Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 02/29/2016 - 2:45pm

    BELFAST —  The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Feb. 15-25. 


    Swett Family Trust to Jane E. and Ronald D. Raymond.

    Herbert Elms Poland EST to Angus H. and Kimberly S.K. Beal.

    Sharon G. Elms Webb, John and Timothy L. Elms to Angus L.H. and Kimberly S.K. Beal.

    Theodore R. Heroux to Adam Heroux.

    Andrew Ellicott Stevenson to Andrew Ellicott Stevenson and Jane Phillips. 

    Camden National Bank and Branden R. Thompson to Leal I. Wood.

    Diane M. Allmayer-Beck to Alexander F. Allmayer-Beck.

    Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities I LLC to Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities I LLC.


    Robert E. and Sandrea H. Raven to Jordan W. Hustus-Raven.

    Daniel A. Ready to Richard N. Ware. 


    Wallace T. Many to Maria Gail.

    Wallace T. Many to Maria Gail.


    Heidi N. and Read D. Brugger to Barbara and Ronald Littlefield.


    Jessie M. Neville to Jessie M. and William R. Neville.


    Jonathan N. and Lisa B. Lowe, Denise M. Yodsnukis, David M. Yodsnukis Trust, and Dennis M. Yodsnukis Jr. to My LLC.


    Gregory M. Dodge EST to Grace L. Dodge.

    Grace L. Dodge to Grace L. Dodge Living Trust.

    Leroy Blood EST to Alfred M., Justin M., and Corey Reynolds. 


    Susan C. Singer to Erica J. and Ryan D. Lanphere.

    Lillian F. Stone, Martha A. Albert, and Frederick W. Siemann Jr. to Staci L. Smith Carpenter and Miles F. Carpenter III.


    Jill Sprague to Erin Leonard and Aaron J. Crossman. 

    William N. Bland, Janis D. Ricker, and Thomas C. Bland Jr. to NP Camp Trust. 

    Amy Murrietta to Emily M. and Daniel F. Flaherty. 


    United States of America to Patterson Trucking LLC. 


    Severn W. and Patricia A. Hall to Nancy Harmon Harlow and Paul D. Harlow. 

    H.J. Bixler Charitable Lead Trust 2003 to Alleson F. Bixler. 

    H.J. Bixler Charitable Lead Trust 2003 to Elizabeth Mary Bixler Tonkin. 

    Joyce M. Whiting and Charles B. Whiting Jr. to John L. Richards Sr.


    Cynthia A. French to Cynthia A. French.

    Cynthia A. French to Herbert H. French.

    Cynthia A. French to Keeley D. French.

    Cynthia French to Brearna S. French Supplemental Needs Trust.

    Beverly McKenney and George A. McKenney Jr. to Laurie A. Desjardins and Nancy L. Bonnevie. 

    Richard P. Singleton EST to Frances Gingrow Newman and Jeffrey C. Newman.

    Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Wendy Lee MacDowell.

    SABR Trust 2004-OP1 to Dale A. McKenney.

    Jeffrey S. and Angela L. Plummer to Paige Plummer.

    Van E. Hertel Jr. to Van & Constance Hertel Grandchildrens Trust.


    Ralph B. Jackson to Ralph B. Jackson and Holly Anderson.


    Davis Real Estate Group LLC to BV Manor LLC.

    Town of Searsport to Rennee L. and Isaac J. Spaulding.

    Stockton Springs

    Barbara W. Shankel to Brian K. Sullivan. 

    Shawna L. Sawyer and Larry A. Sawyer Jr. to Ciara Ali-Levin.


    Lisa A. Rediker to Lisa A. Rediker and Joseph McDevitt. 

    Scott B. and Shirley A. Ellis to Jeremy and Sylvia Wood.


    Stanley A. Luce and Jennifer L. Wixson to Jennifer L. Wixson and Stanley A. Luce. 


    Timothy Smith and William Hussey to Daniel E. and Michelle L. Beaulieu. 

    Harry L. Edmiston and Vivian Y. Turner to Richard A. Meckes.

    Robert and Carol F. Dodge to Elizabeth C. Dodge.


    Ruth E. Robbins EST to Soloneca Parker.

    Ruth E. Robbins EST and Ruth E Rutherford EST to Israel S. Robbins.


    Edwina M. Soule to Andrew Soule.

    Edwina M. Soule to Andrew Hart.

    David L. Bright to David L. Bright and Jean M. Hay Bright.

    David L. Bright to David L. Bright and Jean M. Hay Bright.

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com