B. Hale to Marion Greene Butler and James J. Butler.

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com