Waldo County deed transfers

Sun, 07/17/2016 - 8:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds June 9-24.


    31 Searsport Avenue LLC and Thirty One Searsport Avenue LLC to Night Fall Inn LLC.

    Arthur E. and Sally A. Leclair to Bruce B. Williams and Patrice A. Janssen.

    Jerry B. Savitz to Gail E. and Jerry B. Savitz.

    BCAT 2014-4TT, Christiana Trust TR, and Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB TR to Suzanne Macleod.

    Maine State Housing Authority and Timothy A. Parker to Maine State Housing Authority.

    Mary Bunker to Marie S. McKellar.

    James C. and Marianne Shaver to Katherine Riposta and Jojo Oliphant.

    Julie L. Cyr and Elaine C. Jones to Seaview Leasing LLC.

    Jean M. Durham to Elaine S. Potoker.

    Patricia A. Combs and Kevin P. Brown to Bryant M. Kuby and Deborah G. Small.

    Belfast Pines LLC to Elizabeth S. Easton.

    Anne K. Knowles and Stephen J. Hornsby to Michael R. Wessels and Patricia L. Maher.

    Dianna E. Porter to Julia Daley.

    Carissa M. Swiatek to Kathleen and Steven Cartwright.

    Primrose Hill Properties LLC to Two Hundred Forty High Street LLC and 240 High Street LLC.

    Theresa G. Blackadar and Albert B. Blackadar Jr. tto Theresa G. Blackadar Living Trust and Albert B. Blackadar Jr. Living Trust.

    Richard A. and Lenore J. Gould to Linda C. Durkee.

    Peter H. and Stephanie H. Taylor to Stephen J. Hornsby and Anne L. Knowles.


    Mathew E. and Matthew E. Prescott, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR, and FFMLT Trust 2006-FF4 to FFMLT Trust 2006-FF4 and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR.

    Katherine M. Kind to Samantha A.M. King.


    Todd Knowlton to Jeremy L. Ludden.

    Sherry L. Cookson to Daniel and Katrina Monsees.


    CR Properties 2015 LLC to Eden S. Stuart.

    Carlton Brassbridge to Brianne N. Parlin.


    Patricia Ryan and Robert O. Muehlmann to Andrew and Rosilyn Reiss.

    Peggy Hodgkins and LInda Byram to Anna Mueller and Sean Murphy.

    Theodore W. Reynolds to Brian L. Jones and Anni J. Outinen-Jones.

    Gilbert Williams to Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2004-2 and Wells Fargo Bank National Association TR.


    Rodney V. and Judith L. Leach to Judith L. Leach.

    Kathy Kosturos to Richard A. Pendleton.

    Barbara A. Lowe to Richard A. Pendleton.

    Darcy J. Krajcar to Richard A. Pendleton.

    Richard A. Pendleton to Catherine A. Demchur-Merry and William E. Merryman.

    Richard Pendleton to Catherine A. Demchur-Merry.


    Rivanna J. Jihan to Mary-Cay and Dale D. Pitre.

    Richard M. Philbrook Sr. to Paul and Mary Donley.


    Bonnie R. Sauve to Leslie G. and Herbert A. Joliat.

    David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair to Rachel L. and Russell J. Hudson.

    Janice E. and Daniel Brewer to Herbert E. Brewer Jr.

    Carl L. and Brenda Moody to Bryan G. Ripley.

    Steven W. & Janice R. Jewett Living Trust to Janice R. Jewett Irrevocable Trust.

    Steven W. & Janice R. Jewett Living Trust to Janice R. Jewett Irrevocable Trust.

    Steven W. & Janice R. Jewett Living Trust to Janice R. Jewett Irrevocable Trust.

    Susan C. Singer to Roland L. Singer IV.


    Joel L. and Janice H. Stein to Sara B. and Ryan D. Payne.

    Dorothy A. Lanphear to Craig R. Oulette.

    Vincent M. Abaldo to Anna C. Witholt-Abaldo.

    Anna C. Witholt-Abaldo to Vincent M. Abaldo.

    Joanne and Nelson Vandegrift to Dianne Helprin.

    Christina C. Wheelwright, M. Brian and Christina W. Kelly to Dawn Tassi.

    Dorothy B. and Harold R. Drinkwater to Sarah E. and James Nelson.

    Diana L. and Averill L. Engstrom, and Averill L. Engstrom Jr. to Benjamin M. Dyer.


