Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 09/12/2016 - 2:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Aug. 23 - Sept. 2. 


    City of Belfast to State of Maine  Defense and State of Maine.

    State of Maine and Maine State of DVEM to City of Belfast.

    Gail Savitz to Savitz LLC.

    First Arizona Equity One LLC to Kristen Murphy Byrer and Jonathan Byrer.

    United States of America - HUD to David G. and Susan L. Aldrich.

    Marion A. and Gilbert J. Albert to Carol and Graham Houghton.

    W. Scott and Constance L. Enochs to Monica C. Piccini Van Peski.

    Brenda and James F. Boulier to Dustin M. Nadeau.

    Anita M. and William D. Perryman to Perryman Family Trust.

    Anita M. and William D. Perryman to Perryman Family Trust.

    Dale C. Palmer Living Trust and Eunice R. Palmer Living Trust to Eunice R. Palmer.

    Eunice R. Palmer to Block 36 LLC.

    Dale C. Palmer Living Trust and Eunice R. Palmer Living Trust to Eunice R. Palmer.

    David A. and Linda J. Harvey to Robert W. and Beverly T. Roxby.

    David A., Linda J., and Angelia L. Harvey to Beverly T. Roxby.

    Miles D. Frieden and Alan Kelly-Hamm to Joanna W. Owen Revocable Trust Agreement.

    Marion E. Hughes to Melissa A. Wallace.

    Charles F. and Joanne M. Bark to Heather A. and Tyler R. Omand.

    Vicki L. Nickerson to Julie Gray.

    Bernard J. Holmes to Bernice J. Wetherby.

    Bernard J. Holmes to Bernice J. Wetherby.

    Leslie Umans to Amanda B. Jacobs.


    David A. York and David K. North to Christina Lynne Bradford and Jeffrey Bradford.

    Marie H. Clark to Jeffrey and Catherine Burcham.

    Wendy W. and Michael M. Bowen to Angeline R. Laliberte.


    Henry Thompson Jr. to Henry I. Thompson Jr. Living Trust.

    Samantha Alice Marie King to Roger A. Ryan Jr.

    Joseph A. Lyons to Joseph A. and Christine S. Lyons.


    Tasker Family Living Trust to Janet M. Frank.

    Allan Nickerson to Marie and Brian Bowley.


    Douglas F. Schmidt to Wayne C. Tripp.

    Javan J. Bishop to Javan J. and Katherine A. Bishop.

    Theresa A. Young to Gregory A. Hildebrand and Susanne U. Waters.

    Anna M. Emerton to Allyson Corriveau and Eben T. Moore.

    Bernard J. Holmes to Bernice J. Wetherby.


    Marjorie T. Emery EST to David and Tracee L. Wales.

    Catherine A. Kekac, Yvonne C. Staren, LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust NA TR to U.S. Bank Trust NA TR to LSF9 Master Participation Trust.


    North East Point LLC to Earl A. and Bonnie L. Mackenzie.

    North East Point LLC to Anne M. and William J. Spont.

    Jane E. Haskell to Bonnie L. Pisciotta.


    Melinda and Douglas Hanks to Douglas and Melinda Hanks.

    Gloria J. Orcutt to Norman A. Stacey and Agnes Marie Feldman 3rd Party SNT.

    Gerald R. and Mindy A. Spaulding to Jared L. Heath.


    Henry Thompson Jr. to Tammy L. Thompson Living Trust.

    Todd A. Converse to Elizabeth M. Cox and Justin A. Palmer.


    Sandra Edgecomb to John L. Bolio.

    Edward W. Faith to Lynda R. Chrzanowski.

    Alfred M. Goodale to Andrew J. Legere.

    Nancy Vencel to Andrew L. and Julie Jackson.


    Richard M. and Patricia A. McLaughlin to Joseph McLaughlin.

    Trudi M. and Bradly J. Hennemuth to Sidney F. and Elizabeth B. Eudy.

    Nathaniel B.E. and Elizabeth Goodale to Joseph R. Sampson.

    Jane Jordan and Maureen Josenhans to Forrest W., Christopher R., Roger W. and Cynthia C. Raynard.


    Carolyn Miller to Alexander Morfogen.

    Aaron J. and Brittany T. Harris to Keith L. and Judith Nealley.

    Ann L. and Kenneth C. Hooper to Kathleen E. Gordon and David S. Gordon Sr.

    Carolyn Miller to Troy A. Palmer.


    Sandra Edgecomb to John L. Bolio.


    Valerie A. Derosier to Nicholas P. Cullen and Daniel M. Tarr.

    Timothy R. Woodbury to David Sleininger.


    Alfred R. Howard to Jamie Dodge-Newton and David R. Newton.

    Northport Village Corporation to Anthony R. and Diane A. Melone.


    Mariann E. Millette to Michele J. and Leo A. Gauthier.

    Elisha C. and Melanie L. Fowlie to Elijah J. Curtis.


    Paula L. Tripp to Barbara E. Daggett.


    Fabian Arsenault to Karen Arsenault and Karen Cookson.

    Richard I. and Dorothy M. Kenney to Gina M. and Stephen L. Law.

    Norma J. Howard to Sally G. Kaehrle.

    Seacoast Village Estates LLC to Craig M. and Mark C. Tammen.

    Karen M. and Rexford I. Kelley to Rexford I. and Karen L.M. Kelley.

    Stockton Springs

    Dead River Company to Wayne D. SInclair.

    Frank A. and Mary Jane Costigan to Patricia A. and Walter E. Damuck.

    Joy Seaver and Joy Seaver Olsen to Robert Aronson.

    Paul D. Harlow and Nancy Harman Harlow to Carolyn L. and Don L. Maunz.

    Edward E. Olson to Cynthia A. Hughes and John P. Hughes III.

    Teresa Marie Doyle-Staples EST to Wesley Cotton and El Morse.


    Arla and Raymond H. Hall to Terry D. and Raymond W. Hall.

    Susan B. Dakin and Harold L. Dakin Jr. to Brian A. Littlefield.

    Alfred F. George to Mark Hamlyn.

    Henry S. Lawler Sr. EST to Henry S. Lawler Living Trust.


    Bangor Savings Bank and Zackary C. Blake to Reginald Cunningham and Enna Moody.


    Thomas Gabler and Thomas P. Gabler Sr. to Thomas P. Gabler Sr., Karen Lyn Moore and Nicholas J. Gantner.


    Todd A. Converse to Todd A. and Hui W. Converse.

    Kenneth M. Pratt to Kenneth M. Pratt and Jeanne E. Pratt.

    Janet Morse to Terry Pushor.

    Terry Pushor to Charles H. Graffam Jr.

    Eighty Four Dogwood Lane LLC to 84 Dogwood Lane LLC and Jeanne A. Coseo.


    Frank E. Punderson Jr. Retirement Trust to Cynthia and Phillip Smearer.


    Jason K. and Teri L. Lewis to Jennifer A. Nickerson.

    David L. and Patricia J. Madrazo and Paula M. Cole to Paula M. Cole.

    Robert Allen Parsons EST and Robert A. Parsons EST to Kaleb Bridge.

    John H. Staples to Dina J. Staples.


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