Waldo County deed transfers

Sun, 01/31/2016 - 6:00am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Jan. 15-28.


    Ruth V. Waight to Norman E. Waight.

    Michael L. Weaver to David Flood Jr.

    Beverly J. O’Malia to Beverly J. and John C. O’Malia, and John C. and Beverly J. Omalia Trust.

    Matthew C. and Traci M. Small to Elizabeth Hoyt.


    Lisa Clements to Lisa and Dean Clements.

    Gusta Ronson to Gusta Ronson, Avis Hains, and Dallas Rexer.


    George W. Goodridge Jr. to Michael D. and Shenia R. Bolster.

    Holly M. Merrithew to Dustin Merrithew.


    Francis Kingsbury to Kyle and Rebecca Mitchell.


    Jay I. Guber, Jay Guber, and J. Guber to Jacob I. Gruber.


    Andrew M. Staples to Andrew M. Staples and Lyonelle Clark Staples.

    Edward T. Girvin EST to Edward T. Girvin GST-Exempt Family Trust. 

    Susan L. Boynton to Travis Bennett.


    Carol and C. Dale McClain to Danielle and Walter J. McCollum. 

    C.A. Cookson Inc. to Craig A. Cookson.


    James A. Clark to Richard S. Mandelkorn. 

    Karl & Clara Wentworth Trust to Maria J. and Richard L. King. 

    Sandra St. Clair to Fredrik Eggen, Tammy J. Reynolds, Jordan N. Ray, and David L. St. Clair.

    Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust to Thomas Opper.


    Eugene E. Dyer EST to Joni K. Dyer.


    Betty M. Miller EST to Lee-Anne and Adam Vogel.


    Lilla M. Hubbard to Paul R. and Kathryn M. Flynn.


    Christine D. and Heath A. Kinney to William G. Bebb. 


    Marilyn L. Verhille to Verhille Family Irrevocable Trust. 

    Marilyn L. Verhille to Marilyn Verhille Irrevocable Trust. 


    James G. Hatch and James G. Hatch Sr. to Mark M. Thomas Sr.


    Denise Bryant Millay to Angel Farris.

    Alden J. Robbins to Mari Trini Rico and Cenobio M. Rico.

    David H. Clarke EST to Margaret H. Grigg.

    Dale A. Pendleton to Janie and David A. Wuollett. 


    Natalie Seekins EST to Joshua A. and Emma L. Menard.

    Stockton Springs

    Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Philip M. Hummer.

    Lisa M. Dion to Frank X. Dion. 

    Julia B. Lundwall Revocable Trust Agreement to Linda L. Lucas and Michael J. Bozonie.

    Patricia D. Snyder and Arnold Lee Snyder Jr. to Sandra Starczewski. 

    United States of America - DA, Diana L. Thompson, and Diana L. Bierwas to United States of America - DA.

    Albert O. Holland to Ellen Zachary Holland.

    Patty A. O’Connell and Elizabeth P. Burroughs to Zechariah F. Block. 


    Natalie Seekins EST to Joshua A. and Emma L. Menard.


    Town of Thorndike to Sharon, David, Joshua D., and Kivah M. Hansen. 


    Eldwin A. Wixson Trust to Stanley A. Luce and Jennifer L. Wixson. 

    Town of Troy to Janet Blood.


    Sigrun Boller-Nurss and Sigrun Thompson to Sigrun and Archie Thompson.

    Steven N. Murdock and Lucia C. Rogers-Murdock to Robert A. and Sharon J. Botelle.

    Roy Franklin Dalzell EST to Paula J. Dalzell-Kenney, Tracy A. Dalzell-Hill, and Sharon M. Dalzell-Straw.

    Roy Franklin Dalzell EST to Paula J. Dalzell-Kenney, Tracy A. Dalzell-Hill, and Sharon M. Dalzell-Straw.P

    Paula J. Dalzell-Kenney, Tracy A. Dalzell-Hill, and Sharon M. Dalzell-Straw to Dalzell Family Trust.


    Maureen Tozier to Mindy Lancaster. 


    Patricia Stanley EST to Terrie Abbott. 

    Constance M. Gerry to Thomas A. McCann IV and Melissa. A. McCann.

    HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust 2006 OPT4 to William E. Naquin. 

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