Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 03/13/2017 - 2:30am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Feb. 27 - March 10. 


    Wilma D. Moore EST to Belfast City Properties LLC.

    Saijai Chan to Belfast City Properties LLC.

    Katherine M. Whitmore to Garry C. Conklin and Mary M. Johnston-Conklin.

    Bruce C. and Diane J. Blood to Alan Y. Blood.

    Carol A. Marble and Thomas R. Marble Sr. to Marble Family Irrevocable Trust.

    David B. Andrews and Delina R. Hickey to David B. Andrews & Delina R. Hickey Joint Revocable Trust.

    Suzanne K. Smedley and Restore B. Smedley III to Philip C. Wick.

    Rebecca R. Lothrop EST to Kristy Scullion, Teryn Traynham, and Brandon and Danielle Clark.

    Roberta L. Fogg to Thomas F. Duplessie.

    David G. and Susan L. Aldrich to Patricia Ryan.

    Susan M. and William F. Woehler to Laurence E. and Laura A. Brown.

    Eleanor F. Degraff EST to Stephanie and Nicholas Oakes.

    Marjorie P. Byers, Robert E. Gormley, and Marjorie P. Byers Gormley to Sally A. and Dale Cassell.


    Juan Carlos & Patricia C. Baeza Revocable Trust to Craig Luce and Kelly Barton.

    Karen E. Cooper to Myrna and Edward Coyle.

    Janice B. Carmichael to Aaron Seton Carmichael.


    Charles Sears and Charles W. Sears Jr. to C & C Sears Realty Trust.

    Lakeview Golf Course LLC to Reynolds House LLC.


    Douglas F. Schmidt and Robert D. Moleon to Douglas J. Dunphy.

    Douglas J. Dunphy to Allison Trentelman and Anthony D. Laudicina.


    Alan Investments III LLC to Benjamin and Jacqueline Bryant.

    Margaret E. Hogan to Tammy E. Mactaggart.


    Andrew Rae Pasakarnis and Janet J. Pasakarnis to Jacqueline M. and Kevin P. Hughes.


    Alvin Littlefield to Me Store LLC.


    Barbara W. Gendron to Mark E. Gendron.

    Michael G., Shannon L., Michael, and Shannon Boddington to Kevin O’Reilly.

    Harriett F. Oxton EST to Michael Mainstruck and Lis Marcouillier.


    Steven J. Meikle to Molly L. Macintosh and Gardner Brown Macintosh III.

    Donald Rossiter to Mark L. and Jessica W. Conary.


    Mark A. Thomas and Stacy M. Blundell to Charles and Gwendolyn Hill.

    Erick L. and Shawna Aitken to Janet and Richard Aitken.


    Roland Singer III to Laura A. Weeks and Jack M. Smith.


    Bill R. Duso to Heidi A. Duso.

    Juliet Schoen-Rene Baker to Juliet Schoen-Rene Baker Living Trust.

    John F. Langhams, Dereka Smith, and John F. Langhans to Veronica and Jason Stubbs.


    Leonard J. Howell to Jo-Ann H. Manatt.

    Lee Ann Healey to Jeanette P. Sedgwick and Robert W. Peiper.

    Edward M. and Ruth-Ann M. Ahern to Ahern Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.


    Prospect Homestead LLC to Kimberly and Joshua Dickson.


    Lorinda J. Frazer and Christopher M. Lyman to Brianne A. and Daniel C. Fokine.


    Carolyn P. Clark and Charles Scott Clark to Beth Lockhart and Fred P. Clark.

    Judith E. and Steven H. Kelman to Searsport Holdings LLC.

    Matthew J. Partridge to Adrian Stone.

    Lloyd Stover EST to Sharon Stover.

    Joseph E. Perry Jr. to Cello LLC.

    Stockton Springs

    U.S. Bank National Association TR and Sasco Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-WF3 to George Jordan Revocable Trust.

    Diane D. Reynolda to Suzanne Reynolds Pauchey.

    Kathleen Kravik to Allison and Kevin Jerram.


    Robert T. Newcomb to Robert T. Newcomb Living Trust.

    Eric T. Wagner to Kimberly M. Lewis.


    Angela L. Davidson and Craig A. and Angela L. Jones to Craig A. Jones.

    Craig A. Jones to Craig A., Paul B., and Diane M. Jones.


    Charles Sears and Charles W. Sears Jr. to C & C Sears Realty Trust.

    David and Pamela Wooley to Casey Wooley.

    LNV Corporation to Castlerock 2017 LLC.


    Nathan D. and Kelly J. Stover to Laura E. and Daniel L. Bonin.

    Sandra Y. Smith to Waldo County Firefighters Association Inc.


    Jeffrey L.F. Cyr to Winterport DMEP LLC.

    Jennifer D. and Gareth S. Collins to Dyna M. and Nathan M. Dow.

    United States of America - HUD to Billy D. Mullis.

    Wayne C. Tripp to Angela and Matthew Davis.

    Benjamin L. Seekins and Wendy M. KEating-Seekins to Chelsea L. Young.

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