Waldo County deed transfers

Fri, 07/29/2016 - 3:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds June 27 - July 11. 


    Harry S. and Sara A., and H. Scott Kallis to Paul D. Hamilton 2013 Trust. 

    Harry S. and Sara A., and H. Scott Kallis to Paul D. Hamilton 2013 Trust. 

    Harry S. and Sara A., and H. Scott Kallis to Paul D. Hamilton 2013 Trust. 

    Lawrence D. and Lois J. Barrows to Carol and Graham Houghton.

    Paul V. Vosburgh Jr. to Joseph J. Calista.

    Elizabeth C. and Odd S. Johannessen to Janice K. Dunlop.

    Richard L. and Rosemary J. Baldwin to Rosemary J. and Richard L. Baldwin. 

    Susan A. and Peter E. Henry to Henry Revocable Trust.

    Juliane M. Dow to Helen K. Zegel and Daniel J. Faraone. 

    Crystal A. Myers to Belinda and Larry Dyer.


    George D. and Debra L. Rezendes to Todd A. Tripp and Sheila L. Newton.

    Daniel and Tamera O’Brien to Donna O’Brien.


    Jacob D. Brugger to Sarah W. and Jason W. Clark.

    Thomas C. Bennett to James R. Clements.


    Christina G. Moore Living Trust to Christina G. and Peter F. Moore. 

    Gerald G. and Patricia G. Libby to JMF LLC.


    Peter I. and Lorraine F. Tripp to Earl Anderson.

    Peter I. Tripp to Earl Anderson. 

    Jeffrey R. Anderson and Vickey L. Witham to Earl R. Anderson Jr.

    Maine State Housing Authority to Linda Boutros-Wilson and Jack Wilson.

    Rita M. Perkins to Richard Phillips.


    SDC Tingley Legacy Revocable Trust to Robert M. and Rosemary Overlock.

    Sarah Overlock to Justin A. Overlock.


    Annne M. King-Bolger, Bejamin R. King and Frances K. Gartner to Frances K. Gartner, Benjamin R. King and Anne M. King-Bolger.

    Edwin P. Pendleton to Edwin P. and Emily C. Pendleton.


    Village Homes Development Inc. to Sandra A. and Charles W. Larocque. 


    Town of Knox to John N. Penney.

    Town of Knox to John J. Gardiner.


    Carrie Peavey to David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair.


    Ralan Koski to Dawn I. Koski. 

    Frances C. Hart to Wendy S. Hart.

    Michael Ogden to John D. Ketner.

    Jodi Richards Hanson to Peter and Cathy Lielausis. 

    Dennis A. Nickerson to Naomi M. and Charles M. Decker.

    Barbara H. Kind to Cynthia J. Dongo, Mark D. Clough to Dawn E. Wentworth.

    Everett Harding to Pamela H. Kersh and Doreen H. Holt. 

    Carole C. Mathews EST to Margaret I. Laughlin.

    Melissa B. Kramer-Karr to Melissa B. Kramer-Karr and Jon T. Karr.

    Carlton F. Dougherty to Dougherty Family Realty Trust. 


    Geoffrey and Abigail Gilchrist to Matthew P. Mayo and Jennifer M. Smith-Mayo.

    Windswept Farmstead Cooperative LLC to Eric Hale Rector and Alison Berard Rector.

    Eric Hale Rector and Alison Berard Rector to Windswept Farmstead Cooperative LLC.


    Yta C. Kradoska to Ann and James L. Robbins.


    Abbey S. Cogen to Liana Eastman and Eero Ruuttila.

    Michael F. Woodbury to Pamela Mortland and Anita L. Ballou. 


    Collins Family Trust to Jacqueline P. Matthews and Philip H. Matthews Jr. 

    John L. Dean EST to Daniel C. Smith and Susan Dean Smith. 


    Dorothy L. Burns to Burns Living Trust. 

    Dorothy L. Burns to Burns Living Trust.

    Harry F. Friedman Jr. EST to Harry F. Friedman III and Anthony D. Moulton. 

    Anthony D. Moulton and Harry F. Friedman III to Green Mountain Land Holdings LLC.

    Christine A. Saban and Jeffrey L. Malloy to Matthew G. Gould. 

    Michael O. Carter and Keybank National Association to Keybank National Association. 


    Matt C. Guidmore, Miriam H. H.R. Guidmmore and Charles D. H.R. Guidmore to Matt C. Guidmore. 

    Richard I. Nightingale to Daniel C. Patterson and Michelle A. Coad. 

    James and Joann Alton to Jayson M. and Stephen M. Lobley. 


    Roger C., Ramsay H., Robert M., and Andrew Slugg, Linda S. Sproczynski, Peter Hill Slugg Living Trust and John Ralph Harrell EST to Marianne Wardell Smith and Stuart Gage Smith. 

    Brian E. Brewster to Toinie A. Waters.

    Maine State Housing Authority to Hubert J. McCabe to Sarah Tompkins. 

    Yta C. Kradoska to Ann and James L. Robbins.

    Roland W. Goff to Roland W. and Bonnie L. Goff.


    Lori A. Thomas to Jennifer L. Vincent and Frederick Dale Vincent III.

    Alberta G. Cornell EST to Mechanics Savings Bank.

    James H. York Sr. to Jacob Aldus. 

    Deborah K. Frasco to Heather Dehlinger. 

    Stockton Springs

    Kenneth Hall Jr. to Dawn M. and Mark R. Ewen.

    Geoffrey L. Rossano and Joan H. Baldwin to Martha C. Murphy.

    Cynthia Grace Wells Living Trust to Dennis R. King II and Sarah N. Faragher. 

    Mark M. Thomas to Mark M. and Lori A. Thomas. 

    United States of America - DA to Joel D. Ploszaj. 

    Michael S. Fuller to Carol and Samuel Fuller. 


    Frederick James Moylen II EST to Dennis A. and Linda K. Frey.

    Julia White Macmillan to John A. Macmillan. 

    John A. Macmmillan to Laura Tenley Mossing and Darrell D. Porter. 

    Alicia L. Thomas and William H. Estey Jr. to William H. Estey Sr. and Sharon L. Estey. 

    Sharon L. Estey and William H. Estey Sr. to William & Sharon Estey Irrevocable Trust. 

    Paul J. Bowen to Jennifer L. Bowen. 

    Glen G. and Terrance L. Stairs to Meghan P. and Jonathan A. Benner. 

    David F. Black to Fredric M. Black. 


    Hall Brook Realty Trust to Anne L. Sheble and Kenneth E. Copp. 


    Monique M. Clough to Dani Dayton and Lance Stewart.

    David W. and Bonnie-Jo Kenyon to Mark W. Ogden. 

    Corey A. McGinnis to Tommy Hillman.

    Michael W. Santon to Susan L. and Joseph E. Chretien. 


    Town of Unity to Michael Murch. 

    Town of Unity to Rayno Boivin.


    Diane E. Laliberte and Diane Crockett to Daniel J. Fournier.


    United States of America - DA to Jonathan P. Jandreau.

    Holly M. Stoddard, Daniel P. and Holly M. Thompson to Carleen and Emily J. Stearns.  

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