Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 8:45am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Jan. 30 - Feb. 10. 


    Laurie Cleghorn Stone and James H. Stone II to Laurie Cleghorn-Stone.

    Abi and Neal Cowles to High Street Properties LLC.

    Elsa R. Mead to Elsa R. Mead 2013 Revocable Trust.

    James A. Sutherland to Anna K. and Paul Wilkins.

    Emmanuel Baptist Church of Belfast to David and Helena Yarosis.

    Wells Fargo Bank NA to Rebecca M. Stephens.

    Lawrence Robstock Jr. to Marcia Kiesel.

    Nancy Black to Faye S. and Jorge A. Herrera.

    Eleanor Luce Hardy EST to Ann L. Wilkie and Blaine S. Hardy.

    Mitchell W. Littlefield to Elisabeth R. and Ernest C. Cooper.

    Aaron Krupka to Fineline Enterprises Inc.


    Beth B., Wendall A., and Laurie Ward to Clinton L. and Lynn A. Duval.

    Marion A. Osborne to Robert K. Golgano.


    Daniel P. and Donna J. Fitzpatrick to Anthony J. Diaferio and Emma E. Malay.

    Carl E. and Alice E. Frerking to Thomas Wilkes Coleman, Margaret R. Webb and Abby Rowland Webb.

    Irene D. Brown Irrevocable Trust to Howard M. and Laura C. Whitcomb.

    Irene D. Brown Irrevocable Trust to Elissa H. Stone.


    Shana Wynn Izaijs, John Edward Izaijs, John E. Izaijs, Shana Nelson, Christiana Trust TR, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB TR, and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition to Rebecca L. and Jonathan T. Bolduc.

    Leila M. Babbidge and Leila Babbidge Revocable Trust to Leila Babbidge Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

    Barbara J. Merritt to Anne V. Renarde to Erik P. Tierney.

    Catherine H. Larkin Auchincloss to Dillon Trust Company TR.


    Michael J. Walsh Declaration of Trust - 2012 to Jonathan C. Richards.


    Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR and New Century Home Equity Loan Trust 2006-2 to George Jordan Revocable Trust.

    Linwood F., Ralph H., Nancy J., Linda S., and Emerson H. Doughty, Linda S. Rolerson, Nancy J. Overlock and Clifton T. Doughty Jr. to Diane and Kenneth Overlock.


    Luther F. Thornton Jr. to Carlene M. Thornton.

    Michael J. and Mark J. Azevedo, Michael Azevedo Jr., and Michael J. Azevedo Sr. to Michael A. Choate.


    Douglas A. Hall and Cynthia J. Sylvester to Norton Pond LLC.

    John A. and Jacob M. Cookson to Jacob M., Gwenevere J., and John A. Cookson.

    Bernard I., Rachel D., and Rachel A. Young to Tonka Real Estate LLC.

    Ducktrap Hospitality LLC to Ruth E. and Paul J. Fantasia.


    Jason Douglas Cowles to Frederick M. Cowles.

    Frederick M. Cowles to Jason Douglas Cowles.

    Bryce and Jennifer Ridley and Jennifer Fries to Angela M. Lyford.


    Edith R. Febiger to Craig C. Curry and Nadine Cancell.


    Glenice M. Lear to Keybank National Association.

    Jethro D. Pease Trust to Whitney Cross.


    Tommy F. and Patricia Stutheit to Patricia and Tommy F. Stutheit.

    Tommy F. and Patricia Stutheit to Patricia and Tommy F. Stutheit.

    Leon C. Barton EST to Elizabeth J.L. Dunn.

    Mackinnon Family Trust to Robert E. and Jean M. Cole.

    Donna J. Ptak to Donna J. Ptak Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

    James L. Martin and Nancy Conlon to James C. Steward.

    Susan Fitzgerald to Randy S. Field and Mark R. Schoenfeld.

    G. Stephen and Amy V. Manning to Anne Marie Jodoin.


    Linda J. Lacey to Nathaniel J. Nichols.

    Jesse Tyler Brann to Timothy Weeks.


    Jeffrey A. and Cynthia L. Ludden to Lorie J. Johnson and Cheryl L. Howe.

    Leslie, Janet, Lance D., Janet A., and Lance Dutson to Diplomat Property Manager LLC.

    Morton D. Alling III to Morton D. Alling III Living Trust.


    Eunice and Park Johnson to Larry G. and Connie L. Hamilton.

    Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Albert Hall IV.

    Esther K. Fowler EST to Brenda A. and Scott A. Littlefield.

    Lynda E. McHugh to James H. McHugh.

    Stephen G. and Vanee Robinson to Norma L. and Brian M. Krumholz.

    Dorothy D. Alling to Dorothy D. Alling Living Trust.

    Stockton Springs

    Olga Gray-Kuflik to Olga M. Gray-Kuflik 1996 Revocable Living Trust.

    Olga Gray-Kuflik to Olga M. Gray-Kuflik 1996 Revocable Living Trust.

    Sharon C. McNeil Living Trust to Michael P. Donahue.


    Peter Petersen to Peter and Joan C. Petersen.

    Jason D. Cowles to Frederick M. Cowles.

    Frederick M. Cowles to Jason D. Cowles.

    Rodney R. Bailey to Rodney R. Bailey and Janet I. Monk-Bailey.

    Brenda L. Cilley to Brandon Colby.

    Joanne G. Smith to Robert McLaughlin.


    Timothy S. Barnes to Robert Barnes.

    Barbara Piper to Piper Family Revocable Trust.

    Town of Troy to Paula L. and Wendell W. Douglass.


    Robert N. Constable and Elizabeth A. Bell to Robert N. Constable.

    Robert N. Constable and Elizabeth A. Bell to Elizabeth A. Bell and Robert N. Constable.

    Richard A. Dalton to Lisa Reynolds.


    Roger I. and Sally H. Dutton to Deborah J. Dutton and Marcia A. Cullivan.


    United States of America - HUD to Susan M. Mariner.

    Bangor Federal Credit Union to Heidi C. Martinson and Benjamin F. Bambrick.

    Michael S. and Theresa E. Green to Highland Green Management Company.

    Town of Winterport to Joseph McCarthy.

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