Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 05/23/2016 - 8:15am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds May 9-20.


    Gott Family Trust to Jean W. Durham. 

    Charles L. Palmer and Charles Lynde Palmer to Douglas W. Morrison.

    H. Thurston Howe and Henry Thurston Howe to Kimberly L. McLaughlin.

    Alexander M. Turner to Lucy and Arthur Raybold.

    Belfast Pines LLC to Brian and Cathy Horne.

    Mary Anne Allenwood EST to Bonnie M. Irwin.

    Waldo County Land Co LLC to Penobscot McCrum LLC.


    Lisa A. Torrey to Anthony J. Torrey.

    Heather J. Boynton-Blood, Gary E., Faith M., Gary A., and Nanette Boynton to Arthur A. Curry.

    Daniel Ford to James M. Cluney. 

    Anthony J. Torrey to Anthony J. Torrey and Maureen C. Tozier. 


    Diane J. and James H. Nute to Sonya L. Dodson.

    Beverly and Gerald F. Duplisea to Michael Duplisea. 


    JDS Homes to Matthew L. Coulombe.

    Douglas F. Schmidt, John E. and Michelle M. Tibbetts to Wayne Tripp.

    Nancy E. McKay to Jennifer J. McKay.

    Lawrence A. and Kay F. Brooks to Linda and Russell Griffin.


    Betty L. Shaver EST to Lisa S. Shaver. 


    Tracy J. and G. Scott Sturdee to Seth T. Wilbur.

    Camden National Bank and Damaris A. Diffin to Camden National Bank.

    Camden National Bank to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.


    Judith and William Villeneuve to Matthew S. and Rachel E. Bush.


    Anne E. Bragdon to Brenda B. Corthell.

    Alice P. Dow to Joshua Laustsen.


    Marcy O’Donnell to Ryan O’Donnell.

    Constance R. Hertel to Green Mountain Land Holdings LLC.

    Darcie P. Lamont to Errol T. and Kathryn R. Silvestri.


    William A. McLellan Jr. EST to McLellan Cottage LLC.

    William J. and Liana S. Dickey to Liana S. Dickey Revocable Trust.

    William J. and Liana S. Dickey to Amber M. Dickey.

    Lauralee Clayton Trust and James C. Clayton Trust to Julie H. and Christopher W. Clayton.

    Bradford G. Knight to Walter M. Lamont Jr. 

    Katie W. Wiley to Michael J. and Carlie D. Cloyd.

    Elizabeth L. Henry Revocable Living Trust to Daniel R. Henry.

    Murray B. Bornstein Revocable Trust to Stephen G. Boucher 1988 Trust.


    Corie L. Skidgell to Valerie A. Rigby.

    Constance R. Hertel to Green Mountain Land Holdings LLC.

    Paul R. and Kathryn M. Flynn to Stephanie L. Emery and Mitchell D. Born Jr.


    Robert H. and Angelia R. Thomas to Angelia R. and Robert H. Thomas.


    Renewal Investments LLC to Renewal Solo 401K Trust.


    Christopher E. Pierce to Jaime L. and Thomas L. Robichaud.

    Cor Unum Inc. to Daniel H. and Kellee E. Gray.

    Ruth A. Keating to Jeffrey D. Keating.


    Louis A. Costigan EST to Benjamin J. Vawser and Harry Mitchell Billington.


    Earl S. Eichin Jr. to David D. and Lois B. Grover.

    William J. and Liana S. DIckey to Liana S. Dickey Revocable Trust.


    Amber Stanhope to Amber and Wayne Stanhope.

    Edwin H. Jones to Frances A. Hunter and Carl R. Jones.

    Donna M. Robinson to Frances A. Hunter.

    Polycomp Trust Company CUST to Wayne C. Tripp.

    Jane Q. Calderwood to Midcoast Retirement LLC.

    Martha W. Calderwood EST and Thomas W. Calderwood EST to Midcoast Retirement LLC.

    Rebekka Freeman to Searsport DMEP LLC.

    Elaine Wein and Alan E. Goldberg to Wildbeth Wiggin-Falcon and Joel T. Wiggin.

    Donald J. and Ellen L. Wilson to Wendy L. and Derek Dunbar.

    Stockton Springs

    Judson and Chayann Colby to Melvin and Clara Ryder.

    Judson and Chayann Colby to Victoria L. and Matthew C. Bagley.

    Sharon C. McNeil to Sharon C. McNeil Living Trust.

    Patience H. Johnson and Corey Evans to Patience Johnson.

    Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Wayne A. Ellsworth.

    Miriam S. Ryan EST to Miriam S. Ryan Trust.


    Elizabeth and James Deane to Benjamin Marriner Pratt.

    Pamela A. Gow and Don W. Gow Jr. to Joshua E. Oxley.

    Lawrence A. and Kay F. Brooks to Norman Landry.

    Norman Landry to Norman Landry Irrevocable Land Trust.


    Tilden Realty Trust to Chad H. Tozier. 


    Donald J. and Christine E. Robert to Jessica Ann Fuller and Michael Samuel Fuller.

    Town of Winterport to Zane Littlefield II.

    Christopher M. Smith and Naomi N. McGrane to Robert E. Fish Jr.

    Wells Fargo Bank NA and Stephen M. Grigsby to Wells Fargo Bank NA.


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