Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 08/01/2016 - 11:45am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds July 12-26.


    Albert Douglas to Margaret L. Randall.

    Belfast Route 3 LLC to Coldest Brook LLC.

    Theodore F. and Patricia A. Reed to Makayla C. Reed.

    Maine State Housing Authority to United States of America - HUD.

    Ronald N. Mullen to Ryan A. Deredin.

    Phyllis G. Gould to Violet C. and Michael Jastram.

    Richard C. Reynolds to Abby J. Reynolds.


    Robert O. and Kristen S. Curtis to Chantelle Whitcomb and Dylan Hahn. 

    Gordon Wood to Abbie Wood. 

    Arthur Humphrey to John K. Thompson. 


    Sally Pomeroy Backus EST and Sally Backus EST to Lael A. Piehl and Frederick S. Backus. 

    Brian L. Lavallee to Julie A. Wagner and Kevin M. Decoteau. 

    Frederick S. Backus to Lael A. Piehl.


    Town of Frankfort to Jack S. and Melissa A. Staples.

    Jeanne T. Rimm to Michelle L. and Scott M. Lacroix. 

    Francis E. Kingsbury to Wesley L. Canning.

    St. George Realty Trust to Mutsuko and Benjamin C. Ricard.

    Javan J. Bishop to Javan J. and Katherine A. Bishop. 

    Randy E. and Althea M. Baker, R.E. Baker Inc., and Keybank National Association to David B. Lawler.

    Scott A. and Sally J. Groene to John K. Bilger. 


    HIlary N. Fleming and Thomas J. Fleming Jr. to Hilary N. and Daniel M. Fleming. 

    Thomas J. and Hilary N. Fleming, and Thomas J. FLeming Jr. to Daniel M. Fleming.

    Hilary N. Fleming and Thomas J. Fleming Jr. to Thomas J. Fleming Jr., Hilary N. and Daniel M. Fleming.

    Charlene M. Jeranka to Mareisa Weil and Jebediah Cestaro.

    Stanley C. McDonald Sr. EST to Stephen J. Smith.


    Andrew R., Kathleen T., and Andrew K. Coombs, Volt Asset Holdings Trust XVI, and U.S. Bank Trust NA TR to FV-I Inc IN Trust and Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings LLC. 

    John Blin to Thomas Raynor.

    Victoria C. Collins and Mark M. Collins Jr. to Mark M. Collins Jr. and Victoria C. Collins.


    Merriam Living Trust to Eric Mills Merriam and Douglas P. Merriam.

    Belinda J. Greeley and Jolene A. Littlefield to Bryan R. Clark Jr. and Darlene T. Clark. 


    Christopher Wentworth to Christopher Wentworth and Laine Sanderson. 

    Dana S. and Sandra P. Saunders, Carole and Bernard Perry to Cary A. and Linda M. Nash. 

    Jeanette E. Dickens to Jeanette E. Dickens to Carl Montgomery Lambert. 

    Doris M. Bean EST to Doris M. Bevan. 


    Ruth C. Laite EST to Robyn Collins Jones and Ralph R. Jones.

    Lisa A. Svedberg to Julian J. and Toni D. Katz. 

    Michael E. and Ramona J. Marden to Allison C. Hitchcock Pollock and Mark F. Pollock. 

    Jon Tobiasz to Ronald R. Pelletier and Poonsri Sawangjaeng. 

    Dwight F. Wass to Adam Henneke and Emily Berry. 


    Erick L. and Shawna A. Aitken to Brad A. Aitken. 

    James W. Logan to James W. and Cynthia Logan. 


    Joel S. Gardner to Richard L. and Millicent M. Fickett. 

    John A. Sage to John A. and Emma L. Sage. 

    SDC Tingley Legacy Revocable Trust to Green Mountain Land Holdings LLC.

    Wells Fargo Bank NA to Craig M. Turner.

    Gunnar Wood and Deborah L. Ludwig to Susan M. O'Keeffe.

    Doris M. Bevan EST to Doris M. Bevan. 


    Keith and Susan M. Thompson to Patrick A. and Amanda J. Richards. 


    Ballyhac Properties LLC to PerryJames Properties LLC.

    Stephen and Kirsten Racioppi to Kirsten Wood and James McManus. 

    Nicolas J. Goguen and Felicia A. Newton to Alfred R. Howard.

    Glenice Parkinson to Susan G. and Robert C. Remsberg. 


    Barbara A. Stowe EST to Debra Stowe and Kimberly J. Humphrey.

    Kimberly J. Humphrey to Debra Stowe.

    Linda Gibson to Robert Gibson.

    Dawn M. Haskell and Maurice A. Haskell Jr. to Heather M. Haskell.


    Town of Prospect to Gertrude Smith. 

    Town of Prospect to Joseph and Joe Rego.

    Town of Prospect to Gloria Boynton. 

    Town of Prospect to Vaughn Peters.

    Town of Prospect to Vaughn Peters.


    Amanda S. Roderick, Benjamin M. and Amanda S. Ford to Brian J. and Ashley M. Frazell. 

    Margie D. Grover EST to Amanda L. Whitcomb.


    Karen L.M. Kelley, Christopher W. and Timothy C. Murphy to Christopher C. and Diane-Marie Colby. 

    Agnes F. Carr Gould to Norman B. Moulton and Karen R. Jacob.

    Thomas W. and Sally B. Savage to Clark Nichols EST.

    Glenn M. Nadeau to Amy D. Wright.

    Katherine and Steven Stone to Caitlin A. and James W. Kilpatrick.

    Barbara R. Isenberg to Charles Lewis.

    Joanne M. McNally to Seventeen Banks Terrace LLC to 17 Banks Terrace LLC.

    Clark Nichols EST to Kerry Dougherty.

    Stockton Springs

    Benjamin P. Blake to Banjamin P. and Jessi Blake.

    Tonne L. Woodward and Lee Woodward Jr. to Andrew Knox and Dawn Staples-Knox.

    Goodwin W. Wiseman Trust to Cosmano Living Trust.

    Christopher C. and Diane-Marie Colby to Seven Hundred Seventy Cape Jellison Road LLC and 770 Cape Jellison Road LLC.

    Judith S. and James S. Files to Sun Hui White and Gorman W. White Jr. 

    Warren E. Collins III EST to Dina M. Schneider Revocable Living Trust.


    Leslie A. Gregory to Edward Athonis. 

    Tina Kinney to Nicole and Travis K. Kinney.


    Betty J. Terkel to Linda S. and Clyde A. Rolerson. 


    Gregory C. Winston to Stacey L. and Micah L. Whitaker.

    David J. O’Brien Sr. to Chad O’Brien.

    United States of America - VA to Elizabeth Thomson Goundie and Joshua D. Emerman. 


    Donna L. and Melissa L. Tuttle to Travis Veilleux. 

    William F. Wilbur to Norman O. Willette Jr.


    Ruth C. Laite EST to Robyn Collins Jones and Ralph R. Jones.

    Kathryn Day and Jeffrey Densmore to Brandon E. Mosher. 


    Jennifer Townsend to Gary and Virginia Chard. 

    Elmer W. Gamble EST to Thomas A. Pierpont.

    Arland H. Connor and Maine Stream Finance to United States of America - DA.

    United States of America - DA to Karen V. Cunningham.

    Stephen J. Delcasino Jr. to Lisa A. and Dean A. Brown. 

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