Waldo County deed transfers

Sun, 04/23/2017 - 7:00pm

    BELFAST — The Waldo County Registry of Deeds recorded the following deed transfers April 10-21.


    Herman Reynolds Trust to Michael Reynolds Trust.

    United States of America - HUD to Joseph and Judith Mathieu.

    Ward and Kathleen M. Carpenter to Patricia B. and William D. Raynard.

    United States of America - HUD to Stephanie Lippman.


    Edward and David Goguen to Edward Goguen.


    Murdock L. Patterson to Jennifer L. McRae.

    Ricky D. Shaw and Matthew D. Shaw.


    Timothy Hall to Timothy and Virginia Hall.

    Richard Carroll to Patrick W. and Amanda A. O’Bannon.


    Fred and Madeleine Cameron to Jessica L. and Ronald J. Greene.

    Irene  D. Brown Irrevocable Trust to Fred J. Cameron Sr. and Madeleine A. Cameron.


    Emma M. and Eric N. Warman to Jonathan C. Farnham.


    Dane and Elizabeth Moruzzi to Douglas Sherman.

    Douglas Sherman to Dane and Elizabeth Moruzzi.

    Dane and Elizabeth Moruzzi to Snowdrift Farm LLC.


    Kenneth R. Hardy EST to Carole T. Hardy.

    Paul C., Thomas J., James J.M. and Robert D. Leeper to Woster Farm LLC.

    Joseph Sampson to Katrina M. and Timothy N. Oakes.

    Susan Dunning Rice to Shannon L. Rice.

    Tanglewood Timber Company LLC to Nicole and Matthew Talbot.

    Thomas C. and Mary E. Stevens to Great Stay LLC.

    Robert B. and Homer A. Ray, Christina L. Logan, and Bruce J. H.R.S. Ray to R. Alan Koski.

    Brian Dahlmann and Sofia Dahlmann to John D. Bielenberg.


    Christina Maddocks to Mark Maddocks.


    Harold E. Hodgdon Sr. EST to Corie L. Skidgell.


    Ronald J. Roy EST to Lindsay Leonard and Stephen Joy.

    Gail M. Thomas to John W. Dodge.


    Leon C. Barton EST to Leone A. Harriman, Fern and Frederick Barton.

    Highlands Investment LLC to Richard Lee & Kathleen Gilmore Coleman Living Trust.

    Dale L. Nealey to Randall B. Curtis.

    Jeanne B. Patten EST to James M. and Jennifer Parker, and Lauren R. and Owen M. Phelan.

    Lynne B. Kipnis Living Trust and Steven M. Rothman Living Trust to Thomas Burgoon and Cynthia A. Candelaria.


    Genevieve Bulmer to Dennis R. and Miriam Keller.

    Kevin R. Haley to Betty-Jean Haley.

    Beth Bond-Dunn, Michael Dunn and Beth Bond to Bond-Dunn Family Trust.

    Francine R. Littlefield to Neal R. and Theres H. Pottle.


    Bryan H. Mann to Harry A. Dyer III.


    Kaitlyn S. Hamb and Kaitlyn S. Hanks to Sarah E. and Brett W. Johnson.

    Beverly L. and George M. Russell to Gilman R. Russell.

    Beverly L. and George M. Russell to George A. Russell.

    Anne S. Crimaudo to Kelly C. Overman.

    Lori Thomas to David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair.

    Ronald H. and Mary A. Blake to Lisa T. and Tedd R. Goundie.

    Wells Fargo Bank NA and Fred George Johnson EST to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

    Margaret G. and Paul Klotzle to Ashley Clement Gray EST.

    Ashley Clement Gray EST to Margaret G. Klotzle.

    Margaret G. Klotzle to Margaret G. and Paul Klotzle.

    Stockton Springs

    P.M.D. Inc to Maine Biomass Exports Inc.

    Wells Fargo Bank NA to Liversidge Property Development LLC.

    Barbara R. Bridges to Retreat House Maine LLC.

    Sue E. Hoge to Gary Cichocki and Laura A. Bouzan.

    James M. Dennis to James and Martha J. Dennis.


    Adam L. Robert to Eric and Brenda Bryant.

    Mark Seigenthaler to Jennifer E. and Kenneth S. Lemay.


    Marilyn Livingstone Koziupa EST to Casa Buena LLC.

    Larry R. Hubbard EST to Ariel Lewis.

    Bowden Family Realty Trust to Susan W. Reeder.

    Jeffrey L. Connell Sr. to Colleen G. Connell.

    Claire D. Edmunds Living Trust to Martin J. and Amy C. Ryan.


    Clair Hustus to Matthew M. Weaver.


    Lawrence J. White Sr. to Fiddlehead Properties LLC.

    Donna L. Sokoloski to Kenneth S. Sokoloski.

    King Irrevocable Trust to Melvin E. King Jr., Theresa A. King and Carol Ann Colson.

    King Irrevocable Trust to Melvin E. King Jr., Theresa A. King and Carol Ann Colson.

    Terri A. and Duane L. Mason to Anthony J. Dean.

    Irene A. Rattie EST to William G. Rheams Jr.

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