Waldo County deed transfers

Sun, 03/26/2017 - 2:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds, March 13-24.


    R. Blaine Richardson and Laura E. Richardson to Robert E. and Jean M. Cole.

    Judith R. Whitney to Judith R. Whitney Living Trust.

    Sidney A. Toll to Sidney A. Toll Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

    City of Belfast to David J. and Deborah Berry.

    Robin A. Kruger to Marjorie E. Arnett.

    Matthew M. and Stepheny M. Merando to Troy H. and Caitlynn C. Chubbuck.

    Sally I. and David M. Lux to Sandra and David Leonard.

    Cathy K. and Marion H. Sears to Cathy K. Sears.


    Irene D. Brown Irrevocable Trust to Howard M. and Laura C. Whitcomb.


    Larissa L. Williams and Justin V.T. Kitchin to Maureen H. and Kenneth B. Pietarinen.

    Christopher G. Brown and Stacy J. Patterson to Michael Tournas.

    Lewis B.I. Irish to Jacob Irish.


    Steven A. and Wendy E. Jurdak to Martha and Nathan McCann.


    Charles R. Gregory EST to Joellyn E. Warren, Stephen C. and Douglas E. Gregory.


    Annette S. Ames to Roland Singer III.

    Evelyn L. Bagley to Douglas E. and Donna L. Adams.

    Daria M. Goggins to Susan S. and David C. Smith.


    Tuck Family Irrevocable Trust to Alice W. Tuck Supplemental Needs Trust.

    Marshall T. Cary to Marshall T. and Sandra J. Cary.

    Paul C. Crowley to Tanglewood Timber Company LLC.

    James A. May and Brian P. Demers to David A. Read and Jean E. Kestner.


    Judela Pearl-Thomas to Sarah B. Cole.

    Paul G. Secord to Robert D. Moleon.


    Sheldrick R. Harvey EST to Marilyn McLelland Living Trust.

    Eliza P. Eager to Kara A. and Pierson A. Wetzel.

    Angela M. Robishaw to Thomas Utley and Madeline Cole.

    William E., Paul M. and John A. Paige to George F. Metcalf.


    Guy S. Leeman III to Cheryl G. and Everett C. Dickey.

    Virginia D. Wellman to Gail M. Pottle.

    Virginia D. Wellman to Gail M. Pottle.

    Virginia D. Wellman to Douglas P. Wellman.

    Virginia D. Wellman to Virginia D. and Douglas P. Wellman.

    Virginia D. Wellman to Diane L. Vigue.

    Virginia D. Wellman to Virginia D. Wellman.

    Town of Palermo to Aaron Glidden.


    Wells Fargo Bank NA, Bruce R. and Darlene M. Michaud to Wells Fargo Bank NA.


    Deborah Dwornik and Deborah Vitkova to Janet M. Braumuller.

    Eleanor G. Allen to Kaly J. and Shawn M. Rumery.

    Daren S. and Janine R. Mehuren to Jacob Lyman Mehuren.


    Bertwell K. Whitten to Bertwell K. and Hope F. Whitten.

    William J. Wenz to Joshua and Stephanie L. McConnell.

    J. Robert Mueller to J. Robert and Mary Mueller.

    Broughman Builders Inc. to Julie A. Page.

    Stockton Springs

    Robert W. Carlson to Stephen J. and Carol A. Colley.

    Robert H. Veal EST to Patricia E. Veal.

    Patricia E. Veal to Nongrantor Trust Under the Veal Family Trust and Veal Family Trust.

    Pamela J. Chaisson to Ray Constance Hearne.

    Linda Mae Patterson and Harry E. Patterson Jr. to Timothy A. Mello and Melody Mansir.


    Charlotte I. Bishop to Brenda Bryant and Tammy Roberts.

    Brenda Bryant and Tammy Roberts to Charlotte I. Bishop.

    Donna R. Williams and Judy A. Hale to Judy A. Hale Living Trust and Donna R. Williams Living Trust.


    Ronald P. and Janet C. Cropley to Cropley Family Irrevocable Trust.


    Susan A. Hunter to Adam Jones and Niki Abrahamson.


    Waldo County Firefighters to Waldo County Firefighters Association Inc.


    Conrad K. Cyr EST to Keefe C. and Jeffrey L.F. Cyr.

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