Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 08/29/2016 - 8:15am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Aug. 10-22.


    Ronald D. and Jane E. Raymond to Elizabeth M. Coldren.

    City of Belfast to Ken Brown.

    John P. Holden and Kassie Merrill to Edward G. Lynch.

    CitiMortgage Inc.. and C. Clifton Fuller III to CitiMortgage Inc.

    CitiMortgage Inc. to United States of America - VA. 

    Nancy L. Hamilton and Paul D. Hamilton Jr. to Joanna Marie-Hedstrom Suomi and Steven W. Suomi. 

    City of Belfast to Ken Brown. 

    Bangor Savings Bank and Jaclynne M. O’Neill to Bangor Savings Bank. 


    Madeline L. Patten EST to Saadiya N. Buotote, Saadiya N. Mannan and Ryan F. Buotote.

    Kimberly A. Ward to Alan Y., Bruce C., and Diane J. Blood. 

    Bruce C., Diane J., and Alan Y. Blood to Belmont DMEP LLC.


    Elizabeth A. Super to Super Family Revocable Trust. 

    Nancy W. Quimby and Raymond E. Quimny Jr. to Deborah Spaulding. 

    Deborah L. Larrabee and Deborah Spaulding to Raymond Quimby Jr.,  Nancy, Norma M., and Peter J. Quimby.

    Deborah L. Larrabee and Deborah Spaulding to Deborah and William H. Spaulding. 

    Deborah L. Larrabee and Deborah Spaulding to James H. ad Kristi L. Tripp. 

    Deborah L. Larrabee and Deborah Spaulding to Zachery G. and Jenelle R. Woods.

    James McManus to John McManus.

    Christine V. Ridley EST to Kristen S. Curtis. 

    James K. Dickson to Jonathan Thomas.

    Robert, Janet and Joanne Anderson to Aaron Reynolds.


    Margaret D. Nees and Lawrence P. Nees Jr. to Susan M. Maniscalco.


    Elizabeth A. Super to Super Revocable Trust. 

    Wayne A. Marden to Debra L. Marden. 

    Debra L. Marden to Wayne A. Marden. 


    Laura Knight Patterson to Mark A. and Patricia A. Boudreau.

    Maurice E. Turner and Maurice E. Turner Sr. to Douglas G. Brown. 


    Maria A. Freeman to Seri V.A. Neault and David W. Neault Sr. 


    Camden National Bank, Gayle S. and Robert A. Wellman to F.C. Work & Sons Incorporated. 

    James Shue, Village Homes Development Inc. and Peoples United Bank NA to John and Jennifer Work.

    Jonathan Thomas to James K. Dickson. 


    Town of Knox to Jeffrey J. Hill. 

    Basil P. Wentworth to John L. Wentworth. 


    Herman Charles Edgecomb EST and H. Charles Edgecomb EST to Sandra R. Edgecomb. 

    Peter Mainguy and Tim Trenker to Tim Trenker and Peter Mainguy.

    Ryan H. Leeman to Donald E. McDonald. 

    Heidi Kneeland and Heidi E. Poulin to Brent T. Morang.


    Deborah S. and Kenneth W. Mitchell to Kenneth W. Mitchell Living Trust. 

    Crow’s Nest Inc. to Adam J. Durkee, Robert E. and Christine M West, and Catherine A. and Paul E. Lippman. 

    Crow’s Nest Inc. to Catherine A. and Paul E. Lippman. 

    Neal R. and Abi L. Cowlest to Joseph J. Raite Jr. and Julia C. Pulliam. 

    Chandler R. McGaw EST to Chanderl R. McGaw Jr. and Maggie McGaw. 

    Gerald H. Chalmes to Alison Storry and Gary L. Koepke. 


    Charles D. and Lynn M. Biebel to Sarah L. Fischer and Peter J. Hayden. 

    Howard S. Brower to Katherine J. Faragher Houghton and Matthew K. Faragher Houghton. 

    Hermie M. Datoon and Henny Matta Datoon to Herald Daton and Heidi Datoon-Kujda. 


