Waldo County deed transfers

Sun, 04/10/2016 - 10:30am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds March 22 - April 5. 


    John Ware to Judson C. and Chayann Colby.

    Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Brian Cooper.

    Carissa A. Carter to Sharon R. and Merle T. Carter.

    Alison Walsh and Alison Walsh Pagonis to Kevin and Susan Connolly.

    Patricia A. and Thomas R. Thompson to Gregory Gammans.

    Anne B. Palmer HRS, Matthew L., Peter S., and Timothy A. Palmer to Charles Lynde Palmer.

    Damariscotta Bank & Trust Company, Kurt A. Payson, Brandi J. Ludden, and Brandi J. Payson to Damariscotta Bank & Trust Co.

    Mathews Brothers Company to Belfast Farmers Market LLC.

    Lynne M. and Donald M. Hahn to Dylan W. Hahn.

    Kathleen E. and Jesse M. Liebman to Waldo Group LLC.

    Edward J. Murphy to Shanna M. Grindle.

    Deborah R. Bird to Mitchell Littlefield.

    Karen Brezsnyak and Charles E. Poirier to Reidun E. Jones-Elliott and William C. Elliott.

    Nelson G. and Ola H. Wight to Ola H., Nelson G., and Evangeline Wight.

    Cynthia E. Bing 2014 Revocable Trust to Eben Rainey Eaton.

    Neil J. and Susan D. Schwan to Lesli Dodge-Harrer and John W. Harrer.


    Northwoods Forestry Services LLC to Birch Holdings LLC.

    Betty A. Ash to Crystal and Jason Box.


    Stephen W. and Paula D. Brown to Country View Golf LLC.

    Nancy E. Crosby to Anders E. Crosby.


    Ditech Financial LLC, Christopher L. and Barbara A. Perkins to Ditech Financial LLC.

    Ditech Financial LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

    Paul R. and Mary E. Woodbury to Stephanie A. Pollard.

    Bettina B. Young EST to David C. Young.

    Terry Spaulding to David C. Young.


    Lois Stevens, Lois Stevens Lepore, and Lois Lepore to Charles W. and Lynn Q. Hadyniak.

    Lissa S. Widoff to Lissa S. Widoff Living Trust.


    Christopher L. Williams to Pamela J. Filoramo.

    Wayne E. Rolerson to Stuart A. and Kathi G. Rolerson.

    Kathi Giesman-Rolerson, Stuart A. and Kathi G. Rolerson to Ellen Berry.


    Stephen W. and Paula D. Brown to Country View Golf LLC.

    Town of Jackson to Shawna Sandberg.


    Wells Fargo Bank NA and Adam W. Adriance to United States of America - HUD.

    Cary Furrow to Myles M. Gardiner.


    Betty P. Heal to Hugh J. Mahon Jr.


    Truman Corporation to Krystle Catell.

    Christopher M. Laughlin to Maria D. and Roger W. Anyan.

    Jodi Richards Hanson to Gerald A. and Jane N. Bernier.

    Jeffrey F. and Robin Y. Brawn to Misha and Joseph B. Lachance.

    Leon A. and Amy M. Smith to Nicholas Black and Brittany Smith.


    Donald M. Hahn Jr. to Donald M. Hahn Jr., Lynne M. and Dylan W. Hahn.


    Centex Home Equity Loan Trust 2006-A to Carly and Carl Zaniboni.

    Ervin E. and Ruth H. Wood to Sandra J. and James C. Place.


    Cadillac Mountain Realty Trust to Geir and Joellen Gaseidnes.

    Robert B. and Marie E. Keller to Parkinson Lane Homeowners Association Inc.

    Robert B. and Marie E. Keller to Ruby S. Bennett.

    Town of Northport to Bruce Boege.


    Terry W. Moore to Lindell Family Living Trust.

    Debbie G. Marcellino and Debbie G. Blythe to Jordan Kachcik.

    Ruth E. Fuller to Jerry G. Fuller.

    Daryn C. and Leslie A. Dyer to Mary I. and Stephen E. Haskell.

    Stephen A. Harding to Laura and Jonathan Pershouse.

    Town of Palermo to Neysa G. Swift and Gordon C. Swift Jr.

    Stephen E. and Mary I. Haskell to Benjamin and Erica L. Poulin.


    Lisa Gerrish-Hawes to Joseph M. Rego.


    Robert Lee McIntosh EST to Joann McIntosh.


    Jean E.H. Garton EST to Ryan Soucy.

    Rita E.C. Stone to Charles M. Stone.

    Rita E.C. Stone to Rita E.C. and Charles M. Stone.

    Lorraine S. Hamilton EST to Wayne C. Hamilton.

    Loraine S. Hamilton EST to Midcoast Retirement LLC.

    Loraine S. Hamilton EST to Northeast Retirement LLC.

    Loraine S. Hamilton EST to Midcoast Retirement LLC.

    Jack McLaughlin Jr. to Frances A. and Carl R. Jones.

    Stockton Springs

    Shannon Hollister to Jack Elliott Peace Foundation Land Trust.

    Camden National Bank to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

    Maine State Housing Authority to Lori A. Thomas.


    CitiFinancial Servicing LLC to George Jordan Revocable Trust.


    Frances M. Parker to Roger E. Drew.


    Mike W. Harriman and Stacy Ann Roe to Ethan D. and Gerald M. Harvey.

    Gerald R. and Shirley F. Berghold to John J. Cox.


    Linda E. Weaver, Linda E. Berry, and Jackie M. Ingraham to Sebasticook Regional Land Trust.


    Mary Jane Sylvia and William F. Sylvia Jr. to Barbara Kingston.

    Jamila Levasseur to Jamila and Raymond L. Levasseur.


    Jacqueline A. Reese to Winterport Water District.

    Darrell L. Ginn to Melissa E. and Jason G. Reed.

    Irving T. Creath and Gail Baxter Creath to Sarah M. Dyment to Wayne G. Dyment Jr.

    Diane H. Cornelison and Diane Philbrick to Bobbi-Jo and Eric Lavin.

    Cheryl A. and William F. Buxton to Gregory Vincent.

    D.P. Porter Contractors Inc. to Darren W. and Heidi L. Lord.

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