Waldo County deed transfers

Sun, 04/09/2017 - 9:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds March 27 - April 5. 


    John Squadra and Lydia Mulligan to Catherine Jorgensen.

    Marilyn R. Cassida to Samuel E. Cassida.

    Consumer Fuel Company to Fifteen Front Street LLC and 15 Front Street LLC.

    Monica C. Piccinini and Monica C. Piccinini Van Peski to Nina Lowe and Fred H. Bowers.

    Allan Ashe to Post Belfast LLC.

    Stewart D. Rogers to Walter E. Ash Jr. and Joan E. Ash.

    Phyllis A. Kelley EST to Coleen A. Marsh and Bruce and Eugene Kelley.

    Coleen A. Marsh, Bruce and Eugene Kelley to Adam R. and Rebecca C. Bunker.

    Rodney D. Helmers to William F. Elliott.


    John D. Merrifield and TD Bank NA to TD Bank NA.

    Joann Cross to Joann E. Cross Living Trust.

    Belmont Shop LLC to Dana M. Roberts.


    Darlene M. Huff and Ralph A. Huff Jr. to Patrick K. and Kristy M. Hapworth.

    Barbara Drake to Elaine Lester.

    Luke M. Goodblood EST to Anne M. Goodblood.


    Richard T. and Dorothy D. Williams to Dorothy D. Williams.


    Eileen M. Boardman to Boardman Family Realty Trust.

    Eileen M. Boardman to Boardman Family Realty Trust.


    Margaret M. Nigro Revocable Trust to Anthony J. Nigro III.

    Deborah L. Keene-Jones and Deborah L. Keene to Sara S. and James A. Melanson.

    Patricia A. Metzler to Patricia A. Metzler Irrevocable Trust.


    Camden Hills Hospitality LLC to Larissa and Andrei Elizarkov.

    Camden Hills Hospitality LLC to Black Dog Hospitality LLC.

    Melissa B. Kramer-Karr and Melissa B. Kramer to Jon T. Karr.

    Federal National Mortgage Association, Craig and Jamie Thomas to Lewis Sukeforth.

    Poonsri Sawangjaeng to Charles M. Grace and Nicole E. Ballou.

    Parker W. Johnson to Parker W. and Rebecca Johnson.

    Black Dog Hospitality LLC, Larissa and Andrei Elizarkov to Pen Bay Hospitality LLC.

    Isabella I. Heard, Tobias W. and Isabella I. Wincklhofer to Maria and Joshua D. Howell.

    Lobster Pound Restaurant Inc. and First National Bank to Lafayette Lincolnville LLC.


    Robert D. Moleon to Joseph S. and Kathleen Isgro.


    Town of Montville to Matthew and Terri D. Barnard.

    Town of Montville to Matthew A. Barnard.


    PMT NPL Financing 2014-1, Daniel J. and Lisa D. Lapham to PMT NPL Financing 2014-1.

    United States of America - HUD to Megan Banahan.

    Gail M. Thomas to Kaylene D. and James C. Miller.


    Town of Northport to Edward Miklos.

    Northport Village to Edward Miklos.


    Cor Unum Inc., Daniel H. and Kellee E. Gray to Daniel H. and Kellee E. Gray.

    Kirk A. and Judy M. Sherman to Christine M. Melanson.

    Jonathan R. and Annie E. Helm to Neysa G. Swift and Gordon C. Swift Jr.

    Town of Palermo to Shane Berry.

    Town of Palermo to Errol Burns.

    Dale A. and Pamela J. McKenney to Guy Leeman III.


    Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

    Benjamin J. Vawser and Harry M. Billington to Ralph E. and Shirley A. Leathers.


    Doris M. Fahlberg to Federal National Mortgage Association.

    Carolyn P. Clark to Charles S. and Fred P. Clark, and Beth Lockhart.

    Christina M. Hassapelis, Diane E. Reynolds, David H. and Lorri A. O’Donnell to David H. O’Donnell Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

    Scott A. and Carmen G. McLaughlin to Camen G. and Scott A. McLaughlin.

    Theresa G. Blackadar Living Trust and Albert B. Blackadar Jr. Living Trust to Laura, Lisa, and David M. Schulze.

    Bjorn W. Runquist to Anne-Cecilie Runquist.

    Anne-Cecilie Runquist to Nichols Street Runquist LLC.

    Town of Searsport to Linda Roberts.

    Carol L. Murch to Kimberly A. Mino and Donna J. McDonald.

    Stockton Springs

    Greg Parks and Joseph Cyr to Wesley Cotton and El Morse.

    L. Daniel Dannenbaum 2003 Revocable Trust to Reverse QTIP Trust.


    Jeffrey K. Colby to Brandon Colby.

    Mary L. Oakhem, Mary L. and James M. Conley to Decker and Gately Conley.

    Robert T. Newcomb to Robert T. Newcomb Living Trust.

    Norman Landry Irrevocable Land Trust to Michael J. Cummings.


    Ivan R. and Martha S. Zimmerman to Mark Kuhns and John Yoder


    Ronald J. Rudolph to Antonio De Avila.

    Sharon A. Nutting to Jill D. and Tyrel J. Nutting.


    David A. and Virginia G. Thompson to Holly and Daniel Thompson.


    Stanley A. Russell to Stanley A. and Elaine B. Russell.

    Calvin A. Stark, Soundview Home Loan Trust 2006-EQ1 and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR and Soundview Home Loan Trust 2006-EQ1.

    Claverhouse Family Trust to Aimee A. Reynolds.

    Vicki Wolfe to Suzette and John McKinney.

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com