Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 08/15/2016 - 8:30am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds July 27 - Aug. 9.


    Belfast Area Cohousing LLC to Gail B. Wartell and James Harding MacMillan.

    Anne D. Rahn and Norman J. Rahn Jr. to Norman J. Rahn III.

    Scott C. Sherry and Aleta L. Jenkins to Joseph A. Rodgers.

    Jane Coover Cady and Phlip C. Wick to Brian C. and Kali T. McCarthy.

    Blaine and Laura Richardson to Suzanne Ramczyk and Edmond Zeldin.

    Ricky J. and Jennifer Black and Jennifer Parrott to Dorothy D. Black.

    Angela Black Bailey and Angela Garard to Dorothy D. Black.

    Dorothy D. Black to Leah D. and Raymond S. Greenberg.

    Damariscotta Bank & Trust Co. to Linda J. Feeney, Robert S. Schlensker and Stacy M. Feeney. 

    Janice H. Hawthorne EST to Goldenrod Properties LLC.

    Henry E. Peach and Deborah K. Nowers to Henry E. Peach Living Trust.

    Harry S., Sara A., and H. Scott Kallis to Leanne Ferland and Joseph Perry. 

    Lisa Jo Desmarteau to Lisa Jo and James T. Desmarteau. 

    Arlene Herrick to Christopher J. and Carol L. Beal. 

    Ronald J. Nickerson to Marcia Gardiner and Lowman Gardiner Jr. 


    Nicholas Parker to Lillian M. Eliot. 

    Stanley and Joyce Rasztawicki to Kenneth P. Jauron. 

    Ronald A. Gusta EST to Matthew and Stepheny Merando. 


    Robert Cookson to C.P.I. LLC.


    William S. Barnes to Sally E. Craig.

    Sally E. Craig to Cheryl A. Woods and Vicki L. Craig. 

    Mark D. and Pamela J. Swett to Michilynn N. Duplisea and Michael A. Goldman.


    Darleen M. Hoague to Darlene M., Craig D., and Shawn W. Hoague and Timothy K. Varney. 


    Donald P. Etchison to Hewesdon LLC.

    Donald P. Etchison to Hewesdon LLC.

    Katherine Purinton Tuttle Revocable Trust to Bruce & Karen Family Trust.

    Ethel Hossack and Ethel Wyman to Heather Hossack.

    Rodney V. and Judith L. Leach to Daniel V. and Dorothy W. Leach. 


    Heather M. McLaughlin to Dale E. McLaughlin.

    Ruth C. Schultz to Shelia and Lawrence R. Soper.

    Village Homes Development Inc. and Peoples United Bank NA to Peoples United Bank NA.


    Darlene T. Clark and Bryan R. Clark Jr. to Bryan L. Clark.

    Shannon Grant and Micheal Grant Jr. to John P. and Rhonda D. Wentworth. 


    Anthony and Laurel Baumann to Maria J. and Richard L. King.

    Wells Fargo Bank NA TR and Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust to Stacey and Benjamin Wells. 

    Katahdin Trust Company and Crystal L. Wynn to KRC Properties Inc.

    Tracy K. Hastings and James C. Solomon Revocable Trust to Christopher Wentworth.

    Jason D. Reynolds to Richard A. Fleury. 

    Brenda W. and Carl L. Moody to William J. Burns.


    John H. and John D. Ketner to John D. and Wendy L. Ketner.

    Alice J. and Robert A. Berry to Jonathan Berry.

    Benjamin C. Hazen to Benjamin C. and Kristen J. Hazen.

    Jane P. and Daniel A. Bennett to Chad J. and Dawn L. Place. 

    Isabella Heard, Tobias W. and Isabella I. Wincklhofer to Stefanie A. and Michael Christie.


    Laura Campbell to Andrew F. Bourgoin.


    Donna M. Doolan to Donald V. Doolan.


    Randall P. Cutri to Karin Swain.

    Daveen M. Speer to Suzanne Rico Dubrow and Ethan D. Dubrow.

    John L. Dean EST to Reilly Family Revocable Living Trust.


    Edward J. and Warna B. Strout to Barbara J. and Mark Casey.

    Jordan M. Lachcik to Jordan M. and Christopher M. Lachcik.


    Briana N. and Chad P. Daily to Brian M. Reed.

    Linda F. Pomeroy to William A. Sneed Jr. and Sharon B. Sneed.


    Elizabeth B. Barnaby to Robert and Debra A. Terone.


    Cathy Parker Tracy to Crystal L. and Sean P. Anderson.

    Sarah Chase and Sarah C. Webber to Anne M. Sattler and Jonathan Isacco. 

    Carolyn Fellows EST to Robert N. and Shirley A. Kenney. 

    Harry W. and Sara C. Kruppenbach to David P. McGowan and Lawrence J. Debay. 

    Brian and Megan Littlefield, and Maine Savings Federal Credit Union to Louann and Gordon Hebert.

    Melvina J. Anderson to Kali M. and Kyle D. Rose.

    D. Bain Pollard to Aaron and Ruth Q. Fethke. 

    James J. Curtis and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA.

    Milford W. Grant EST to Janet G. Mongillo.

    Stockton Springs

    Allen M. Martin to Allen M. and Dorothy G. Martin.

    Murphy Trust to Maryann and Russell Arcand.

    Charlend W. and Tammy L. Howard to Charlend W. and Katie D. Howard.

    Gusta Ronson to Mary P. Walsh.

    Elizabeth A. Whitney, Charles and Mary Hare to Marlarae L. and Kristian L. Boehmer.  


    Faylene F. Brown to Joseph A. Ward. 

    Robert L. Leighton Jr. to Christine L. and Paul A. Vaillancourt. 

    Shirley B. Touzin EST to Theodore W. Bormet.


    Donna B. Higgins to Isabel Streichhahn Demers and Tyson H. Demers. 


    Rufena R. Weeman to Allan L. Stanwood and Donna M. Marshall.


    Town of Unity to James B. Bahoosh.


    Angela Chase, Danny O. and Angela Damon to Angela and Derek S. Chase.

    Thomas F. Watson III to Christopher B. Hale.

    Colleen M. Harrigan, Brett S. and Colleen M. Miller to Kristy K. and Duncan T. Bowie.

    Henry S. Lawler Sr. Living Trust, James E. Hall Sr. and James E. Hall Jr. to Henry S. Lawler Sr. Living Trust. 

    Gregory K. White and Barbara J. Manning to Brandon A. and Hannah L Prescott.

    Albert E. and Lesli J. Lowe to Christopher L. and Dezirae A. Mincey.

    William H. & Brenda J. Roope Living Trust to Cynthia S. Miller and Becky L. Washburn.

    Maine F.A.C.E.S.  and Maine Foster/Adoptive Children's Enrichment Services to Families & Children Together. 

    Wayne and Colleen Pelkey to Keith and Stacey Kelley. 

    Mary A. Gagnon and Lena Noyes EST to Dale Noyes.

    Edward F. Conners to Michelle L. Fields Perkins.

    Lorraine L. Wescott, Nelson C. and Lorraine L. Gray to Valerie J. and Marshall T. Moody. 

    Dorothy J. Merrill to Ashley Brackett and Caleb Pettengill. 

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