    Catherine A. and Peter Herson to Peter Herson. 

    Jackcine Goulet Living Trust to Shazelle M. Goulet. 


    Harold H. Burbank Sr. to David and Anna Burbank, Harold Haley Humphrey Burbank, and Lori Darnell. 

    Anthony C. and Elizabeth M. Metcalf to George F. and Judy A.S. Metcalf.

    Christine P. Dilts to Thomas E. Dwyer.

    Wellington E. Dunbar EST to Douglas Walsh Jones. 

    Wellington E. Dunbar EST to Douglas Walsh Jones.


    Elizabeth and Lucien Robichaud to Jamie L. and Thomas L. Robichaud. 

    Chandler R. McGaw EST to Chandler R. McGaw Jr. and Maggie McGaw.


    Daniel C. Patterson and Michelle A. Coad to Daniel C. Patterson. 

    Daniel C. Patterson tand MIchelle A. Coad to Michelle A. Coad. 


    William A. McLellan Jr. EST to Elizabeth A. McLellan. 


    Paul J. Mushero to Robert Martineau. 

    David C. Grinstein and Christina E. Camacho  to Christina E. Camacho Living Trust and David G. Grinstein Living Trust.

    Mitchell Family 1997 Revocable Trust to Kenneth W. Mitchell Living Trust. 

    Kenneth Pickering to Elizabeth Gundel. 

    Rebecca A. Hills and Rebecca A. Mohr to Tracy A. and Jedidiah C. Colby.

    Steven W. Bonin and Franklin A. Hart to Franklin A. Hart, Victoria Chase and Steven W. Bonin. 

    Leonard R. Howard to Norma J. Howard. 

    Norma J. Howard to Leonard R. Howard.

    Amanda Doucette, Leonard R., Chad, Janake and Ricky Howard, and Vaughn Howard HRS to Norma J. Howard.

    Thomas M. and Belinda C. Harrington to M & T Bank. 

    Manufacturers & Traders Trust Company to Paul D. and Anne S. Biddle. 

    Stockton Springs

    Delvina M. Patrick to Naomi C. and Travis M. Plessner. 

    Marjorie C. Percival, Huldah Warren and Marina Delune to Melissa Zelenkewich and Mark Legel. 

    Kelly M. and Michael C. Baker to Carol S. Omness. 

    Carol S. Omness to Carol Sue Omness Living Trust. 

    Timothy R. Adams to Nick & James Properties LLC. 


    Swan Lake Rental LLC to Karen A. and Joseph P. Grady. 

    Elizabeth A. Super to Super Family Revocable Trust.

    Marcia L. Geyer EST to Brandon A. Hall. 

    David G. and Susan L. Aldrich to Doris Cowell. 

    Michael E. and Nathan S. Wood to Paul H. Brown.

    Linwood H. Bowen to Heidi Clymer.

    Inez K. Tower EST to Christopher E. and Mary C. Flood. 


    Miller Street LLC to Pieter and Jennifer Dehart.


    Carolyn R. Condon to Carolyn R. and Carl T. Condon. 


    Anna K. Fiedler and Jacob E. McCarthy to Amanda A. Wentworth and Seth H. Milton. 

    Dana R. and Carroll S. Harriman to Heather M. and Jordan T. Tozier.

    Andrew C. and Gayle A. Reed to Laura L. and Andrew C. Reed. 

    Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Calvin G. and Michelle A. Neal. 


    Sandra J. and James C. Place to Katie D. Martin Foye and Joshua S. Foye.

    Dawn Blake, Chad and Dawn Place to Katie D. Martin Foye and Joshua S. Foye.


    Cornelia B. Moores to Brenda J. White and Arich L. Hawes Sr. 

    Christopher M. Smith, Naomi N. McGrane, LSF8 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust NA TR to U.S. Bank Trust NA TR and LSF8 Master Participation Trust. 

    Judith A. Souder to Aislinn K. and Randy W. Canarr. 

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