    Julie A. Hamilton and Eric R. Bunker to Matthew J. and Holly J. Brown.

    Sandra J. and Daniel T. Stanicki to Leslie Ann Gregory and Raymond P. Wirth.


    James Hill Reed to Susan M. Okeeffe.

    Russell J. Grant EST to Cynthia Keathan, James Grant, Florence Larson, and Dorothy Oakes.

    James Grant, Florence Larson, and Dorothy Oakes to Peter Oakes.

    Susan C. Singer to Brandon S. Bouchard.


    Wells Fargo Bank NA to United States of America - HUD.

    Faye W. and Gary E. Sheldon to Gracie and Brandon Mitchell.

    Daniel Ford to Angela and James Hurd.


    Joan P. Foxwell 2011 Qualified Personal Residence to Children's Trust.

    Mary R. Wiecha Revocable Trust to Charles F., Joseph D., and John M. Wiecha.

    Damariscotta Bank & Trust Company, Kevin E. and Sara Littlefield to Herman L. Littlefield Jr. and Patricia A. Littlefield.

    Alan S. Lear to Heather Corson.

    Heather L. Taylor EST, Michael E. Sobota EST, Heather Taylor EST, Michael Sobota EST, and John Monahan to Diantha C. Thorpe.

    Arthur M. Andrews TR, Cheryl Lynn Andrews TR, and Cheryl Lynn Silar TR to Thatcher E. and Cheryl Lynn Silar.

    Kimber Lee Clark, Scott Sebold and Kimberly Clark to Corry A. Pratt and Robin Fowler Pratt.

    Northport Village Corporation to Mary Hanrahan.

    Daniel I. Small Jr. to Robert W. and Wendy M. Coombs.


    Lilah R. Giguere to Lilah R. Giguere and Thomas J. Barry.

    Laura J. Hatfield to Thomas C. Hatfield.

    Jan and Earl Herleikson to Bob Whitten.

    Janet G. and Glenwood L. West to Gary T. Mazoki.


    Larry Boyton to Shannon L. Ruhlen and Thomas F. Whalen.


    Rockland Savings Bank FSB to Erica J. and Ryan D. Lanphere.

    Marvin N. Higgins to Connie R. Carmichael, Ronald and Robin Clendenning.

    William H. Knibbs Revocable Trust and William H. Knibbs Revocable Trust of Jacksonville to William J. and Liana S. Dickey.

    Earl S. Eichin Jr. to Tuesdi M. Woodworth and Michael T. Overton.


    David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair to Deborah A. and Earle L. Jellison.

    Randall L. and Zoe A. Hendrix to Zoe E. Hendrix Revocable Trust.

    Theresa G. Blackadar and Albert B. Blackadar Jr. to Theresa G. Blackadar Living Trust and Albert B. Blackadar Living Trust.

    Leal I. Wood to Priscilla and Robert Sanborn.

    Patrice Janssen to Kaitlyn S. Hamb.

    Stockton Springs

    Warren E. Collins III EST to Sundownes Property Development LLC.

    Donald J. and Cathy L. Damato to Carolyn L. and Paul B. Rix.

    Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Raina Mae Turano.

    Bank of New York Mellon TR and Asset-Backed Funding Corporation to Kaja Holdings 2 LLC.

    Carl F. & Madeline M. Davis Revocable Trust to Gail D. Gannon.


    Rebecca I. McIntre, Kevin G. and Karla J. Raymond to Pamela and Timothy R. Adams.

    Raymond J. Ingles to Charles K. and Elizabeth Thompson.

    Elliot Benjamin to Sandra L. and David B. Gebow.

    Frank A. and Donna M. Kamienski to Jesse Kamienski.


    Theodore W. Reynolds to Cheryl and William L. Isbister.

    Town of Thorndike to Jennifer M. Sewell.

    Emily J. Olsen and Emily J. Holmes to Joshua M. Miville.


    John E. Larose Sr. EST to Jillian Mello, Lindsay and Nicole Larose.

    Bruce S. and Linda P. Mattson to Dennis and Cynthia Jones.

    Margaret E. Welch to Margaret Elizabeth Dalzell Welch Living Trust.

    Robin Fowler and Robin Fowler Pratt to Robin Fowler Pratt and Corry A. Pratt.


    Lindsay B. Beaulieu to Mary L. Haggan.

    Wells Fargo Bank NA to United States of America - HUD.

    Debra Isdal-Giroux to Carrie Lee Harvey and Jack Daniel Harvey.

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