Waldo County deed transfers

Fri, 09/30/2016 - 6:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Sept. 18-28. 


    Daniel J. and Tally R. Avener to Donald A. Michel Living Trust.

    Domenic J. Ruccio Jr. to Elizabeth Gammans. 

    Beatice A. and Bert P. Skinner, and Bert P. Skinner Sr. to Michelle L. Ridley and Mark R. Skinner. 

    Steven J. Fyfe to Natasha A. and Jeffrey F. Littlefield. 

    Joan M. Anselmi to Wendy Wiley.

    Walter H. Johnson to Meghan Reilly and Kevin J. Johnson. 

    Kevin J. Johnson to Kevin J. Johnson and Meghan Reilly.

    Marion E. Hughes to Robert A. Hughes III.

    Harlan E. Pendleton EST to Robert C. Harden III and Pettina Harden. 


    Adam W. Pierce to Michael C. and Melissa A. Geary. 


    Warren and George W. O’Leary to Cynthia L. Collins. 

    Eve M. Foley and Joseph P. Foley Jr. to Andrea L. Vianna and Michael J. Dropkin. 


    Christopher and Natalie Labonte to Kyle J. Vallieres. 


    Suvia Thayer Siekman to Suvia T. Siekman Revocable Trust. 


    Anita E. and Norman Jolliffe to Betty Ann Hightower and William R. Hightower Jr.


    Michael C. and Melissa A. Geary, and Melissa A. Hutchinson to Cassandra L. and Eric P. Silvia. 

    Allyson Stalvey to Amelia and Douglas Grant.

    Jill T. Harrison to Federal National Mortgage Association. 


    Guy E. Hanson Jr. EST to Bernice A. Hanson.

    Frederick M. Fox to Frederick M. Fox Jr. 


    Paul McKinney 1996 Revocable Trust and R. Paul McKinney 1996 Revocable Trust to Abigale S. and Brian J. Bell. 

    Town of Montville to Charles and Sandra Edgecomb. 


    Frank J.J. Slimak and Rose Kern to Amy and Paul Schatner. 

    Garrett Randolph to Iain D. Pottle and Cameron M. Chalmers.


    Jean M. Smith EST to Elizabeth T. and Daniel J. Hebert. 

    Mary Hanrahan to Cara Crosby. 

    Alfred W. Grimshaw to Alfred W. and Scott Grimshaw and Heather Howard. 


    Ryan D. Wing to Katherine Hall Nye and Bernie G. Nye.

    Harry F. Friedman Jr. EST to Harry F. Friedman III and Anthony D. Moulton.

    Anthony D. Moulton and Harry F. Friedman III to Doreen D. and Gregory A. Dufour. 

    Jean L. and Lewis Dalessio to Paul Delessio. 

    Christopher and Natalie Labonte to Kyle J. Valliere. 

    Bruno C. and Fiorita Visocchi to John J. and Marie L. Regazzi. 


    Laura G. Wilson to Thurman B. Givan III. 

    Rodney Lesan to Charlene M. Fyfe. 

    Meroski Family Living Trust to Steven L. Cookson. 


    Rose Harriman to Gerald R. Harriman Jr. 

    Paul and Estella Evans to Paull T. Evans. 

    William Vaughn and William Vaughn Jr. to Jon R. Caron. 

    Thomas Tufts to Kaixi Ren and Shihaq Yang.

    Bernard Ginn to James and Laurie Richards. 

    Marie A. Edgecomb to Lonon & Robison Revocable Trust. 

    Stockton Springs

    Michael H. Warren to Christopher A. and Amber L. Poulin. 

    Holly H. Forrest and Holly H. Young to Patricia A. and Thomas S. Lyons. 

    Nancy-Linn Nellis EST to Victoria L. and Zachary J.I. Sneed. 

    Alliant Credit Union to Hummer Real Estate Holdings Inc. 

    Lois M. Hall to James W. Hall. 


    Guy E. Hanson Jr. EST to Bernice A. Hanson. 

    Bank of America NA to Wifred J. Morissette.

    Jeanne and Wesley Canning, LSFS Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust NA TR to LSFS Master Participation Trust, U.S. Bank Trust NA TR.

    Bear Mountain LLC to Sheldon Ballard.

    Anthony R. Petrosky and Ellen R. Bishop to Shannon M. Brown. 

    Sheena R. Rapoza to Neil L. Roberts.


    Michael A. and Rae Jean Milville and Michael A. Milvill to Michael E. * Pauline Pramis Revocable Trust. 


    Joan H. Elliott and Eugene J. Elliott Jr. to Eugene J. Elliott Jr., Joan H. an John S. Elliott. 

    Lorrie Gerry EST to John Robinson.

    Gold Top Farm LLC to Linda Lee-Jurdak Weed and Hanson Gene Weed.


    Helene M. Mallett to Helene M. and Anna A. Mallett. 


    Diamond & Gold Mine Outlet LLC to Katelyn R. and Paul J. Bohorquez. 

    Ralph H. Tozier Jr. to Shelley J. Tozier. 

    Carolyn K. Russell to Edward C. Russell.

    Kevin J. and Zina M. Black to Kristen J. and Jason N. Patterson.

    Edgar L. Souder to NLC LLC.

    Carol A., Nicholas, Tabitha E., Simon B. and Dominick Varney to Joshua D. Bowden. 

    Danielle E. and Nicholas R. Norwood to Brenda J. Campbell. 

    Earl F. Pardy Jr. EST to Kaitlin Sand.

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com